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  1. NFL - Gay Is A "Naughty Word"
  2. Some notable dissidents
  3. what an idiot. and yes, it's fox news related.
  4. Death Penalty for Juveniles Ruled Unconstitutional!
  5. our day's biggest threat
  6. something for you dimwits to consider
  7. My church is close to splitting, and it makes me sad!
  8. Allow Homosexuals in the Military/No more don't ask don't tell
  9. Meet the criminal mastermind who plans to go whale-hunting in Utah
  10. DU revisited
  11. Lebanese Government Resigns
  12. For those of you anxious for a new president (already)
  13. "Bulworth"
  14. Sinn Fein / IRA
  15. more misleading news from fox news
  16. New Bush Litmus Test For AIDS Funding
  17. Life on Mars?
  18. Big Media On Another Planet?
  19. Sd#222
  20. Any Amnesty member here?
  21. Balkans in the 90s
  22. The Miss HIV Stigma Free pageant
  23. Nation of sheep is shepherded through the gates of hell on Bush’s Ark of the Covenant
  24. The ONE Campaign at the Oscars
  25. Cub Scout leader is serial killer
  26. Steps Being Taken to Ammend the Constitution
  27. Peter Benenson
  28. Theological questions
  29. Anselm's Fall of the Devil
  30. World Leader Pretend...
  31. Hannidate
  32. Insurance/Other Benefits for Domestic Partners
  33. bono for the world bank?
  34. Offensive Candy??
  35. How do we know which ones are the law abiding citizens?
  36. Break from Politics
  37. "She asserts that when plaintiff 'delivered' his sperm, it was a gift
  38. The Overstretch Myth
  39. Writing an op/ed on Gay Marriage
  40. Fox News Alters AP Reports To Mimic WH
  41. A REVOLUTION I think we can ALL get behind!
  42. happy new U.S. citizen story
  43. Korn Guitarist Finds God, Leaves Band
  44. Seeing Donna Brazille speak tonight.
  45. I did not have sexual relations with that women
  46. somewhat radical idea to help curve HIV infections
  47. A poem from a boy who lived in the Sudan
  48. Do you believe in a God ?
  49. Bush clarifies Social Security plan
  50. uh oh.
  51. "a new ideology of evil"
  52. Who's Your Favorite US President?
  53. Man Charged in Alleged Plot to Kill Bush
  54. Chris Rock: Voice of Sanity
  55. Meet Mitt, The 08 Flip Flopper
  56. Death & Religion
  57. A minute of silence please.
  58. Hunter S. Thompson dead at 67
  59. simpsons gay marriage episode
  60. remember malcolm x
  61. Raping
  62. Stopping the homosexual agenda
  63. Sd#221
  64. How Thomas Jefferson wants you to debate
  65. God is always on the side of the oppressed!!!!
  66. Secretly Taped Bush Conversations
  67. Our labels...
  68. Virginia Legislature Gets Rude Awakening...
  69. Greenspan backs Social Security plan
  70. Bush, Clinton Tour Tsunami-Ravaged Areas
  71. Nicolas Copernicus born on this day
  72. Western Australian Referendum and Election 26th Feb 2005
  73. Unclear Gender: Let Children Determine Own
  74. Bono's rejection of sectarianism, war
  75. Kyoto protest beaten back by inflamed petrol traders
  76. Would you support....
  77. "the greatest cosmic explosion ever monitored"
  78. Stephen Harper Opens Mouth, Inserts Foot...
  79. Announcement
  80. Most Liberal/Conservative Senators
  81. The Artist and the Scientist
  82. The Brit Goverment Bans Fox Hunting
  83. Outside it's America
  84. Pat Buchanan Quotes on Bush's Foreign Policy
  85. Ok now i'm scared.
  86. Yet more embarassing Virginia news....
  87. Iraq War Helps Recruit Terrorists...
  88. how to win a war and make big savings
  89. kudos
  90. Bono answers your questions on theory of evolution
  91. Death
  92. Of Eyes and Evolution
  93. Dear God,
  94. Which one are you ?
  95. Bush Administration Fights Compensation For Gulf War POWs
  96. fighting crystal meth
  97. Bush's Sex Scandal
  98. Compromising Women's Rights Compromises Freedom
  99. christian persecution
  100. Should PBS show Lesbian Moms in Cartoon Show?
  101. A thank you to the great peacemaker Jimmy Carter
  102. St. Patrick, Smooth Operator
  103. The Canada Envy Thread
  104. Prenuptial Agreements
  105. Jesus of Nazareth
  106. Alan Keyes kicks Ivy League daughter out of the house for being gay.
  107. Rush Limbaugh's Valentine
  108. Love Is....
  109. Sd#220
  110. Wild Horses, Pt II
  111. For Catholics (and creatonists)
  112. American Nun Shot to Death
  113. Man was arranging mass suicide over Internet
  114. Eliminate the divinity.....tell me about the man
  115. We've identified this strain of HIV that is difficult or impossible to treat
  116. Non-Belief In Marriage
  117. Togo Wants Bush to Overthrow Their Leader...
  118. Is Happiness Real?
  119. seX seX seX
  120. Post Your Favorite Prayer Here! All faiths welcome to share!
  121. Apostacy
  122. The uber-FYM thread
  123. An apology to some people here
  124. Mom kills 14-year-old daughter
  125. More interesting Virginia legislation
  126. Wal-Mart: Good For China
  127. Broken Heart Syndrome
  128. ABC News Special On Rwanda
  129. Postmodernism
  130. Ideas:
  131. Routine HIV Tests for All
  132. Wal-Mart: the trail of low prices
  133. where discussion can take us
  134. How low will they go
  135. Oh jeez...Karl Rove has the job I want.
  136. Got it bad got it bad got it bad...
  137. Would you like to know the benefits of being a Christian?
  138. Sex Without Restrictions
  139. Va. Bill Sets Fine for Low-Riding Pants
  140. Super Bowl Ads and The Hard of Hearing
  141. SpongeBob fiasco - the greater danger
  142. Sunday what? It's not a song about football!
  143. who is jesus to you?
  144. Can We Be Good Without God?
  145. "The O C" on TV is wanting
  146. Let's get the betting started.
  147. does U2 still have a political stand?
  148. "1 Shot 1 Kill No Remorse I Decide."
  149. He continues to soar..and go higher I supposed after he meets up w Bono again.
  150. Sd#219
  151. Which is more powerful Love or Hate?
  152. An evening with the liberal rich and powerful. (warning long post)
  153. worked themselves to death
  154. Should this Judge be fired? impeached, elevated to the Supremes
  155. Best Movie Ever?
  156. Howard Dean Likely to Become New DNC Chair...
  157. "The Great Dictator"
  158. Woman sues 2 teenager girls for dropping off cookies...
  159. Dems rebuttal to SOTU
  160. Defend the U. N.
  161. The Pentagon and 'The Salvador Option'
  162. A Real Hero in the Struggle to MakePovertyHistory
  163. Should I or Shouldn't I?
  164. US 'war is fun' general rebuked
  165. Ask the Mexican-American Christian
  166. I was adopted...
  167. Saying Hello to John Lennon in Heaven
  168. Catholic blogs?
  169. What a momentous occasion!!
  170. Don't Ask Me...I DON"T KNOW
  171. Ask the male heterosexual!
  172. A North American Comparison: Canadian Politicians versus American Politicians
  173. Spiritualality/Religion Selector
  174. Ask the FYM Lurker
  175. Ask the Homo
  176. State Of The Union Applause Count Predictions Thread
  177. You're Really Old
  178. The Guardian loses all credibility
  179. Ask the Melon
  180. Ask the Baptist
  181. Pope hospitalized
  182. Students: First Amendment Goes Too Far
  183. Oh jeez...what a day to be a Virginian.
  184. Oh, no...now the ba***rds have Special Ops. Cody
  185. Another sad story about a circus elephant
  186. Same sex marriage legislation tabled in Canada
  187. The Hunting of the President
  188. Affirmative Action Failing Everyone
  189. Democracy in Iraq...not (?)
  190. Freedom Of What?
  191. Hillary Clinton collapses during speech
  192. Small Mention of Bono in Davos report from National Review
  193. Bono Video Interview on U.S. Global AIDS Funding
  194. A question for Atheists regarding the Big Bang.
  195. sd#218 / risk
  196. Michael Moore looses again!
  197. Moment of silence
  198. Who really gets your goat?
  199. Going to see Joe Biden speak on Feb. 5th
  200. Helicopter crashes...
  201. After Looking At This Photo
  202. Ask the Mormon
  203. J.P. Morgan acknowledge debt for slavery
  204. Bias evident in coverage of Iraq war
  205. things you probably shouldn't but can do in your living room window
  206. Man Convicted in Omagh Bombing Walks Free
  207. Shroud of Turin - here we go again...
  208. What is the most politically incorrect thing you have done?
  209. had enough of romantic love?
  210. Mathematical proof we have free will (...?)
  211. Israel & the invasion of Iraq
  212. WTF is going on with the Military?
  213. Oh my
  214. Animal-Human Hybrids Spark Controversy
  215. The Iraqi Elections Have Begun
  216. Ah, those trusty CNN experts.
  217. Senator Kerry - Kids First Act Of 2005
  218. Tell me about MARRIAGE......
  219. Rhetoric or Action?
  220. How does society go about fighting obesity?
  221. U.S. LEADS in STD rates
  222. Violence
  223. Survivors gather with world leaders on Auchwitz anniversary
  224. this is a bit odd..
  225. If you smoke...
  226. Our Health: Where to eat at?
  227. Petition For Charity
  228. The Brave New Gestapo Strikes
  229. Should Prisoners Be Playing Video Games?
  230. Terrorism - Fueled by Poverty ?
  231. NYC subway shut down for six months -- where was the security?
  232. Rollingstone changes mind on Bible ad
  233. wife-beating should be done "lightly"
  234. Iraqi resistance
  235. It is time to elect a conservative President!
  236. Religions of the First 10 Presidents
  237. Academy Awards You Rock!!!!!
  238. HRC: common ground on abortion; also, politically brilliant
  239. Changing their sex in Iran
  240. What are you
  241. Proof of God?
  242. The Bible - Is it really the book for me?
  243. If you believe they put a man on the moon...
  244. New Pentagon service/ CIA
  245. Another Gay Idea
  246. So, did Gonzales not tell the whole truth?
  247. Nipples and the workplace!!!!
  248. Conversion Tricks during Natural Disasters
  249. Religious Savages
  250. A car for most occasions