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  1. Small Doses Of U2, Therapy For The Soul
  2. Don't Talk To Strangers
  3. I need help
  4. Losing Loved Ones
  5. DBS surgery
  6. Neurological Disorders
  7. Weird Addiction
  8. Happily married father still having dreams about ex girlfriend years later? Advice?
  9. How to Handle People with Poor Manners
  10. Everything I Know is Wrong
  11. Father is very happy (BUT BORED OUT OF MY F**KING MIND!!!)
  12. So, uh...how do you evict a family member?
  13. I want a doggie!!!Please help me!
  14. Some days are better then others
  15. Names
  16. Was it my fault?
  17. Demons
  18. what the hell is wrong with people?!?!?!
  19. I miss....
  20. I Attract Wackos!
  21. The Shyness Support Thread
  22. Anxiety
  23. Is anyone else really tired of the snarky and cynical posts on the internet?
  24. Random facts and confessions: The forgotten thread
  25. My own mother doesn't love me
  26. Wife has a new friend: my ex girlfriend.
  27. In a Bad Relationship, crush on a Coworker(?)
  28. ZOOTV Confessionals (Random Facts... thread)
  29. Judgments Agaisnt the Under/Unemployed
  30. The Reality of Death
  31. Recently married, have a crush on a coworker.
  32. Weight loss
  33. Hit my girlfriend today :(
  34. I think GoYB is a better song...
  35. Things I Hate, Spring Edition
  36. I still lurk, but...
  37. No place to show my excitement
  38. Battle wounds, scars and broken bones
  39. I gave up facebook for Lent and I don't miss it!
  40. Things I Love: Part Love-Things-Like-Mad
  41. A dilemma that I have... Need your help! :-)
  42. Renting deposit ethical question
  43. New Year's Resolutions
  44. Oh, The Places You'll Go!
  45. My Guilty Pleasure Song Is.......
  46. The best week of my life.
  47. Things I Hate Part 720 - Hating Full Circle, Twice
  48. Random facts and confessions, post-tour edition.
  49. What's a friendship worth?
  50. Tips for a long distance relationship
  51. What are you scared of?
  52. Things I Love: Part XVIII
  53. Close friend's annoying boyfriend
  54. Keeping A Journal
  55. alright gang, here's the scoop. i'm pretty much leaving forever, guys.
  56. idk.........
  57. Things I hate part 360
  58. Not feeling motivated to get a job...
  59. Fuck... not to me
  60. Depression sucks.
  61. Dad
  62. Sociopaths among us..
  63. Things I love: Part XVII
  64. Facts, confessions, and the like, of a random nature, 10th ed.
  65. Missing person
  66. The Wait Is Over!
  67. Ugghhh.
  68. Tendinitis advice?
  69. Things I Hate Part ∞ and then some.
  70. Pre Type 2 Diabetes? Advise please.
  71. Getting over break-ups
  72. Being Perfect
  73. I am MADE of awesome!
  74. Letting go of all but love (am I manic, or did I actually change myself?)
  75. I've gotta let it all out.
  76. ...in which I rant about another problem in my life
  77. Bitter, jealous, can't stand it
  78. Marathon
  79. anaemia sucks
  80. Wanted to share a personal story about how my love for U2's music has helped my life
  81. Named my kids after the band
  82. cyclothymia (bipolar 3)
  83. Growing up and letting go of an old friend
  84. Stuff I love part, err, 33.333333333333
  85. Help me to feel better about myself: stupid shit you've done at work!!
  86. Leaving Interference.......
  87. Random Facts and Confessions #9
  88. Things I Hate Part 'Why The Feck Do We Hate So Much Stuff?'
  89. In which I bitch about my family. More specificially my Uncle's wife.
  90. Thinking of going to mortuary school...
  91. I keep screwing up at work
  92. losing weight post-breakup
  93. Eviction from the house
  94. My Sponsor Child From Africa passed away...
  95. Friendship problems
  96. Rather troubled by job performance review
  97. things i love part 0.0009192013
  98. Weird Place in my Life
  99. In need of some advice from my fellow U2-ers
  100. New problem, what else is new?
  101. baby namer
  102. Things I Hate Part Eleventy Bazillion and One
  103. I Just Got a Job
  104. What do WOMEN want?
  105. Id like to ask those in a relationship/marriage....
  106. Picking up girls: How the hell is this guy so smooth??
  107. Careers vs. Relationships
  108. My Parents' Marriage
  109. Dating: easier for men or women?
  110. My little guy is crying it out tonight
  111. The Things I Love Part Bajillion and One
  112. Gentlemen, what do you think he thought about me?
  113. To all of the mothers on here...
  114. Things I hate Part Eleventy Bazillion
  115. Random Facts and Confessions #8
  116. My Parents
  117. I'm worried and unsure about my future
  118. What is wrong with my brother?
  119. dancing....aggh
  120. Why do girls(or guys for that matter) do this?
  121. Death of Pets
  122. Listening to the right advice?
  123. The Interpretation of my Dreams
  124. things i love part 32603842.3
  125. Trying to survive a crazy family.
  126. Help needed
  127. things i hate part 2874892742
  128. bridesmaid for bf's mom?
  129. 10 things you hate about U2
  130. Did you ever get the feeling...
  131. Drive
  132. Not Assertive Enough
  133. The day after the golden 40
  134. Secure insecurity?
  135. Here's a strange pickle to chew on
  136. "Don't let the bastards grind you down"
  137. I think...
  138. My Brother Is In A Psychiatric Hospital - Help Needed
  139. Day 39..
  140. Random Facts and Confessions V7.0
  141. Living Without Your Passion
  142. How do you feel about your career choice?
  143. Getting Married = Social suicide??
  144. even more things i hate
  145. What do WOMEN want?
  146. What do MEN want?
  147. Dealing with the loss of a friend
  148. My Grandma Passed Away
  149. Friendship.
  150. Need some advice
  151. How many of you have NOT been able to go to a concert in a while?
  152. And these are the things we love
  153. I am mental
  154. My friend needs some help.
  155. First Aid
  156. Uncle getting married again....
  157. Fear of Bears
  158. Beautiful dream
  159. I've been trying to hide this and too embarrassed about it, but today just did me in.
  160. Job interview!
  161. What are your beautiful days?
  162. Oh I really hate it when ______!
  163. Random Facts and Confessions part 6
  164. All Apologies...
  165. Grumble -Gone- Delted- adios
  166. Best way to get in shape?
  167. Cursing
  168. Wonders
  169. An unwelcome visiter
  170. Restart and Reboot Myself
  171. Lost Love
  172. University halp needed.
  173. Comment
  174. Borderline Personality Disorder
  175. Nice Guys
  176. Girl trouble again
  177. It's official: this girl broke my heart and I need some help
  178. How to broach topic of boyfriend's appearance...
  179. Pompholyx/Dyshidrosis eczema, anyone else have it?
  180. Some advice please
  181. A huge chunk of my CD collection is lost/stolen
  182. Pregnant
  183. What do you think is wrong with him?
  184. life is just getting to tough
  185. First Date ideas
  186. More Things I Love
  187. Help! I'm tearing my hair out
  188. heroin
  189. Male or female company?
  190. The end of the innocence
  191. Question.. comments, hopefully U2 fans will understand
  192. Footprints
  193. Girl trouble... Again.
  194. Cathartic experiences from tv/ movies/ music etc?
  195. More Things I Hate
  196. I havent been the same for a while
  197. Sad Day
  198. Ever been dumped via e-mail/text message?
  199. My Mom is going to be pissed!
  200. Just another Bad Day!
  201. Random Facts and Confessions: Part 5
  202. I can't believe some people
  203. having job issues
  204. Leaving Town
  205. Questions about relationships...
  206. I can't deal with losing another dog
  207. Can someone help me to grow my nails???
  208. I'm really scared
  209. My cat Tori died today
  210. The Economic Downturn Support Thread
  211. Cancer is such a nasty beast
  212. Confidence
  213. My best-friend no longer wants to be my friend anymore
  214. I didnt do anything!!! So why is this happening?
  215. The art of friendship maintenance
  216. 25 things...why not.
  217. First time motorbike buyer help?
  218. Motivation?
  219. Add?
  220. Inside Broadcast VII: An Ode To The Permabanned
  221. Why does Bono wear glasses a lot?
  222. I do not do good with grammar. ;)
  223. proceed when safe
  224. Interference, please decide my life
  225. Tainted Vision
  226. Who likes giving advice??? :)
  227. People are Idiots...
  228. Non celebrity people you secretly like thread
  229. The year in review...
  230. Ever get the feeling nobody gives a sh1t?
  231. I'm Officially A Terrible Person.
  232. Dont know what to think or do
  233. It really bothers me when..
  234. Not to bash men, but I hate Holiday shopping with them
  235. The Self-Congratulatory Thread
  236. My dog is gone :(
  237. Let's Celebrate!
  238. If you knew...
  239. a man was shot and killed inside my work today
  240. Please Help Me
  241. Random facts and confessions: Part 4
  242. Guess what? It's another help-someone-with-a-girl-problem thread.
  243. Major Depression
  244. autumn
  245. I'm currently pulling an allnighter...
  246. Blessed
  247. Career crisis. -__-
  248. I have a caffeine problem.
  249. Anybody have really bad skin problems?
  250. Ever overcome a phobia?