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nbcrusader 01-23-2004 12:07 PM

Dean Wants Greenspan Out
Dean says new Fed chief needed


"I think Alan Greenspan has become too political. If he lacks the political courage to criticize the deficits, if he was foolish enough -- and he's not a foolish man -- to support the outrageous tax cuts that George Bush put through, then he has become too political and we need a new chairman of the Federal Reserve," Dean said in response to a question from an audience at a town hall meeting in Londonderry.
Too political? Sounds like he wants Greenspan to become political!


Sherry Darling 01-23-2004 02:39 PM

Good for Dean! We need someone who will think about our global and national finances in radically new ways.


U2andPolitix 01-23-2004 03:00 PM

greenspan is a genius, but a dinosaur nonetheless

melon 01-23-2004 04:33 PM

Dean has a point, though. The way Greenspan changes his mind all of a sudden is very suspiciously political. He railed against the tax cuts over and over....and, all of a sudden, he liked them.

If Greenspan were consistent, then maybe I'd trust him more.


U2LipstickBoy 01-23-2004 05:50 PM

Dean telling Greenspan where to go ?
NBC has been hammering Dean all week in the media.

Dean has asked to take a beating from NBC, first Dean said on HARDBALL on MSNBC that he wants to "break up large corporations like General Electric". General Electric owns NBC and MSNBC, the executives at GE don't like what they hear from Dean. Now, Dean says he wants Greenspan to lose his job, but Dean doesn't say how he is going to accomplish this. Greenspan is married to Andrea Mitchell, a news reporter for NBC that reports on Washington politics daily. Expect NBC/MSNBC to keep attacking Dean and making fun of him. MSNBC even has Dean speech dance-remixes that you can download on the MSNBC website.

In some polls now, Dean is falling into 3rd place in New Hampshire now, he's way behind Kerry.

America woke up, they see that Dean isn't mentally stable. He's going around acting crazy, saying he is going to get rid of people that he cannot get rid of. Greenspan will most likely be reappointed to his job as Chairman of the Board of Governors for the Federal Reserve this June, and that term will likely last for 4 years, which means that even if Dean did become President, he couldn't get rid of Greenspan until 2008.

Dean needs to wake up, Greenspan isn't running for President and he looks like a fool attacking Greenspan, especially when Dean will need the media in his favor. Dean just needs some medication, we saw what he did after his big loss in Iowa. I can only imagine what crazy Dean will do when he loses heavy in New Hampshire on Tuesday. I feel bad for neo-liberal Dean, he's just not mentally stable and it's just not his fault, there is something wrong in his head and he can't help it. He is unable to think before speaking, and it's ruining his campaign.

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