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  1. MIlano dvd full setlist info
  2. Just a Thought...
  3. itsy bitsy spider
  4. What did you hope for the last Hawaii setlist?
  5. If U2 played the Point Depot again this year...
  6. Choose The Best Vertigo Setlist
  7. Anyone else slightly disappointed with Hawaii set-list?
  8. U2 Hawaii Setlist
  9. Looks like L&P and RITFW will be played
  10. Prediction: Vedder sings "Bad"
  11. Dream setlists!
  12. What would the coolest final Vertigo show be?
  13. guess the final setlist of vertigo tour
  14. A cool way to keep LAPOE!!!!
  15. Guess the Hawaii Setlist!!!!
  16. Guess the Hawaii Setlist!!!!
  17. Guess the Hawaii Setlist!!!!
  18. Japanese Beautiful Day Lyrics...
  19. Tokyo III dream setlist
  20. bullet the blue sky
  21. Where┬┤s the rock and roll?
  22. ..and I thought they said they'd never be their own tribute band...
  23. Elevation
  24. b-sides and setlists
  25. Better Ways to do this Show...
  26. Wow...just 3 bomb songs at Auckland 2
  27. Songs played on Vertigo, fitted into a new standard setlist:
  28. Setlist for Auckland shows...
  29. Bad is back
  30. For Bono In Melb...
  31. Band rehearses WITS!!
  32. One Tree Hill Rehearsed!!!
  33. Full band rehearsal of One tree hill !
  34. met dallas earlier today...
  35. "Shine like stars" in Sydney/Australia
  36. Vertigo edited setlist, with songs that need to be removed
  37. So how do you rank the songs premiered Down under so far?
  38. One Tree Hill?
  39. Saints or ABOY wich is better ( set-wise )????
  40. michelle
  41. The nature of U2's setlists.
  42. Will Hawaii be a BIG Show?
  43. specific songs
  44. the saints are coming.....
  45. Monday Night Sydney....
  46. I'm going to make a prediction of the next shows...
  47. E. Storm?
  48. how does Angel of Harlem sound?
  49. Best song brisbane
  50. what do you think inspired the band to make 'Kite' a closing song for their concert?
  51. Kite......
  52. U2's hidden nod to the Polish in Brisbane
  53. Inspired by latest Brisbane Vertigo's setlist
  54. Melbourne shows 18th and 19th setlist?
  55. Brisbane Setlist Watch & Party
  56. New Info - Make Your Picks Now
  57. Reinvented Vertigo Setlist
  58. MERGED ----> Will they play "Window" live next week? + Where will WITS...
  59. I am Inspired
  60. Brisbane Rehearsals: Promotion of Boy songs
  61. Will U2 play Saints?
  62. Popmart-vertigo style setlist...
  63. Ideal setlist for Vertigo tour
  64. Will Window On The Sky be the next Electrical Storm?
  65. Setlist for last leg
  66. Will the last leg be a greatest hits tour?
  67. A Pop Encore?
  68. Into the heart/Out of control
  69. Current tour setlist with removed songs...
  70. 6 shows since 1987 without "Bullet"
  71. I want to have a spit at something which will annoy me
  72. Guess the Brisbane setlist!!!!
  73. What classics will come back on the next tour?
  74. 11 O'Clock Tick Tock, not performed on Vertigo?
  75. Vertigo begining?
  76. This is what I thought the Vertigo setlist would look like...
  77. Which of the 3 Sydney shows will have the better set?
  78. Using all the songs on Vertigo so far, create a setlist...
  79. The Electric Co needs to be back in the Set!!!!
  80. Fixing Problems with Vertigo
  81. Looking Back at Speculation
  82. i had a revelation!
  83. Fifth leg setlist design challenge: a set for Sydney
  84. Fifth leg setlists.
  85. Has anyone got.......
  86. Interference.com Custom Tour
  87. Zoo Tv DVD's effect on the remaining sets?
  88. Setlist Game
  89. "Vertigo" this past tour...
  90. U2's final concert; how would setlist be???
  91. U2tours.com inspired setlist...
  92. Lots of setlist ideas.
  93. The WORST setlist...
  94. ZOO TV style Vertigo setlist
  95. POP set a La Zoo
  96. Projected setlist for the next tour...
  97. The Imaginary Concert
  98. U2: 2005 Vertigo's never rotating setlist...
  99. wierdest song on tour?
  100. Which Vertigo Tour 'Regulars' would you like to see added/dropped on the next tour?
  101. What was THE song that you wanted to see at your show but wasn`t played that night?
  102. Here's a Good Setlist
  103. Make your own setlist X2
  104. In My Boredom.....
  105. Name a song from each album you want to be played
  106. Setlist (for 5th Leg)
  107. Rarities on the next tour
  108. New Live Setlist
  109. Best Encore From Tour
  110. Hawaii Set List
  111. Guess the Auckland 03-17-06 setlist
  112. What are some snippets you'd like to hear?
  113. Make a setlist out of the Top 25 performed songs!
  114. Do you think they should stop playing Bullet?
  115. Would have loved to have seen "Unforgettable Fire" performed..
  116. Anthem of the Vertigo Tour
  117. Cleveland
  118. Any chance of seeing Desire? in Aus
  119. Australia & NZ will get Electric Co at the shows?????
  120. This is becoming a "Greatest Hits" tour
  121. Set List from Argentina!
  122. I bet "Love Is Blindness" will be performed full band tonight...
  123. AXVER - question for you
  124. Name the new song for tonight
  125. Love is Blindness
  126. 6 AB songs=best setlist of tour...and other thoughts
  127. Streets 4th Leg
  128. Setlist Prediction (for Next Tour!)
  129. Why no OOTS??
  130. Beatles snippet idea...
  131. Do you think that after Mothers of the Disappeared was played, that...
  132. Yahweh live
  133. What will they play in Australia?
  134. "All I Want Is You" as a closer
  135. Santiago Chile Set list
  136. Mothers Of The Disappeared!
  137. Open up with "Streets" again??
  138. please , please , please
  139. Your (fantasy) PopCore?
  140. Wager on One Tree Hill
  141. Can we kiss goodbye to Mofo now?
  142. Brazil II setlist
  143. Rolling Stones snippets?
  144. Is Stuck in a Moment played full band on 4th leg?
  145. Where is The Electric Co.
  146. Sao Paulo, Brazil, Feb 20th
  147. Even Better Than The Real Thing could have been done on this tour...
  148. Set list for Australia/NZ
  149. Zoo Station
  150. Regarding a few classic U2 songs and tours...
  151. Perfect first encore on Mexico III!
  152. Songs that WON'T be played live on this tour
  153. No Bad, and old songs for the rest of the tour?
  154. Mexico III Setlist
  155. Joshua Tree A-Side
  156. Mexico II setlist
  157. What songs should segue into Streets?
  158. 5 songs you pray to see/hear on the 4th leg
  159. Slow or Fast Finish?
  160. Bad to be regular on 4th leg
  161. Now here's something not many have thought of: an ATYCLB encore.
  162. most underrated song that should be played live and on the next leg / tour..
  163. Try This Out...
  164. Next tour setlist: Album by album breakdown
  165. Best U2 Setlist EVER!!!
  166. COBL opening stadium shows, how would that work??
  167. Please into Streets - PLEASE
  168. No desire for Desire?
  169. Gloria on this tour
  170. Rarities Setlist
  171. Smashing Pumpkins Snippet
  172. Biggest Disappointment
  173. This was the projected flow of the 2005 Vertigo tour setlist...
  174. Best seque into streets
  175. Ebttrt
  176. Discotheque has to come back for the 4th leg.
  177. Guess the Monterrey, Mexico 02-12-06 Setlist
  178. Can one imagine WOWY seguing into Streets?
  179. Whoa... "Zoo Station" should've been the opener this tour!
  180. A sign?
  181. full albums setlist
  182. 2006 Tour Rehearsals....
  183. Atlanta 2 setlist
  184. U2's Next Tour
  185. Which crowd reacted best to Zoo Station?
  186. Love and Peace Or Else, Third Leg.
  187. How come they dont play electrical storm live?
  188. Chicago DVD
  189. Does bono do a poverty speech at every show?
  190. What HTDAAB song you didn`t like on the album but was super cool live?
  191. If Miracle Drug had a better arrangement live, it would have been better.
  192. Best Song Transition Live
  193. So...who's got the final stats on Vertigo '05?
  194. Changed setlist for 4th leg?
  195. Song wish list for next tour...
  196. Favorite Tour Snippet
  197. Best six songs not on a setlist
  198. Quick Question About Streets
  199. Okay , final guess the setlist this year (Portland)!
  200. New Year's Day?
  201. It was almost 15 years ago today (Achtung Axver)
  202. Do we really need to predict the Omaha setlist tonight...?
  203. Why are they playing lesser Boy songs?
  204. Pre-show/intermission music
  205. What song has missed your orbit?
  206. A.B.O.Y. M.I.A.
  207. Vertigo Tour setlist--Bad??
  208. Zoo station/The fly vs UTEOTW/MW encore
  209. What song with U2 end Leg 3 with?
  210. Best Song of Vertigo Tour
  211. How I think they should play WOWY on this tour
  212. I want another backwards setlist
  213. Predict the St. Louis setlist!!!
  214. Songs that might make it back for Leg 4
  215. BUffalo song?
  216. U2 love the Beatles...
  217. Setlist Game
  218. The border between a snippet and a song.
  219. No set in stone closer for the Vertigo tour...
  220. Norwegian Wood 12/5/05...a snippet?
  221. Vertigo 2006 encore...
  222. Is this U2's most Beatlesque set ever?
  223. Running To Stand Still
  224. songs from this tour
  225. OMG! They played Acrobat!!!
  226. a question about Popmart
  227. Crumbs Ideas / Band Feelings
  228. Instant Karma
  229. Unforgettable Fire
  230. Replace Elevation with MOFO
  232. Make a set list for nights 1 and 2 without the following classics:
  233. I missed the 3rd encore...have they done that before?
  234. Will Stay ever come back?
  235. Projected Boston setlist for tonight:
  236. 4th Leg Setlist
  237. Oh hell.....bring back Wild Horses full band
  238. Boston Wishes
  239. So shoot me - I'm not a "40" fan...
  240. Wish List for my Last Show of this Tour
  241. reality check
  242. A perfectly realistic setlist variation
  243. I Can Feel It
  244. MERGED-->Christmas(Baby Please Come Home) should be on the December play list
  245. Walk on music
  246. What should truly be on the NEXT tour?
  247. Favorite version of Streets
  248. Mothers Of The Disappeared for Chile?
  249. wheres miracle drug?
  250. Song listings before U2 hits stage