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Ottofilm 10-02-2004 03:16 PM

Help pick the photos for the exhibition at the LA Fan Fest! - U2photos.com
Hi all -

As some of you know, I'll be exhibiting some photos at the U2 LA Fan Fest on Sunday, Oct 10th. I've got all the frames and some of the photos printed already - including two that are two by three FEET - and I can't wait to do this show.

But I'm not the best judge of what my best photos are; YOU are. (I have trouble mentally separating a photo from the process needed to take it, so if I had a horrible drive and a horrible time getting tickets I let that color my view, and I miss good photos.)

So I invite anyone going to the Fan Fest to go to my site and send me an email from the link on the page for their favorite photo. (Or vote for all your favorites! I'm going to exhibit 21 photos and I think I've only picked eight for sure.) The pictures with the most votes will be printed and exhibited on the 10th.

If you're not going, feel free to vote anyway; I may post better scans of the favorites, and I also may start a photo of the week section and I'll use the votes to guide that. (The photo of the week might even be run here on interference - what do you think of that idea?)

Anyway, let me know what photos you'd like to see, and I hope to see you all on October 10th!

Here are the links:

My U2 photo favorites on my main site: https://www.performancephotography.com/images/U2.html

2,000 original U2 photos: https://www.U2photos.com/

Some more details on the exhibition, and the fan fest's press release: https://www.perfphoto.com/temp/2004-1...lebration.html

See you there...


agentmissa 10-02-2004 03:31 PM

:ohmy: I love them all....

Ottofilm 10-02-2004 03:34 PM


Originally posted by agentmissa
:ohmy: I love them all....
Heh. I can't afford to print them all!

VelvetDress 10-02-2004 05:48 PM

Great news, Otto! And always a pleasure to browse through your AMAZING photos. Fans everywhere are hoping you'll be documenting the upcoming tour as well.... :applaud:

I've sent you an email with my votes. Good luck! :heart:

Souly 10-02-2004 05:54 PM

I like these ones!





and this one's awesome!


Ottofilm 10-04-2004 10:44 AM

Thanks everyone! Souly, I've cut and pasted your votes to add to the others.

Anyone else wants to vote, today is it - tonight I have to prep the images and tomorrow morning I have to print them. Anything that ends up for a photo of the week or with a better web scan will start later in the month, after all this is done.

Thanks again!


Ottofilm 10-06-2004 08:29 AM

Thanks everybody for all the suggestions and comments. I'm cutting a full list of about 70 nominated photos down to 20 (the number of frames I have). See you at the Fan Fest!

After I get back home I'll try to post about the printed photos, maybe with better scans.



lovveu2 10-06-2004 09:24 AM

To bad, I would have picked the one of Bono in Chicago walking across the stage playing air guitar!!!!!

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