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  1. And a Congressional celebration
  2. A little judicial celebration
  3. Vladimir Putin's interview with Bloomberg
  4. Obama addresses the Muslim world
  5. Climate Change - A big fuss About Nothing
  6. The death spiral
  7. Sd.418
  8. 2009 - The Year of the Idler
  9. Friday night dispatch 1
  10. Obama reverses abortion policy
  11. James Woolsey interview
  12. Joseph Lowery's Racist Prayer
  13. Obama to close Guantanamo within a year?
  14. Obama and King: the rhetorical comparison
  15. People must compete to survive
  16. If one's race truly isn't an issue....
  17. January 20, 2009--Inauguration Day
  18. An open letter to George W. Bush
  19. But Is It Art?
  20. Sd.417
  21. Bono confronts Obama, America on Israeli-Palestinian conflict
  22. Springsteen: Bush admin ruined lives and operated as an extremist cabal
  23. Don't Rebuild - Reinvent America's Infrastructure
  24. Help me understand the infatuation with Obama
  25. Iranian Nuclear Intrigue
  26. The Lincoln Bible
  27. US Airways plane crashes in Hudson River
  28. President Obama And The FCC
  29. Teens Are Sexting
  30. We are still at war with Oceania
  31. Chipping Away at 4th Amendment?
  32. Ballad of Sad Cafes
  33. Religiously Sanctioned Paedophilia
  34. Schedule Of Events for Obama's Inauguration
  35. Book Is Rallying Resistance to the Antivaccine Crusade
  36. New Human Development Index released December 2008
  37. Crematorium to help heat homes in Swedish town
  38. Sd.416
  39. Anti-immigration website shuts down after government request for member details
  40. Street Musician...
  41. Breast cancer gene-free baby born
  42. The Case for Bigger Government by Jeffrey D. Sachs
  43. Top 10 Christophobic Events of 2008
  44. And Now Third Hand Smoke Kills
  45. Speculation/mystery about musical acts performinig at Obama's inauguration!
  46. Husband Asks For Kidney Compensation In Divorce
  47. An Alternative Stimulus Plan
  48. Another Celente Prediction Comes to Pass
  49. Sd.415
  50. Bill Richardson pulls out as Commerce Secretary...
  51. France braced for 'rebirth of violent left'
  52. Some Want God/Religion Out Of Inauguration
  53. Reborns
  54. Happy 50th Anniversary, Cuba
  55. Plants and Animals
  56. Charles Darwins 200th Birthday
  57. Larry rightly criticizes Bono for palling around with war criminals!
  58. Sd.414
  59. The Year Man-Made Global Warming Disproved
  60. I'm Just Glad I Did Psychology In 1st Year
  61. Israel attacks Gaza
  62. The Origin of Life: RNA World
  63. Angel Caught On Tape?
  64. Geriatric Virgin To World: God Hates Fags
  65. Liberation Fighters Tell Pakistani Government: Put Bitches In Their Place
  66. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
  67. Why Puritanism Isn't Conservative
  68. Hitchens nails stinking coward warmongers Bush, Blair.
  69. Happy Hanukkah!
  70. Sd.413
  71. Conor Cruise O'Brien, RIP
  72. Taxing cow farts!
  73. No Good Deed Goes Unpunished
  74. Environmentalist thread [POSITIVE ACTION]
  75. Almost there!
  76. Obesity Tax?
  77. Katrina's hidden race war
  78. More Bailout Bullshit
  79. 'Right of conscience'. Is this a good thing?
  80. The Prayer at the Ignauguration
  81. Obama's pandering is really making me sick! Allows anti-gay activist to speak
  82. Prayer In Public Schools
  83. The Ultimate Stimulus Pro and Con thread
  84. Your Child Is Not Gifted... anymore.
  85. Archaeopteryx + Synchrotron = Fun
  86. Religious Courts Biased Against Women
  87. Senator Caroline Kennedy ?????????????
  88. If the shoe fits.....
  89. Bullying Germany gets a free ride with its beggar-thy-neighbour policy
  90. Sd.412
  91. Diamond - Get Well
  92. Are athletes really worth it?
  93. "Long Island Jewish Columnist: ‘Kill Muslims’ "
  94. Politically inconvenient truth about electric cars
  95. He Madoff with HOW much??
  96. Demon-Haunted World
  97. Zero dB against torture
  98. Americans cutting back
  99. George W. Bush, the man, not as moronic as it seems?
  100. Blago's last day in office ????
  101. Athens burns - is this a citizens' revolt against the corporatist EU elite?
  102. Over 650 Scientists Dissent Global Warming Claim
  103. i kissed a man (and i didn't even throw up!)
  104. Sooooo.....
  105. I Just Got Another Pickup Line
  106. the next upsurge? - chicagoan sit down strike
  107. Sd.411
  108. Pussified
  109. The Earth Charter
  110. Climate change
  111. Where are the "antiwar" liberals?
  112. Ministers fight to keep late abortions secret
  113. The wonder altruism of Planned Parenthood....
  114. Senator Chris Matthews?
  115. What Kind of People Would You Like Your Children to Become?
  116. Are Britain’s trigger-happy police now lethally out of control?
  117. Another hate crime or tragic accident?
  118. The purpose of an artist is to criticize authority where it is due
  119. Planned Parenthood Gift Certificates
  120. Don't Feel Bad Americans
  121. From The “Panic” Of 2008 To The “Collapse” Of 2009
  122. First "War on Xmas" Thread - We have a winner !
  123. Leftist Political Statement On The White House Christmas Tree
  124. Rethinking DDT
  125. Another US Patriot passes away..
  126. UK closer to joining the euro
  127. Imbecilic Government Purge
  128. Global AIDS crisis overblown?
  129. Sd.410
  130. Another warmongerer in the White House?
  131. Genetic Testing For Athletic Abilities
  132. Ocean/River currents could power world!
  133. Smoke Out Those Atheistic Terrorists!
  134. "Like Haig on the Somme, we’ll bleed to death in Afghanistan"
  135. Dalai Lama: Sex Spells Trouble
  136. Bush - 2 months left
  137. Police state in Britain.
  138. Another "Hate Crime" goes unnoticed..
  139. Walmart Employee Trampled to Death
  140. Stephen Hawking Accepts Post at Canadian Physics Institute
  141. Canadian politics maybe getting interesting!
  142. Scores Dead, Wounded; Tourists Held Hostage In Coordinated Mumbai Terror Strikes
  143. How Did the Turtle Get It's Shell?
  144. (You Gotta) Fight For Your Right (To Rock The Casbah!)
  145. Islamist stupidity tightens its grip on Malaysia
  146. Sd.409
  147. Teenage thug-ridden Britain is scarier than mafia-ridden Bulgaria
  148. Obama's plan to improve the economy
  149. Catholics - Extremely Forgiving
  150. Iceland - the canary in the coalmine
  151. We are all Keynesians now?
  152. An FYM Poll
  153. Sneaking a Smoke at the White House
  154. Teen Commits Suicide Live Online
  155. How the Republic becomes an Empire?
  156. Cheney Indicted(too little too late)
  157. Member Details of Extremist, right Wing 'British National Party' Leaked.
  158. Pioneering Stem Cell Surgery Announced
  159. Will Obama end Don't Ask Don't Tell?
  160. OMG A Percentage of Texan Scientists Believe in Creationism
  161. How Obama got elected.......
  162. *sigh*.....here we go.....
  163. Jesus Needs Penises
  164. The world has never seen such freezing heat
  165. A Part I Can Vote For
  166. Sd.408
  167. U.S. Economy Struggles Driving Immigrants Back Home?
  168. You don't have to be gay to be a Labour MP - but it helps
  169. Discovery Channel: ‘JFK: INSIDE THE TARGET CAR’
  170. Spam Sales Soar in the USA
  171. First Female Four Star General
  172. The Big Three Automakers?
  173. MERGED: A Threat to Democracy? / Catholics Voting for Obama
  174. Rahm Emanuel's father in racist outburst
  175. Pictures of New Worlds
  176. Baader-Meinhof: the truth behind the twisted myth
  177. Obama versus Medvedev: Nuclear Standoff in New Europe
  178. Killing Monsters:Why Children Need Make Believe Violence
  179. Obama Roasts "Rahmbo"
  180. Winning in Afghanistan - Pomegranates ?
  181. Angry Armenian and Greek monks!
  182. bush, cheney and rumsfeld appreciation thread, guys.
  183. The Disappearing Male
  184. Sd.407
  185. Go Green, Go Nuclear
  186. Transition of Power
  187. Squandered Conservative Opportunities
  188. Sarah Palin blamed by the US Secret Service over death threats against Barack Obama
  189. Bridging the divide in America
  190. Historic Elections - but overplayed?
  191. Proposition 8 discussion continued
  192. Vice-President-Elect Biden Appreciation...
  193. Happy Birthday to Billy Graham
  194. Bono's letter to President-elect Obama
  195. Following the Trail of Toxic E-Waste
  196. Change.gov
  197. the future of the GOP -- what's next?
  198. Ron Paul fingers Obama as the 'corporate elite' candidate
  199. Letter To Bush
  200. Chicken Politics
  201. USA Not Free - Will The Courts Fix It?
  202. 2008 U.S. Presidential Campaign Discussion Thread 13: Victory Lap
  203. Freepers Funnies
  204. Saul Alinsky - Rules for Radicals
  205. U2dem for President!
  206. To all my American friends....GOOD LUCK TODAY!
  207. Statist Intervention Prolonged Depression
  208. Third Party Will Loose in a Landslide
  209. Sd.406
  210. Study Links Sexual Content On TV To Teen Pregnancy
  211. So-called 'social services' and their anti-male prejudice
  212. Obama:'I will change the world'
  213. Election Day night
  214. Are you a Socialist ? - take the test
  215. Stable societies are founded on a stable and prosperous middle class
  216. Pensioner tackles thieving, thuggish cowards
  217. Abuse of Statistics in Religious Trends
  218. Media's Presidential Bias and Decline
  219. Top 3 Reasons for voting for your candidate
  220. It's All Legal And Fun
  221. Campus Shooting at Arkansas School
  222. It's Official: Islam Gets a Free Pass
  223. Sd.405
  224. The FYM Bar - All Alcohol Discussion Here
  225. When Obama is President will these heinous crimes stop?
  226. The "Holy Shite - McCain Won Thread!"
  227. A Jihad on the Brain
  228. Censorious Swine
  229. Is Britain the NWO's test state?
  230. Financial crisis redux - black hole at the heart of world's biggest insurance co
  231. North Korea Slaps Ban on Cell Phones
  232. Is Palin failin' ? or OMG McCain wins with Palin !! pt. 4
  233. "The Christian Right Is Neither"
  234. FYM Travel Destinations
  235. The Good News
  236. I am so confused.
  237. Vote Suppression vs Vote Fraud
  238. SD.404
  239. Thinking About Obama
  240. Why Do We Die?
  241. Did anyone see John Stossel's "Politically Incorrect Guide To Politics" last night?
  242. Economist regulation debate
  243. The I Voted Early Thread
  244. Canada-EU trade deal negotiations
  245. I finally found a role model
  246. Gertrude Bell and the Birth of Iraq
  247. Ireland on the brink (?)
  248. The War
  249. Obama Chapter In 8th Grade Textbook Is "Unfair And Troubling"
  250. Proud Ignorance in Texas