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  1. Must Be A Girl Crush
  2. Religion Abandoned
  3. Rolling Stones "Sweet Neo Con"
  4. Scandal for the Virginia GOP
  5. Iraq war total death toll
  6. Circumcision, on a grand scale? Or plucking out thine eye that offends
  7. How do you learn?
  8. Kissinger Sums it Up
  9. Is blood thicker than ink?
  10. Is it possible for any human being to stay celibate?
  11. Do Animals have an after life?
  12. Smoke Gets In Your Eyes (Rant)
  13. whaddaya think of this?
  14. "Eternal Fascism"
  15. FYM avatars...
  16. British Airways have to cancel flights
  17. Political Compass, Part II
  18. Man dies after 50 hours of computer games
  19. To My Friends
  20. By Popular Request: The Manly Thread
  21. how to tell if your child is a homosexual
  22. Raising another man's child.....
  23. Paul Farmer
  24. Where do you see yourself on the political spectrum?
  25. Woodward predicts: Clinton vs. Cheney in 2008
  26. Gasoline Prices are literally scaring me
  27. Bagdhad Mayor Deposed by Gunmen
  28. Cheerleaders Can Display Their Breasts But Nursing Mothers Can't?
  29. iran doesnt back off on nuclear tech
  30. food for thought
  31. Have you changed since 9/11?
  32. Bullying and Schools
  33. Charter Schools.....Not Making AYP
  34. Conservative Group to Oppose Roberts' Nomination
  35. MERGED --> Stickies On Atta's Face + 'Able Danger' Stopped From Informing FBI
  36. The forbidden library
  37. Police called to anti-abortion protest in Dublin hotel..
  38. 'Erotic Show' Planned for N.Y. Fundraiser
  39. insecure men more likely to support Iraq War
  40. Be the Cause
  41. MERGED --> Peter Jennings 1938-2005 + Goodbye, Peter Jennings.
  43. Sd#244
  44. MERGED --> Impeachment Tour + Mother of US Soldier Vows To Follow Bush Around
  45. Civil discussion on Christianity???
  46. ever get paranoid about your anti-bush statements?
  47. 28,000 Texas FIFTH Graders are.....
  48. Monogamy Isn't Realistic?
  49. Those Darn Tax Cuts
  50. GITMO reduction by 70%
  51. Coach paid kid to hurt disabled teammate!
  52. stereotypes, gender roles, and milwaukee's best
  53. CNN's "Prince of Darkness" flips out
  54. Was Speaker of the House involved in Turkish influence peddling? - Vanity Fair
  55. Fun with Santorum: My Weather Service Is Better than Yours
  56. Sticks and stones will break my bones...
  57. Jim Wallis (the Sojouner's Guy) Op-Ed in NYT Today
  58. I say we give in and then it will all be over!
  59. I know, I know, this issue gets discussed A LOT, but hey, it's good news...
  60. Are GWBush and Tony Blair happy....
  61. US Muslim Council Issues Fatwa Against Terrorism
  62. Why Men Have Nipples, And Why Beans..Well You Know
  63. What do you think?
  64. landmines making a big comeback
  65. Czech police injuring dozens of dancers
  66. What do y'all think of this...
  67. Biden-McCain '08!!!!!
  68. 15 years ago today......
  69. What comes after death?
  70. Protesting a Marine's funeral...
  71. Plane Crash in Toronto
  72. MERGED -> Bush endorses 'intelligent design' + Politicized Scholars...
  73. Bush Is Fit, But What About His Policy?
  74. Silly Anticapitalists in AZ Burning Wal-Mart?
  75. Update on Mark Warner and the Virginia Governor's race
  76. Sd#243
  77. Communists/Fascists/Anarchists of the World Unite
  78. Neil Mccormick - People I Don't Know Are Trying to Kill Me
  79. Terrorism Break
  80. Ethanol: A Waste
  81. A Mixed Bag for Endangered Species
  82. Gaysrok
  83. For those of you who think AI is anti-American...
  84. Upping the Ante
  85. Embryonic Stem Cell Research for Pro Lifers
  86. UK Tornado (F3) today
  87. The Al Gore Admin's War on Terror
  88. Dove Campaign For Real Beauty
  89. IRA says ceasing all armed activity in N.Ireland
  90. Do we have a "Ghost Shuttle" in orbit?
  91. Come on kids!! Learn the new dance. :dance:
  92. Mr Blair PM
  93. War on Terror is Wrong
  94. Aruba pond drained in hunt for missing teen
  95. freedom of speech or.. not?
  96. Turkey appoints first woman chief judge
  97. Bush Calls Rove Turd Blossom
  98. Need FYM's Advice
  99. 100 People Who Are Screwing Up America
  100. Blair: World slept after 9/11
  101. Repeat Drunk Driving Offenders
  102. Why?
  103. Nine Women Defy the Vatican
  104. Change in the News
  105. US Labor--falling apart? A rebirth of reform?
  106. Just Say 'Knoll'
  107. The Lost Liberty Hotel
  108. Sd#242
  109. Humankind
  110. Us vs Everything Else
  111. Condoleezza Rice for President
  112. The end of the world?
  113. The End of American Economic Dominance?
  114. Second Abu Ghraib photos release delayed, here's why...
  115. Dean Urges Dems to Court Pro-Life Voters
  116. "95% of suicide bombers act to expel foreign occupying troops"
  117. GOP candidate: 'Impeach Bush, I am a Republican, not a Brownshirt'
  118. 49 Dead 200 Hurt in Egyptian Blast
  119. My God. Now we ARE living in a police state. (Literally).
  120. Bay Area ONE events
  121. "Second Parent"
  122. Crash (anyone see it?)
  123. Zack, prisoner at "ex-gay" camp, to come home this weekend
  124. Illegal Immigrants And College
  125. Ugandan MP offers free college for virgins
  126. With no Mr. Right in sight, time for plan B
  127. Violence and Compassion
  128. Police shoot 'dead' a suspect, London...
  129. 'A message from London'
  130. This I believe, "alright, then, I'll go to hell."
  131. The Future for Africa's Children (Niger and Uganda)
  132. Sex Lives Must Be Regulated!
  133. Random Subway Bag Searches
  134. London Tube stations evacuated
  135. London again?
  136. Arab Boy Killed In West Bank
  137. 'Irish' guards whinge about having to respect human rights
  138. T'anks to Mr. Bush
  139. Hot Coffee Too Hot?
  140. I just got this email...
  141. Morality vs. Ethics
  142. john c roberts supreme court
  143. Flip Flop Flap
  144. Baby Gender Test Kit
  145. Bush expected to pick Edith Clement
  146. THEOCACY WATCH: Rep. Tancredo, R-CO: "...take out their holy sites"
  147. 2008: John McCain VS. Hillary Clinton
  148. What would you look for in a church?
  149. Okla. Woman Said to Give Birth While Drunk
  150. A Pattern?
  151. Nixon - conservative or liberal?
  152. Bush's tough stance on crime
  153. Sd#241
  154. Calling All White Bands!
  155. Dreadsox VS Gitmo
  156. The English language (Boring question)
  157. Canada Might Outpace Detroit...
  158. 'Rovegate'
  159. Silly Christofacsists on CNN burning Harry Potter books
  160. I now this is going to sound VERY silly, but it makes sense to me (to vegetarians)
  161. So, how much good did Live Aid actually do?
  162. CAFTA - Good or Bad ? Discuss
  163. Set Phasers To Stun
  164. Bush misled the American public in the 2000 Election Campaign
  165. Damnit! I have jury duty!
  166. The God I believe in doesn't spam, mister...
  167. Zimbabwe
  168. ABC accused of Live 8 indecency
  169. The Truth About Support For Terrorism In The Islamic World
  170. Bush's Credibility Dropping?
  171. Father boxes with, kills 3 year old son ... worried son was gay
  172. Unborn babies carry pollutants, study finds
  173. "It takes a man...."
  174. Memorizing the big 10 ;)
  175. Terrorism 'experts' get it wrong. Again.
  176. they were suicide bombers ...
  177. Armed police swoop on house in Leeds, possible link to terror attacks last week
  178. "It Takes a Family"
  179. When do we intervene?
  180. Hope and Generosity Can Triumph
  181. Evil targets God's chosen
  182. Dangerous Fundamentalist Justifies Terrorism
  183. Srebrenica - 10th anniversary
  184. Telegraph Opinion "Where is the Ghandi of Islam?"
  185. Sd#240
  186. Zombie Dogs!
  187. What's the deal with...?
  188. Another DaveC Government Question...
  189. Indian Opinion Towards US Up
  190. Question about the citizens in UK regarding the bombs in London
  191. Why does the U.S. call itself "America"?
  192. This will probably "bug you": People stuck in London so hotels triple their prices...
  193. Rehnquist Retirement?
  194. G8 leaders agree $50bn aid boost
  195. Can someone summerize the G8 summit
  196. sorry for more bad news
  197. good job Steve Jobs
  198. London Calling
  199. I'm sick of it...!
  200. Does your work support your lifestyle?
  201. Libruls, It's YOUR fault, damnit!
  202. Racist Stamp?
  203. Qaeda kills Egyptian envoy in Iraq
  204. London Bombings: Who, Where and How
  205. Blasts Hit London Bus And Underground
  206. Volunteer or Not?
  207. Circumcision reduces risk of contracting HIV by 70%...
  208. London 2012!!!! Yeah!!!
  209. Karl Rove, Worse Than Osama
  210. terrorist attack in Turkey
  211. the HETEROsexual revolution
  212. Uh oh...Where's Dreadsox? (2005 edition)
  213. New Study On Bisexuality
  214. EU vs US
  215. Over ONE MILLION Strong!
  216. Anarchist protests erupt across Edinburgh for G8
  217. Live8 Wrong: Solve Poverty With Marxism
  218. "Terror-Linked Migrants Crossing Into U.S."
  219. An Open Letter to the G8 Leaders
  220. Mohammed, an engineering student was visiting his family
  221. Forms/Systems of Gvernment
  222. Happy Canada Day
  223. MERGED --> Are You in Favor or Against a Smokefree City? + Smoking Bans: For or Again
  224. Speilberg, Israel, Palestine, and the perils of political moviemaking
  225. Supreme Court Vacancy
  226. Live 8 Goodie Bags
  227. Random questions
  228. Live8live: Free Mp3 Download Please Donate To Unicef
  229. Kyoto the Way to Go?
  230. Now that's a fish!!!!!!!!!!!!
  231. what next for MakePovertyHistory?
  232. Ireland: From Rags to Riches
  233. the sobering of America
  234. Bush, Before G-8, Pledges to Double U.S. Africa Aid
  235. Oh Spain!
  236. Grow Weed Legally in Rhode Island
  237. "State Department Doctors Bono Quote"
  238. another reason to stay the course in Iraq
  239. Energy sources
  240. Rubber labels
  241. Freedom Tower
  242. New Freedom Tower unveiled for NYC
  243. Angel Action Alert: Call In Day Before The G8!
  244. Supreme Ct - No Safe Haven
  245. Bush´s 15 bil to fight AIDS
  246. Bush to Invade Syria and Jordan ~ Make New State
  247. What is the G8 and Two Actions You Can Take to Help Africa
  248. Oh Canada!
  249. So, he's the leader of the Free World....
  250. who does bush think he is?