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  1. George Bush Actually Has A Regret
  2. Time for the Political Compass Again...
  3. sd.395
  4. Hawaiian beauty, Tracy Lagondino, is having a baby.
  5. Congratulations! Iraq finally got Freedom, Human Right & Democracy
  6. White Rose Day
  7. The wife John McCain callously left behind
  8. Hilary Clinton's Concession/Endorsement Speech
  9. Bobby Kennedy...40 years later.
  10. Obama clinches, fist bumps to "Beautiful Day"
  11. How Can Canadians Be So Stupid!!!!
  12. BREAKING NEWS: Not A Hillary Thread...but a great article nevertheless
  13. Joan of Arc: Genuine or Not?
  14. Oh Hillary, Hillary, Hillary
  15. Bono wants a United States of Africa...
  16. Administration Shapes Headlines
  17. Brigitte Bardot Convicted/Fined...for expressing her thoughts
  18. Will bullheaded white women ruin the race???
  19. Obama clinches the nomination
  20. Conservatives more honest than liberals?
  21. sd.394
  22. The Regulatory State
  23. Ecofascism
  24. I am proud of former press secy Scott McLellan
  25. Real conservatives know that negotiating for peace does not equal appeasement
  26. Murdoch on McCain-"doesn't know much about economy...I think has a lot of problems"
  27. 111 Nations ban cluster bombs - meanwhile, the US,Israel,China,India,Pakistan look on
  28. Religious Freedom To Discriminate - In Peril ?? !!
  29. Isolated Tribe Found In Brazil
  30. Fkuc Dignity
  31. Viking DNA
  32. Trinity Church: The Gift That Keeps Giving
  33. Monkeys Control a Robot Arm With Their Thoughts
  34. Democrats better for poor than Republicans???
  35. DD Ad Pulled for fear of terroristic implications
  36. Neither Democracy Nor Feminism
  37. Should Obama accept McCain's idea of the two of them visiting Iraq???
  38. race and adoption
  39. Search for Life
  40. New gas field discovery proves supply worries bogus
  41. sd.393
  42. Illegal Research in the UK
  43. An Actual Controversy
  44. Communists want new "Indiana Jones" banned in Russia
  45. Keith Olbermann's Special Comment 5-23-08
  46. As We Might Be?
  47. Health Benefits of Green Tea
  48. Association between atheism and libertarianism?
  49. Male criminals are evil, female criminals are merely misguided (poor darlings!)
  50. Priest Bans Autistic Boy From Church
  51. Sex And The City Turned Her Into Samantha
  52. US 2008 Presidential Campaign/Debate Discussion Thread #6
  53. A Conspiracy Too Monstrous To Conceive...Or...Was Wright Right???
  54. Special Protection for a Religion
  55. 32,000 scientists agree...
  56. Sen. Edward Kennedy has a brain tumor.
  57. Half Animal / Half Human Embryos
  58. Bikini Waxes For Tweens
  59. sd.392
  60. Thanks to Blair, US style fundamentalism prospers in Britain
  61. Sir! No Sir!
  62. 10 Books That Screwed Up the World
  63. OH NO...say it isn't so
  64. Positive Sexism
  65. Edwards endorses Obama!!!
  66. Money raised for Africa 'goes to civil wars'
  67. Theists wrong about Einstein
  68. China Quake: 10.000 or More Dead
  69. sd.391
  70. 'The Uneven Playing Field': Gender & Youth Sports Injuries
  71. Teens use skull of dead child as bong
  72. Live and let live the liberal way - except for the unborn
  73. geography and personality
  74. The Libertarians
  75. MERGED--> Face the facts Hillary + Desperate Clinton Danger to Party
  76. Cyclone: 50,000 Feared Dead
  77. Beware the coming Chinese nationalism
  78. How does Hillary Clinton feel about the white racist vote?
  79. American Experience documentary on George H. W. Bush right now!
  80. Abu Ghraib ex-detainee files 'torture' lawsuit against US
  81. Horse Racing - Kentucky Derby
  82. Sting's 'Waste Forest'
  83. sd.390
  84. Would You Love This Rapist?
  85. This story brought tears to my eyes......
  86. Important Question
  87. Albert Hoffman Dead
  88. New mayor for London
  89. Memphis Principal Accused Of Outing Gay Students
  90. Miracle Marine dies *warning...graphic picture*
  91. Socially Acceptable Holocaust Denial?
  92. Police: DNA proves man fathered grandchildren
  93. Who's your daddy?
  94. Free Tibet!
  95. The Iraq War Morphs Into The Iranian War
  96. OMG....Hillary is going on O'Reilly tonight!!!
  97. At Least They Weren't Shot
  98. Hillary on Iran: We Would Be Able to Totally Obliterate Them
  99. Possible cross country serial killers, 40 deaths connected
  100. Hannah Montana Topless In Vanity Fair
  101. Government Protects Virtue
  102. sd.389
  103. The End Is Nigh!
  104. "When I die, I'm worm food" "I believe in Plexiglas"
  105. Congressman Wants No Playboy/Penthouse At The PX
  106. GREENPEACE founder: No Proof Global Warming Caused by Humans
  107. Damn it!!! This gut may have written my book!!!!!!!
  108. Rush Limbaugh calls for riots at Democratic convention
  109. Tiny Teen : Smallest girl in the world
  110. Why Hillary makes my wife scream
  111. bank of england in 50 billion pound bank payout
  112. Al Gore Wants to Make a Sequel
  113. sd.388
  114. NY Times- Pentagon Groomed Iraq Analysts
  115. Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed
  116. Canada and the Plastic Bottle Ban
  117. Extravagant Parties For Kids
  118. Obama hypocritically criticizes Carter for practicing what the former preaches!
  119. Iwo Jima Vets Blast Time's "Enviromental" Cover
  120. Largest known star in the universe
  121. Are Americans unusually stupid???
  122. Why is it wrong to discourage highly risky gay sex?
  123. France May Make It Illegal To Promote Extreme Thinness
  124. First it was Waldo, now it's fatso, where's he now, now that they're being aquitted?
  125. "Badgeman" - assassin in the Grassy Knoll
  126. MERGED--> This Is Heartbreaking + Orphan Lives In Garbage Dump
  127. Deep Inside "Bittergate"
  128. J Street
  129. Goodbye Freewill, Goodbye Christianity?
  130. Market Corrects Against Sexism
  131. A Cloned Child?
  132. Opening the doors - the drug-fuelled religion
  133. Child Rape Case Tests Limits Of Death Penalty
  134. sd.387
  135. Dems put faith front-and-center...
  136. Liberal Gay Bashing
  137. Fair Tax
  138. Why Is Gay Marriage Wrong?
  139. Holy War Not Good For Faith
  140. Mandatory Niceness
  141. Obama Slams Small Town America
  142. another father sent to Iraq, another lonely child
  143. Teacher Beating Leads To Calls To Address Classroom Violence
  144. Investigation into Jersey Orphanage abuse reports.
  145. Pink Arches
  146. A Theocrat In The Illinois House State Government Administration Committee
  147. Polygamist compound raided, hundreds of kids removed
  148. Beware an angry China
  149. Faith School In America With Taxpayer Money?
  150. "I Was Raped" T Shirt
  151. This is a one lady who women should pattern themselves after.
  152. No Greater Love
  153. Obama asks Petraeus....
  154. 61% of historians agree: W. Bush is worst ever
  155. Absolut Vodka ad controversy
  156. The real BARACK OBAMA
  157. The Real McCain
  158. Wacky Week Is Corrupting Kids
  159. Bob Barr
  160. Sd.386
  161. Charlton Heston passes on at age 84
  162. Biological Predisposition To Faith?
  163. MERGED--> On this 40th Anniversary of MLK's death... + April 4, 1968: Where were you?
  164. Pregnant Man - "Love Makes A Family"
  165. New Yale Study On "Weight-ism"
  166. Cops: Texas teen tried to flush newborn
  167. Mr Greenspan's amazing invisible thesis
  168. Freedom of Speech Not a Universal Human Right
  169. Anglo-Saxon attitudes: a survey of British and American views of the world
  170. The danse macabre of US-style democracy
  171. No benefit in drinking eight glasses of water a day
  172. Georgia Third Graders' Revenge Plot Against Teacher
  173. Rapper Snoop Dogg converts to Mormonism
  174. Elections in Zimbabwe
  175. CNN announces Bush to resign.
  176. King Abdullah Embraces Inter-Faith Project
  177. CELLPHONES 'More dangerous than smoking or abestos'
  178. Don't ask - Don't tell - RIP
  179. Race and the Welfare State
  180. Sd.385
  181. Does Islam represent a threat to your society?
  182. Google has gone black! Will Google go back?
  183. U.S. Citizens and Firearms: A recent poll
  184. Raul Castro: Cubans can have cellphones
  185. ungrateful Condi vents at USA: you've got a "birth defect"
  186. Parents Choose Prayer Over Doctor, Daughter Dies
  187. Think long and hard about this!!!!!!
  188. Cease-fire over, back to fighting the Americans
  189. And you thought Obama's Pastor was weird
  190. Emissions Warning Over Biofuels
  191. WalMart Vs Brain Damaged Woman
  192. Generating Bad Intelligence
  193. An Olympic Boycott: would it have any effect at all?
  194. Religion is Good For You
  195. Frontline - "Bush's War"
  196. School Candy Ban...
  197. I saw it on the internets, so I know it's true!!!
  198. Sex Offender Runs For Mayor In Texas
  199. Sd.384
  200. AA-12. World's Deadliest Shotgun!
  201. Robert Fisk: How Ireland exorcised the ghosts of empire - and the Mid-East parallels
  202. Torture and abuse in Alton Illinois.....
  203. Everyone's talking about Obama, when McCain's allied with John Hagie
  204. Finally, we can put the passport scandal to rest
  205. Ignorance In Education Leads To Stupid Sex
  206. Study: Political Bias in the College Classroom
  207. Why Feminism Harms Women
  208. Bin Laden Slams EU Over Prophet Cartoons
  209. Are We Wired To Cheat On Our Mates?
  210. Arthur C. Clarke R.I.P.
  211. Better Than An ASBO
  212. McCarty to pay $50M
  213. Now she wants to withdraw troops?????
  214. China
  215. Right to Bear Arms on Docket...
  216. Obama delivers speech on race and politics!
  217. Sd.383
  218. TV Reporter Attacked By Racist Crowd In South Carolina
  219. What is wrong with some people?
  220. NOAA: Coolest Weather Since 2001 for US,Globe
  221. A Strategy for Peace - Obama best choice for anti-war conservatives/libertarians?
  222. Wright leaves Obama campaign
  223. MERGED-> the surge goes flaccid + Iraq successful: Cheney + US nears 4000 dead
  224. Demonic Possession, is it real or group hysteria?
  225. An urbane old reactionary, drunk on doubts
  226. The Food Police Back Off from Skittles Bust
  227. "Magic is Over" for U.S.
  228. A Boy Named Sue, And a Theory of Names
  229. Would you pay $5/mo to be able to share music legally?
  230. Mayor in trouble
  231. RIP Howard Metzenbaum
  232. Fight Islamophobia - Lock Up Unbelievers!
  233. Who is BLACKWATER????
  234. US 2008 Presidential Campaign/Debate Discussion Thread - The Fifth Installment
  235. Top UK cop who led 'extraordinary rendition' probe found dead
  236. 1 in 4 Teenage Girls Has An STD
  237. Exhaustive review finds no link between Saddam, al Qaida
  238. Did Obama help win a Congressional Seat?
  239. I guess spitzer resigns?
  240. Pick the VP Thread
  241. Vatican lists "new sins"
  242. Female Medic Earns Silver Star In Afghanistan
  243. Growing Concern on the Safety of Cellphones for Children
  244. Sd.382
  245. $12 Billion a month, Pocket Change
  246. Countrywide Being Investigated By FBI
  247. Breaking the Final Rule of Politics
  248. Press 'ignores' terrorist stopped by armed student
  249. ask the artist
  250. Will Home Schooling Become Illegal?