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annj 03-10-2004 04:41 PM

the little stranger pt 4
OK this is the last heavy depressing bit, after this chapter I hope to lightened it up a bit *lol*


Bono had arranged to meet Angie's parents in their home He hadn't been in contact with them for over five years, He was a mixture of emotions as he went to visit them now, but he was determind to handle this in a calm manner and let Angie's parents know exactly where they stood he was doing this for his dead wife and his daughter.

It was Maureen O'Neill Angie's mother who opened the door to greet him and ushered him into the house.

"We have had the newspaper journalists hanging around here these past few days driving us crazy" she informed Bono

"Yeah they can be like vultures" Bono replied

"I can't believe this has happened" Maureen's brown eyes welled up with threatening tears "Angie is dead, how could you let this happen to her?"

Bono bit back the retort that threatened to undo his calm.. espicially as he entered the living room and found himself face to face with Angie's father Sean.

"At last, you have decided to let us know what exactly is going on" The tall grey haired man retorted.

"Yes" Bono replied with a small smile "Thats the reason why I am here Mr O'Neill to let you know exactly what is going on"

Maureen was now sniffing into a hankie, Bono remained unmoved by her tears.

" I am here to let you know I am having a small private funeral service for Angie its happening tomorrow afternoon... and I would really prefer it if neither of you turned up.. one thing I cannot stand is hypocrisy" he informed them his voice cold and calm
They looked at him with shock and bewilderment.

"What are you talking about?" Sean O'Neill blustered "Of course we will be attending the funeral she is our only daughter.. is this some sort of sick joke?"

"Believe me I have never been more serious" Bono replied "I don't want you near Angie's funeral, and she wouldnt want you there crying your false tears pretending that you cared about her"

"Now.. look here.. just because you are so big hotshot rock star doesnt mean you can get of with talking to me like that in my own house" Sean O'Neill exclaimed angrily

"I am not here as a big hotshot rockstar but as Angie's husband who happen to witness first hand the hell you put her through, the reason why she had a deathwish and couldn't get of the drugs" Bono informed him

Maureen O'Neill had gone deathly pale and sank into the nearest chair.

"Yes" Bono nodded "Angie told me, she swore me to secrecy, and I had to also carry that dark secret she had to bear with her for years.
How, you, her father sexually abused her from she was 10 years old How you, her mother, knew about it.. how both of you convinced her it was her fault.. because she was a bad girl and she would be send to hell to burn if she ever revealed what happened"

"How dare you make those accusations... my daughter was drug addict.. saying all kinds of crazy things and you believe her ramblings.. I thought you would have known better" Sean O'Neill snapped but despite his protests Bono could see he had shaken him.

"Yes I believed her.. because when she wasnt crazed with drugs she was a tormented soul..the drugs were her escape from the nightmare you created you were the ones drove her to her death... you make me sick" Bono stated with disgust
"I came here to let you know exactly how I feel and I want you to stay away from me and my daughter espicially my daughter.. if you try and have any contact with her whatsoever.. I will make sure those newspaper vultures know exactly what kind of a father you where.. Angie is dead you can't hurt her any more.. but I as sure as hell can hurt you, do I make myself clear?"

All Sean O'Neill could do was glare at him in fury.

Bono felt like a great weight had been lifted of his shoulders.. he had wanted to confront this man for so long to let him know
he knew exactly what he was capable of.. behind the facade of respectability.

Maureen O'Neill was openly weeping .. Bono wondered was it with remorse or the fact their awful secret was out in the open and they had been caught out, whatever reason.. he didnt really care.

"Right I think I have said all I need to..I will be on my way" he stated, "no need to show me to the door, I can find my own way out"

Despite his bravado.. once he was outside sitting in his car Bono found he was shaking from the confrontation after this past week he was completely emotionally drained, and all there had been left had been anger.. anger towards Angie's parents who had set the ball rolling to this culmantion of tragic events.

He had often thought about the confrontation in his mind.. the nights he had held Angie weeping in his arms when she had been tormented by nightmares, when she was low in some deep depression hating herself, blaming herself for what happened and as hard as he tried he could never reach that part of her to comfort her, even after all he had tried to help her.. she still felt she couldnt trust him not even with their own daughter.. because he was a man, what her father had done had poisoned and twisted her mind and had made her distrustful of all men.

Now to have had the satisfaction of telling Sean O'Neill what he truly thought of him was a release for him, he was just sad that it had been under these circumstances. Bono wondered had Sean O.Neill believed his threat that he would go to the papers and expose him and what he done to Angie, when he had said it he hadnt been too sure himself he would be able to carry out such a threat.. but hopefully it was enough to keep Angie's parents of his back. He never wanted to set eyes on them ever again.

Sitting back in the driver seat he rubbed his hands over his face and looked up at the towards the car roof "Angie If you can hear me where ever you are... I just want to let you know our daughter is safe and I will keep her safe, I won't let anyone or anything harm her... I promise.
He found himself suddenly fighting of the urge to break down and cry he started up the car and drove off.

Supernova 03-10-2004 06:38 PM

I've read all the 4 chapters.
All of them are really great! :up:
They're very sad,especially the first one,but I like it a lot,beucase I haven't seen stories like this for a long time.I guess most of people are afraid of writing about a heavy theme.
I also like how you describe Bono's feelings.After reading it,we can imagine all the pain,hurt and anger he's feeling at that moment.
Another good point is your writing style.Good structure,the text is clean and not chaotical(as we see in some fanfics) and you've kept the suspense going along the chapters. :up:

After chapter 4,there are lots of interesting possibilities.I would like to see more chapters. :yes:

Moonlit_Angel 03-11-2004 01:56 AM

Re: the little stranger pt 4

Originally posted by annj
Angie is dead you can't hurt her any more.. but I as sure as hell can hurt you, do I make myself clear?"

I've just read all four chapters, too. Wow. I really like this story. It's getting very involving. I'm also looking forward to more of this.

And don't worry about the heavy stuff...unfortunately, this kind of crap does happen in real life, so... I just feel bad for Bono, which just illustrates the point that Supernova was making, that you're showing the emotions really well-we know exactly how he's feeling, and therefore, can feel bad for him or happy for him and stuff.

I did like, in the third chapter, when Liv said, "I know how much you like challenges"...LOL, that's definitely true. I'm gonna enjoy seeing him try and raise his daughter-I can tell those are going to be some very sweet moments. :).

So, yeah, keep this going. This is good.


annj 03-11-2004 03:56 AM

thank you very much for the comments and encouragement glad you are enjoying my story.
I am half way through chapter five

when I got the idea for the story I did have Bono in mind.. but felt weird actually writing about a rl person.. and tried to make up my own rockstar character. but it always seem too complicated to explain.

So when I discovered that people were actually able to write fan fic using Bono and the boys... I jumped at the chance to see if it would work and it has I guess it was just meant for me to write it with him as the main character

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