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  1. Felons vote Democratic, national study says
  2. Sheriff tells staffer to marry, move or quit!
  3. Another bad case of Bushwacking
  4. An interesting situation
  5. Jesus Is Not Speaking To The Press
  6. If Bush, Sr. Was Still in Power...
  7. If Saddam was still in power...
  8. gay men smell different
  9. Terrible twos?? or Have you been a victim of a MEAN GIRL?
  10. Evolution and Intelligent Design:Both Taught in Public Schools?
  11. You have to admit this is a
  12. Big Brother
  13. American/Canadian Amity Eroding - But values are almost identical!
  14. Baptist Minister Ex-communicates Members For Not Backing Bush
  15. California to ban internet hunting.
  16. Sensationalism?
  17. Sd#232
  18. World's Smallest Political Quiz (Take it!)
  19. The "New" New Testament
  20. Nursing Student Rescued From Mugger By Sportscaster
  21. FYM and music.
  22. Which political stereotype are you?
  23. Break it Down
  24. What Mom would like for Mother's Day?
  25. THEOCRACY WATCH!!!: Gay Men not allowed to father babies
  26. a jackass is gonna be in my town, this sunday!
  27. All single people report!
  28. Kinsey Scale - Where Do You Fall?
  29. Adjust Your Demonic Numerology; Beast’s Real Mark Devalued To 616
  30. What Makes A Good Mother?
  31. "Louie, Louie" still causing concern
  32. Vertigo FYM Special
  33. Dorothy, Toto and Darwin
  34. Blasts at UK Consulate in NYC
  35. a national id -
  36. Powerful Quote from Bono on Truth . . .
  37. 4U intelligence agents out there
  38. The religion test
  39. New Warning About Marijuana Use
  40. 5/4/1970 - A day of infamy
  41. Canadian Election (Kinda)
  42. "Oh Well, It Doesn't Affect Us"
  43. Mary Kay Letourneau/Vili Fualaau
  44. A question for the supporters of the war in Iraq
  45. Buy - Sell - Hold ???
  46. Aids/hiv North America Concert
  47. 7 Year Old Special Needs Student Handcuffed
  48. A question for liberals
  49. Imbecile
  50. U2: At the End of the World, again?
  51. If you have time
  52. Question about the insurgents in Iraq
  53. Christians Not Laughing At First Lady
  54. Prayer
  55. President Bush Said "I Will Not Get Involved He Is Australian" & I Say Do Something
  56. World Concert Fall 2005?
  57. Monsters
  58. Sd#231
  59. Australian kidnapped in Iraq
  60. sperm donation
  61. ask the girl who married a gay man
  62. Piercings, body mofications, plastic surgery, etc...
  63. "I could care less"....???
  64. AIDS/HIV 46664 North America
  65. U.S.A. -- good or evil?
  66. Question of the Day: Homosexuality
  67. Who is a Christian? Which of the following Religions are Christian?
  68. Aussies, drugs, S.E Asia
  69. Why an Estimate was Ignored
  70. Give the gift of water in honor of Bono's Birthday
  71. Tolerance in the Magic Kingdom
  72. Dihydrogen Monoxide
  73. An attempt to hijack Christianity
  74. A Bush Rant
  75. Bono still pacifist?
  76. 3 year-old takes bus to go see movie
  77. a fat head
  78. sorry!
  79. George Bush is weird!!!
  80. Down with the USA!!!
  81. For or Against or In Between
  82. Can you believe this?
  83. Airhead America gets nutty
  84. "We all now know that the war would not stand up in court" - ex-UK cabinet minister
  85. Smut War!
  86. THEOCRACY WATCH! Republicans believe government must "protect our souls"
  87. sick of the word "Nazi"
  88. No War! (for Oil)
  89. Scientists Say We Can All Read Minds
  90. Meaning in life
  91. Toy Guns/Killing Monsters
  92. For those of you who did, how did you lose your faith?
  93. Bomb detonated in Istanbul
  94. Don't Forget About Darfur
  95. The Religious Right and the Environment
  96. Migraine
  97. Is God against religions that practice idol worship?
  98. House OKs corporal punishment
  99. What unites religion?
  100. The Bible: How Much of It Have You Read?
  101. I have decided.
  102. Give Peace a Chance?
  103. God Off Money
  104. The dangers of being a senator in a war zone.
  105. I'm Serious About This, I'm Wondering Why..
  106. The Divind Proportion; Phi
  107. Sd#230
  108. "I am a Christian first and last … I am a member of Team Jesus Christ."
  109. Fairy Tales Linked To Violent Relationships
  110. THE FLY'in' pope: PART II
  111. OK, maybe Jefferson didn't say it.......
  112. Fraudulent Charges in Credit Card
  113. "Pop her ... pop her again"
  114. Sen. Brownback (R-KS) assaulting the rights of DC gay couples
  115. A provocative question as usual...
  116. Discussion of Bono in conversation with Michka Assayas
  117. Lest We Forget
  118. the fly'in' pope
  119. Break from Sin
  120. What is God?
  121. Candidate Admits Using Twin as Stand-In
  122. Bono: What's always bothered me about the fundamentalists is
  123. email worse for you than pot.
  124. the future of environmentalism
  125. For a moment I thought this was the 1950s
  126. What Would You Do...with $300 billion?
  127. Political Correctness defeating Common Sense
  128. President George W. Bush is our commencement speaker....
  129. Attention All Canadians
  130. Sen. Rick "man on dog" Santorum 14 pts. behind
  131. The Last Acceptable Prejudice?
  132. What the New Pope Says about Gays
  133. Texas votes to ban Gay Foster Parents
  134. Connceticut Leagilizes Same Sex-Civil Unions-Without ANY COURT ACTION
  135. Gentrification a good thing?
  136. WTF is wrong with people?
  137. so long paul martin, so long canada, hello superfreaks
  138. New Foo Fighters Single: BEST OF YOU
  139. Pledge of Allegiance
  140. Texas may have put innocent man to death, panel told
  141. Schwarzenegger on Illegal Immigration
  142. The Pope and The Hype
  143. Question About Christianity...
  144. Whoa! Anyone hear about this non-hate crime?
  145. Any other Democrats sick of the Bush-bashing?
  146. Yukio Mishima
  147. Gays vs. God, or, battles fought on the chests of America's high schoolers
  148. judging others.. big deal!!
  149. Bono = antichrist
  150. The California NAACP does not speak for us
  151. new Pope!
  152. Ask the Public Relations Gal
  153. Waste of a life?
  154. Oklahoma City Ten Year Anniversary
  155. ? for conservatives. Is Fox News fair and balanced?
  156. New Coldplay leak...anyone...?
  157. The shocking truth Mk II...
  158. Let's see the war mongers defend THIS....
  159. Yet another vote for our man to be the next Pope.
  160. Why are sex offenders running free...
  161. Who was Lee Harvey Oswald?
  162. Wwfymd?
  163. Ask the volunteer in AFRICA
  164. kids today: just keep getting better.
  165. The ONE campaign
  166. I find this more than a little worrying.
  167. The UK elections
  168. Who Holds the REAL Constitutional Power?
  169. very, very sad - Iraq Car Bomb Kills American Activist
  170. What Brings You Down?
  171. Parenting...
  172. Sd#229
  173. Women: Revolutionaries in the Arab World
  174. Fact or Fiction?
  175. I want the bad guys dead. No court case.
  176. Ask an Irish student
  177. SHould politics and religion mix?
  178. How many African flags are being shown at concerts?
  179. all humility aside
  180. Irish Government to challenge lesbian couple's legal action
  181. I am...
  182. Sainthood
  183. North Korea and Kim Jong Il
  184. School hitlist being downplayed- I'm worried
  185. Racism Is Alive And Well In New Orleans Bars
  186. MERGED: You may want to get a barf bag + What is wrong with our youth?!?
  187. Holy crap, this is just crazy
  188. Welcome to Narnia
  189. Thought vs. Behavior
  190. whats love? and a heart warming video
  191. Why do you believe in God?
  192. Celebrities & Politics: Round 2
  193. IMPENDING THEOCRACY WATCH: more insanity from the mouth of Tom DeLay
  194. The Buck Doesn't Stop Here Anymore
  195. An Alternative to The Passion of The Christ...
  196. Birds and Small Critters Take Cover!
  197. Angels: Take Action on CAFTA!
  198. Secret Service Probes Art Exhibit
  199. Pope George Pell
  200. What is "evil"?
  201. What if (this view of)God is right?
  202. footbol or soccer?
  203. 25th Anniversary of Terry Fox Marathon of Hope
  204. All Democratic politicans...beware....
  205. Married Catholic Priests
  206. Ask the reporter.
  207. The Darwin Awards
  208. saving toby! (sorry to get it attention, but...)
  209. Conclave To Choose U2's Bono As Next Pope
  210. Check these out!
  211. labels and stereotypes
  212. What does your bumper sticker say?
  213. My brother met Jimmy Carter
  214. The "Truth" About Hillary
  215. What Bush Has On His iPod
  216. Man gets 13th root in nine minutes
  217. what if your god is gay?
  218. Sd#228
  219. DATA, the ONE campaign, the World Bank....Africa.
  220. Ive come full circle on an issue.
  221. This Is Fair Trade Week!
  222. Playtime
  223. John Paul II
  224. Palestinian ceasfire in question after three children murdered
  225. Homeschooling
  226. Describe the FYMer Above You
  227. What if your child were gay?
  228. For what would you open the Constitution?
  229. a small victory for workers in America
  230. GM Triumph in Australia
  231. wounded, heroic gay soldier too gay to serve
  232. Analysis: Good Looks May Mean Better Pay
  233. Ask the FYM Mod
  234. Scientific American apologizes for not being balanced.
  235. Sinn Fein pres calls on IRA to abandon violence?
  236. Why the breakdown in relationship between doctor and patient?
  237. Lawmakers in Florida Back Public Use of Deadly Force
  238. Living Wills! Living Wills! Sign here!
  239. ask the guy who doesn't frequent fym
  240. What did you say to the last person you were pissed off at over politics?
  241. Ask a Witch
  242. Marriage Laws
  243. When you die....
  244. Peter Jennings has lung cancer
  245. "Unmarried People Can't Commit Domestic Violence"
  246. My precious article
  247. Medal of Honor - 3rd since Vietnam
  248. Ask the Public School Teacher
  249. What nurtures your soul?
  250. Goverment fails to meet needs of working families...