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  1. Take FYM's top 4 threads and you have America's undeclared civil war in microcosm
  2. How to split up the US
  3. Bill Clinton Hospitalized
  4. Carp Invading The Great Lakes?
  5. R.I.P. Charlie Wilson
  6. Reverse-generativity and the generational divide
  7. A most amazing story!!!
  8. Mystery Comet? Asteroid? What is this???
  9. Women Lose 90 Percent of Eggs by Age 30
  10. U.S.Ships and Missiles to Mideast;Iran Threat
  11. Anti-Blair protest in London today, inc. Brian Eno
  12. Atheism
  13. Well, valentine date ideas!
  14. Toyota - sayanora ?
  15. Howard Zinn - RIP
  16. Focus On The Family/Tim Tebow Super Bowl Ad
  17. Did W.B. Yeats accept a prize of Nazi gold?
  18. Little quiz for those of you in the < 70 IQ range
  19. Kraft takeover of Cadbury
  20. Vice Guide to Travel - Liberia
  21. The incredibly rare sight of an albino fawn hiding in the wilderness
  22. White American Basketball League
  23. For Those Dems &Independents who HAVEN'T YET Voted In Massachusetts
  24. "The day I decided to stop being gay"
  25. Spiritually Transformed Firearms Of Jesus Christ
  26. Canadians, let's protest the prorogation of parliament
  27. Interesting documentary about Cannabis...
  28. "Bring Back the Mugwumps"
  29. Go Scott Brown!
  30. Google and Censorship in China
  31. Male-on-Male Sexual Harassment on the Rise
  32. Sad Day! (Haiti Earthquake)
  33. RIP Miep Gies
  34. The Ice Age Cometh?
  35. Malaysian Churches Attacked Over Use of "Allah"
  36. How America Can Rise Again
  37. Tranny Neanderthals
  38. A little quiz for those in the gifted/genius IQ range
  39. KFC ad banned for 'racist' undertones. You decide?
  40. The Heartless
  41. World's tallest skyscraper opens in Dubai
  42. Tiger Just Needs To Convert
  43. telll me
  44. Rick Warren Appeals For Donations
  45. Rush Limbaugh hospitalized in "serious condition" with chest pains
  46. What is your world view?
  47. so, the terrorists win...
  48. S***** end to a s***** year for Ireland - our finance minister has cancer
  49. Who can explain the mysteries of Christmas?
  50. Thou Shalt Not Steal
  51. Trying to Stay Two Steps Ahead of the NWO
  52. Pregnant? Then you face being court-martialed...
  53. The Language of Tribes: True Fans and Outsiders
  54. Sinn Fein leader Gerry Adams - 'my father was a child abuser'
  55. British Lions rugby legend Gareth Thomas comes out
  56. the decade from hell
  57. Moyers vide on how to end the need for money for campaign ads
  58. Christmas 2009/New Year's 2010 Thoughts Thread
  59. Some Question Mom's Twitter Post Of Son's Drowning
  60. Heterosexuality
  61. Survival of the Kindest
  62. Moral arguments in favour of high earning vis-a-vis social work jobs
  63. Number one franchise in Los Angeles CA, Starbucks? McDonald's? guess again
  64. Houston, TEXAS has elected openly gay mayor...
  65. Happy Channukah
  66. Drug money saved banks in global crisis, claims UN advisor
  67. Six senior doctors demand investigation into death of govt scientist Dr David Kelly
  68. Ultimate Rube Goldberg
  69. Meghan McCain-Why Does Hollywood Hate Our Troops?
  70. Christ forcibly removed from courtroom
  71. U.S.: A Third-World Future?
  72. When God's on your side
  73. Christian-libertarian-capitalist-environmentalist-lunatic farmer
  74. Half The Sky
  75. Hey, Torontonians, Carleton cinemas is closing at the end of this week
  76. Too fat to pass?
  77. Catholic Church & US Republican Party torch big tent and rebuild from obedient ranks
  78. How do you define race and nationality?
  79. Why Are You Not a Christian?
  80. Couple of great Frontline docs on deregulation
  81. It's a trap!
  82. Glenn Beck Has A Dream
  83. Man Trapped in Coma for 23 Years
  84. The Bell Curve
  85. An Obsessed Narrow View...
  86. "The poor need capitalism"
  87. US Unemployment Map Clip
  88. I'll show you courage you can understand
  89. What the New Atheists Don’t See
  90. 'The sexual revolution killed my sister': Author Martin Amis
  91. Goldman Sachs 'apologises' for role in financial cris
  92. New Congressional districts!
  93. 10 y/o Boy Refuses to Say Pledge, Causes OUTRAGE!!!!!
  94. Godwin's Law
  95. Plastics may affect masculinity in young boys, study says
  96. Twenty Others Stood By And Watched
  97. Is a One World Government a Good Idea?
  98. Stay Classy Christians
  99. Mexican business groups call for U.N. troops
  100. "Speech gene shows its bossy nature"
  101. Suspended sentences = positive result
  102. SPLIT--> Women in the Military
  103. John Allen Muhammad execution set for Nov. 10, should there be a Stay?
  104. Roadmap to HELL - One man caught on a barbed wire fence ....
  105. "They're going to get us all. It's a plot. It's a plot. It's going to get us all."
  106. Rockabilly Legends
  107. Fort Hood Shootings
  108. 12 Killed, 31 injured in Fort Hood Military base massacre.
  109. 3some
  110. Unconstitutional Healthcare
  111. Ridiculous Candidates
  112. Preemptive post: Virginia's governor election is NOT a reflection of Obama
  113. Believers have better sex
  114. Kosovo honors Bill Clinton with statue
  115. Culture of Violence:Gun Crime Up 89% in a Decade
  116. Grieving Chimps - Interesting Photo and Article
  117. UK oversees aid?
  118. Prostitution largely voluntary shock alert
  119. Tracy Morgan becomes advocate for anal sex
  120. U2 Losing Elevation From Election High
  121. Obama Compromises Free Speech in the Name of "Tolerance"
  122. 411-4-fymfyi...
  123. Racism
  124. Goldman exec named first COO of SEC enforcement
  125. Twitter telepathy
  126. Photo of us and jupiter
  127. "Calling America's bluff on Internet gambling"
  128. Balloon boy story a hoax
  129. A Nation Divided...
  130. Your Political Education
  131. pro-lifers kill women
  132. Lord Save Us From...
  133. Decline Is A Choice
  134. North Carolina to tax overweight, smokers.
  135. 6 Y/O Suspended for Bringing Camping Utensil to School
  136. Your Conservative Side (or vice versa)
  137. BBC: What Happened to Global Warming?
  138. Theocracy Watch: Holy Land Grab 'To Fulfil Jewish Destiny'
  139. The Republican Bible
  140. If you have kids, will you give them the H1N1 Vaccine?
  141. Nobel Peace Prize - and the winner is >>>>>> O!
  142. Feminism is uncool
  143. Are We Now Too Nice To Wage a Real War?
  144. SC Hears Mojave Cross Case
  145. Gladiatorial politics
  146. One solution or compromise on the issue of gay marriage...
  147. CNN fact checks SNL's skit mocking Obama!
  148. New global rankings for standard of living
  149. Nearly half of all households in US, do not owe federal income tax
  150. california dreaming - guardian 4.10.09
  151. the cost of being gay, or, the high costs of anti-gay discrimination
  152. "Irish voters back EU reform treaty"
  153. Billy Graham
  154. Congressman Alan Grayson is an idiot
  155. UK Prime Minister claimed to be popping pills, on the verge of completely losing it
  156. I'm glad Roman Polanski finally got caught!
  157. Legendary Paul Tudor Jones 'Trader' video up on Youtube
  158. The real enemy of art right here, folks!
  159. "Banker bailouts are the privatisation of the state"
  160. everything is BULLSHIT!
  161. Iran hiding Nuclear Facility
  162. Little old Bundanoon - Leading the world in the fight against bottled water?
  163. Elections in Europe - This time: Germany
  164. Save The Boobs
  165. Capitalism:A Love Story
  166. Long-list siblings reunite with missing sister
  167. Blue Is The New Black?
  168. Free market goes green?
  169. No long answers on exams anymore?
  170. Huckabee in 2012?
  171. Ron Paul discusses the American Power Structure and the Corporate Oligarchy-from 1988
  172. Dad tells 4-year-old cocaine is candy
  173. What to do with Dennis Ferguson and other paedophiles?
  174. Irving Kristol, Architect of Neoconservatism, Dies at 89
  175. 'Honest' debate at 'How to rescue Ireland from being completely fucked' forum-Geldof
  176. Forget MLK's Dream: It Seems We Can't Throw Our Crayons Away
  177. Student Kills Intruder With Samurai Sword
  178. World in shock after black man expresses opinion on a stage
  179. Marketplace Censorship
  180. 9/11: Eight Years On
  181. Are babies racist?
  182. German Chancellor 'won't tolerate' criticism of Afghan bombing
  183. What caused the global economic and financial crisis?
  184. New call for the books to be opened on 9/11
  185. Human Fat -> Stem Cells
  186. Man Arrested for Kissing Daughter in Public
  187. An age of billionaires and lost children
  188. Democratic Advantage in Party Affiliation Shrinks
  189. Breast-feeding doll? Old news. Every little girl will want this!
  190. Death Penalty takes an innocent...
  191. For the Fiji Water Drinkers
  192. Does appeasement look so bad, 70 years on?
  193. Guardian susses who's to blame for African AIDS - it's the Western LA porn industry!
  194. Bill Would Give U.S. President Control of Internet
  195. DJ AM found dead.
  196. Frequently Asked Questions about Libertarianism
  197. Dominick Dunne has died at the age of 83
  198. A feminist analysis of education and a critique thereof
  199. Ted Kennedy, R.I.P.
  200. Large scale riot at West Ham/Millwall game
  201. Caster Semenya and the Ethics of Gender Testing in Sports
  202. The drink driving laws are a form of tyranny
  203. Cultural differences are superficial
  204. Compassionate Release For Lockerbie Bomber
  205. Anything to this?
  206. Direct Democracy in Relation to Minorities and Religion
  207. 90 percent of U.S. bills carry traces of cocaine
  208. Socialism = Fascism?
  209. America Dies On Dunkin
  210. Reflections Of..."walk this way, talk this way".
  211. Biding My Time With Curly
  212. Bono & The Eunice Kennedy Shriver Wake
  213. Nasty Things Headed My (Our) Way
  214. The "Second American Revolution" Has Begun
  215. Australian Quadriplegic Allowed to Starve Self to Death
  216. Humanitarian Jewish Israeli plumber needs your help now!
  217. Noam Chomsky vs William Buckley
  218. Burma's Aung San Suu Kyi 'guilty'
  219. Doll Lets Little Girls Pretend To Breast Feed
  220. Newlywed Charged in Plot to Kill Husband
  221. Come get your flu vaccine, made from diseased monkey flesh!
  222. US Manufacturing: Guns R Us?
  223. Court testimony links Blackwater founder Erik Prince to murders
  224. Detained US journalist reportedly set free with Bill Clinton's help!
  225. HappyBirthday
  226. Father Prays Instead of Calling 911: Daughter Dies
  227. Tutu writes tribute to Aung San Suu Kyi
  228. Calfornia budget crisis may be over
  229. Baby refuseniks
  230. The Milk Man Cometh
  231. UK police state - woman violently arrested for asking cop for badge number
  232. A cultural elite that rejects middle class values and censors debate
  233. Free Market Warrior
  234. Evolution, the Bible and the Book of Nature
  235. Why-Because I'm A Black Man In America?
  236. Too "Fat" To Be Surgeon General?
  237. Alcohol Abuse
  238. 10 y/o Shoots Home Invader
  239. "Goldman Sachs are scum.....America has allowed a silent coup d'etat" - Max Keiser
  240. The God choice - USA Today Op-Ed
  241. Civil War For The Soul Of America
  242. Texting Teen Falls Into Manhole
  243. David Brooks: They're ALL Batshit Crazy!
  244. Stupidest people in Ireland hold convention
  245. Hot interview with a terrorist
  246. Drug that can extend life by a decade
  247. Jump like it's 1929 - suicides of top bankers, stockbrokers
  248. Sleazy Letterman redux
  249. Abortion Parties
  250. Is this America ??