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  1. US Politics XXXII: Cancel my subscription to the insurrection
  2. SoHo Racist Karen
  3. Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays To Everyone
  4. Global Pandemic Part IV: IV Experimental Cocktails
  5. **Political Junkies** 2020 US Election Predictions
  6. Benevolent Sexism
  7. The Harper's Letter and Cancel Culture
  8. Fox News, Fake News!
  9. The Murder Of Ahmaud Arbery
  10. The Climate Crisis
  11. Elizabeth Wurtzel, author of Prozac Nation, RIP
  12. Let’s all laugh at this weaksauce trolling
  13. Do You Lean More Towards Science Than Religion?
  14. Socialism!
  15. Men In Decline As The Ruling Class Looks Away
  16. Eliza Dushku OpEd
  17. Real Ads During The Mad Men Era
  18. Crafty...
  19. #SquatforChange
  20. Cosby Sentenced To Three To Ten Years
  21. Ex KKK Member Who Was At Charlottesville
  22. Rest In Power-The Trayvon Martin Story
  23. Q Anon
  24. Islamic Terrorist Groups Find New Home in Africa
  25. My son's speech quoting Bono
  26. Meek Mill-Political Prisoner?
  27. Waiting In Starbucks While Black
  28. 2020 Census Citizenship Question
  29. Ongoing Mass Shooting Thread #3... that's right, a third thread. Because 'Murica.
  30. Walking In The Spirit Of Girlfriend
  31. 1968: those of US who LIVED through IT
  32. Unequal Pay
  33. Bono the Oligarch!
  34. Tipping Point - Sexual Harassment In America
  35. Catalonia
  36. It has been over a decade – how has your life really changed?
  37. Alan Watts
  38. Is It Possible to Discuss Issues with the Left?
  39. Transgender- do you know what it means?
  40. UK General Election June 8th?
  41. Can I rant? (Glorifying the Troubles on ST PATRICK'S DAY)
  42. Spacefarer's Guide to Getting off this Planet
  43. Obamacare repeal. AKA: 7 years and THIS is what you come up with?!?!
  44. ICE detains woman seeking domestic abuse protection at Texas courthouse
  45. Department of Education
  46. Federal Judge Rules Against Presidential Debate Commission
  47. Vent
  48. Is Offensive Political Violence Ever Justified?
  49. Republican legislators pushing to criminalize highway protests
  50. Barack Obama Appreciation & Farewell Thread
  51. Trump: The First 100 Days
  52. Israel
  53. North Carolina No Longer Classified as a Democracy
  54. Fidel Castro Dead at 90
  55. Gloria La Riva
  56. Changes to Moderation of FYM
  57. Police Shootings - Anyone Else Tired of Being Gaslit?
  58. Weather Discussion Thread
  59. Military Coup in Turkey
  60. Terror Attack in Nice, France
  61. Drones: legality & morality
  62. Random FYM Thread
  63. Brexit
  64. Australian 2016 Election Poll
  65. a more appropriate poll for FYM.
  66. US Presidential Election Poll
  67. Walls
  68. Will You Be Ready?
  69. fort macmurray wildfires
  70. The Queen Still the Face of $5
  71. Democracy simply doesn't work
  72. Harriet Tubman New Face of the $20
  73. Japanese retirees throw themselves to jail to "afford" retirement.
  74. Totally stupid!!
  75. Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia Dies
  76. Planned Parenthood: Myth vs. Fact
  77. Terrorist attacks Women's Health clinic, killing 3.
  78. Shooting/Terrorism in Paris
  79. Political Correctness
  80. How secular family values stack up
  81. John Boehner, House Speaker, Will Resign From Congress
  82. Britain's Prime Minister Put His Penis In A Dead Pig
  83. Refugee/migrant crisis in Europe
  84. Reporter and Cameraman Murdered on Live TV
  85. Ashley, you have ruined my life !
  86. Ever wondered what would happen if a nuke hit your city? Wonder no more!
  87. 2015 Canadian Federal Election
  88. The funniest article you will read this year. Simply outstanding.
  89. Christianity Today
  90. Legal marijuana
  91. ACA Upheld by Supreme Court; Now Known as SCOTUSCare
  92. Monsanto?
  93. Confederate Flag
  94. Mass Shooting at South Carolina AME Church
  95. Fighting on the streets of Dallas TX this morning
  96. Is 'the Lady' just a politician after all?
  97. Free Speech
  98. “Mattress Performance: Carry That Weight.”
  99. GARLAND, Texas 2 gunmen killed outside Muhammad cartoon contest
  100. 22-year old Hunter S. Thompson's advice for life
  101. What the FRACK???
  102. The Even Gayer than the Gay thread
  103. Plane crash in the French alps kills 150; suspected to be deliberate
  104. India's Daughter (BBC documentary about brutal gang rape and murder of Jyoti Singh)
  105. First surgeon to separate conjoined twins says being gay is a choice because prison
  106. Isis
  107. Russia opposition politician Boris Nemtsov shot dead
  108. Senator throws snowball, thereby disproving global warming
  109. Senator says restaurant employees shouldn’t be required to wash their hands
  110. TSA Supervisor Jails Man Simply For Asking To File A Complaint
  111. Meanwhile in Africa...
  112. Ohio- How does setting 89 FIRES Compute?
  113. Extremists open fire at Paris satirical newspaper, kill 12
  114. Two NYPD Officers Killed in Brooklyn Ambush
  115. "All the world will denounce the SONY."
  116. Senate Releases Report on CIA Interrogation Techniques
  117. Ferguson- How does burning REDS BBQ place Compute?
  118. why does lazarus hate michael jackson so much?
  119. Happy International Men's Day
  120. Guns
  121. Mayor of Houston Subpoenas Church Sermons
  122. Why this forum sucks
  123. WAR: a taste of Armageddon
  124. Global Warming Revisited
  125. Obama - Failed President
  126. surrogacy
  127. Fog of War
  128. 2014 New Zealand general election thread
  129. Afterlife
  130. Racism: glorified hyperbole in America
  131. Racist Police Response to Ferguson Protests
  132. Joining the mile high club. At 12. (exposing high level child abuse networks)
  133. The theory of gender neutrality
  134. The 'Hobbit' Human
  135. Ebola
  136. Sigh
  137. Immigration
  138. Israel
  139. Another Malaysian Airline Disaster?
  140. Hobby Lobby decision
  141. Sarajevo marks WW1 centennial
  142. Iraq: What to do?
  143. If I cannot thrive among them, then I will destroy them all.
  144. Thailand coup
  145. Civic Activity
  146. Spring Breaktime
  147. 6:01pm? I'm French, and I'm off the clock.
  148. Assisted suicide? -
  149. Dubya picks up the paintbrush
  150. Suicide
  151. The Heterosexuality Thread
  152. Flight MH370 ?? What happened?
  153. Marijuana in Your Brain
  154. California Lifers Leaving Prison At Record Pace
  155. Forgiveness
  156. "I Am A Ukrainian"
  157. Biological sex and gender identity: differences and overlaps
  158. 22 Messages of Hope (and Science) for Creationists
  159. Oxford Scientists Appear to have Located the Conscience
  160. The Toll of the Anti-Vaccine Movement
  161. The Thought Conditioners
  162. Have Scientists Ever Created Life in a Laboratory?
  163. Top Books You Recommend to the Oposition
  164. My cat needs your help!
  165. United States of Entropy Part 2
  166. Dialect map quiz
  167. Duck Dynasty's Phil Robertson on Indefinite Hiatus Following Anti-Gay Remarks
  168. R.I.P. Nelson Mandela
  169. the religious freedom of corporations
  170. Ian Watkins - Lostprophets
  171. Bitcoin?
  172. The History/Archaeology Thread
  173. Ongoing Rob Ford crack cocaine scandal
  174. Possibly 10,000 Dead in Philippines After Massive Typhoon
  175. Elections usa nov 5 2013
  176. Make Fatherhood a Man's Choice
  177. Many Young Japanese Not Dating, Having Sex
  178. Dino Thread
  179. Can the USA Sustain Its 3 Current Wars?
  180. The War Against Boys
  181. The Effects of Technology
  182. Nairobi Mall Terrorist Attack/Hostage Crisis
  183. Online Blackout of your kids?
  184. Life on Earth May Have Began on Mars
  185. Breaktime Whatever Number
  186. Huffington Post Banning Anonymous Accounts
  187. Should US bomb Syria?
  188. Medal of Honor to Sergeant Ty Carter
  189. 2 black men beat 88 yr WWII to death
  190. God Bless MLK 50 year Speech
  191. Social Attitude Test
  192. Gary the Goat Wins Court Battle to Eat Grass in Sydney
  193. Yoga: Religion, Exercise, or Stress Reliever?
  194. Chris Lane's Murder
  195. Unemployment rate jumps from 7.7% to 8.9% in 30 days
  196. Egyptian Violence
  197. Pleasure Based Sex Education- is it insane or sensible?
  198. Nature and Wildlife
  199. Is Narcissism Really That Prevalent?
  200. CYPRUS: President announces “Guaranteed Minimum Income” program
  201. Australian federal election: 7 September
  202. Science and Religion
  203. Pat Robertson is OK With Transgenders
  204. THE most trusted news source IN america part TWO
  205. boycott Stoli? boycott Sochi 2014?
  206. Walmart not Coming to Washington DC
  207. George Zimmerman saves family from overturned SUV
  208. Royal baby
  209. George Zimmerman, the killer of young Trayvon Martin, was found 'not guilty'.
  210. Goldman Sachs Aluminum Shuffle
  211. YOU just don't get it !!! AND maybe you nerer will.
  212. Passing Judgments
  213. Free Pass in San Diego?
  214. Detroit is Bankrupt
  215. Darwin's Doubt
  216. The Hidden World
  217. Where the Hell is the Outrage?
  218. If you have a minute...
  219. While I was Away - I Became a Vegan
  220. Dozens Dead After Islamists Burn Down Nigerian School
  221. Same-Sex Parenting
  222. American Way of Birth, Costliest in the World
  223. Catholic Priest Beheaded in Syria
  224. Power to the people!
  225. Voting Rights Act Dismantled?
  226. Bono Interview
  227. Political Compass, 2013 Edition
  228. The Ethics of Organ Transplantation
  229. Where are the pro-life protests about this?
  230. It's OK to shoot a hooker if she doesn't have sex...
  231. Jesus Christ Reborn in Australia
  232. Veteran Suicides More Common Than Gun Violence
  233. water.org toilet strike
  234. Leading Geneticist: Humans Getting Dumber
  235. Massive tornado outbreak strikes Oklahoma City metro area, dozens dead
  236. IRS Targeted Conservative Groups
  237. How responsible is this?
  238. The Religion of Peace?
  239. "Five Jihadists have reached their target under Barack Obama..."
  240. Malcom Jamal Warner Allegedly Responsible for Boston Marathon Bombing
  241. Explosions at the Boston Marathon
  242. A Trial in Philadelphia
  243. Anatomy for Beginners
  244. Mars
  245. Pesticides Killing Bees?
  246. Amanda 'Foxy Knoxy
  247. Student Suspended for Religious Conviction
  248. 10 Years Ago
  249. The Beginning of the End of AIDS?
  250. ACLU Investigating Police Militarization