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martha 07-22-2004 11:52 PM

Riding Giants
Another bitchin' surf movie!!

What makes this one stand out is the way the music is used throughout the movie.

Ok, that and the enormous waves these guys ride.

Go see it to watch really talented men ride huge waves.

Mr. BAW 07-23-2004 12:15 AM

Gnarly dude! :yikes:

Pinball Wizard 07-23-2004 12:38 AM

I like the title.

Doozer61 07-23-2004 04:25 PM

i thought it was gonna be another penis thread! :lmao:

forbonou2 07-23-2004 09:57 PM

:wink: Doozer, u r obsessed, that's all! ha-lol! Just kidding!:yes: :laugh: Really-sounds like a good movie! After all, I am a California Girl!:wink:

nbcrusader 07-25-2004 02:19 PM

Is the movie kid friendly? I think my son would like to see it.

martha 07-26-2004 04:43 PM


Originally posted by nbcrusader
Is the movie kid friendly? I think my son would like to see it.
He would love the action, but there's quite a bit of serious swearing in the movie. F-word, s-word especially. He's in third or fourth grade, right? It might be a bit more than you'd want him to hear.

nbcrusader 07-27-2004 01:51 PM

Thanks for the warning (he is going into 4th grade). He is in Junior Guards this summer, so he checks the surf report every morning. I think he would like to learn to surf soon.

martha 07-27-2004 04:31 PM

Rent Step into Liquid for him. I don't remember too much inappropriate language in that one. You could preview it before you watch it together.

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