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annj 03-09-2004 09:41 AM

the little stranger part 1
Too put my fav hero Bono in a trying and testing situation, I have had to creat an alternative life for him like others members here have done and have him not married to his wonderful wife Allie
So please forgive me for the liberty.. but it was the only way my story would work.. so now you can read the first part and tell me what you think


It was 2.00 am Bono glanced up at the clock on the wall of the recording studio as he and the other band members decided to wrap it up for the night, the album was near completion on its deadline, a few months ago they hadnt thought it was going to happen.. but this past few week they had got into their groove and everything was running smoothly.....

Bono was tired it had been a hectic week when sleep had been a rare commodity.. he was beginning to think he was getting to old for all this rock'nroll lifestyle, even if it was the only life he knew and loved, he needed a drink his throat was feeling it, he had given that last song all he had..

and was feeling pleased with the result, now he could leave the studio's with a feeling of satisfaction.. and get some well earned rest, the other four members of the band were looking a little worse for wear as well, now they had the session wrapped up for the night, they were all stretching and yawning and smiling tiredly congratulating each other on what they had accomplished,
Adam handed Bono the bottled water he had just taken a drink from "Something tells me you can use this"

"too right" Bono replied taken it from him and gulping it down, to quench the parchness in his throat..
"I am just going to sleep the whole day through once I get back to the hotel" Adam stated "This has been one long week"

Bono was handing the bottle back to him about to agree with him when there was a knock on the door then it opened, and their manager Paul stepped in

"Hey Paul what are you doing here?" Bono asked their manager "we are just wrapping up now and heading home.. don't tell me you want us to stay on to do more" he wondered in dismay

"No No its nothing to do with the album Paul replied "I wish it was just that..". his expression was grave as he looked at Bono

"Whats up man?" Bono now asked suddenly feeling uneasy
"I just got a call from New York Police department.. they were actually looking for you.. but as you were here you were unavilable so they got in contact with me instead" Paul then informed him

Bono felt his stomache tighten in a hard knot "Yeah, what is it ?" he realised it had to be serious for them to bother contacting him in the early hours of the morning in Dublin

"Its about your estranged wife Angie" Mike then said
"They found her... is she ok?" Bono demanded.

"I am sorry Bono" Mike lowered his eyes and shifted uncomfortably "She is dead overdosed on heroine"
This information did not come as a complete surprise to him.. it was his nightmare the thing he had always knew might happen yet he had always hoped not...Angie had been taking drugs for over six years now.. he had tried to help her get her into clinics the best their was.. but poor Angie had too many demons plaguing her mind and even Bono's care had not been enough to excorsise them.. so she had lost herself in the drugs.. he knew it would one day probably killed her now it had.. but still it was a shock

She had left him.. just packed her bags and disappeared one night while he had been doing a charity concert in London
that had been over a year ago, he had discreetly been trying to track her down, not wanting the media to get wind of it and have a field day.
Up until now he had no luck in tracing her, now he discovered she had been in New York somewhere.. and was dead.. this was not the way he had wanted this reunion to turn out.

"There is something else I have to tell you.. but I think you should sit down" Paul then told him

"What are you talking about?" Bono demanded "what else could happen that could be a bigger blow than this?"

"Like I said perhaps you should sit down" Paul told him again gently. Bono obeyed sitting on the nearby chair, Edge stood next to him, his hand on his shoulder on a comforting way also intrigued by what Paul was going to say

Paul was looking troubled.. there was no easy way of saying this.. so he started "When Angie left you over a year ago, she didnt exactly go alone"

"How do you mean?" Bono asked.

"We-l-l it seems she was two months pregnant, with your child"

Now Bono was glad Mike had made him sit down he could feel Edge's hand squeeze his shoulder "pregnant?" he echoed

"Yes, it seems you have a three month old daughter, her name is Katie"

Bono couldnt speak he was dumbstruck by this information.. trying to take it in, Angie was dead.. and he had a daughter he never knew about.. this was turning into one crazy night.

"I want you to try and get this all sorted out before the media get to learn about it, this is not the kind of publicity you need or want at the moment.... I think you should fly out straight away to New York I will come with you and we will sort it out" Paul then said realising he had to take charge of the situation, because Bono was too stunned to do anything.. he would need all the support he could get

U2Kitten 03-10-2004 06:08 PM

I'm going to try to get to read all your chapters! :)

sue4u2 03-11-2004 06:21 PM

Well done, annj. :up: This sounds intriguing. :hmm:
*wait's for part 2*

Cute Irish Bono 03-21-2004 10:02 PM

I love this story! I love they way you write it! We all love Ali, but I understand that don't include her in the story. Hey, I'm so happy Bono has Ali! And I hope The Edge's second marriage works out.

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