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cass 09-19-2003 05:33 AM

Slim Dusty
"I just sing about the things I see around me
The beauty of Australia that surrounds me..."

today a man, possible as significant , if not moreso , than Johnny Cash, passed away in Australia.
Slim Dusty, the grand old man of Australian music,

106 albums to his credit,
the first music artist to be broadcast from space,
my mum's heart-throb...she felt about him, like I do about Bono. She understands, she loves him even more than Val Doonican! She'll be suffering tonight.
What a week...I lost Johnny Cash:( and my dog, Gustovox, what a hole exists where he was:(...and now Slim:(
When I was a teenager and had my old horse Sonny-Jo, I'd meet up sometimes with a friend on a horse called Dusty Slim and we'd go for a gallop up the beach.
Slim was an Aussie legend. The "pub with no beer "man. He lived not far from where I do, he knew the importance of the trees...and the people...and love.
He adored his wife, a musician in her own right, Joy McKeen. They were very much like Johnny and June..lovers till the end. They have left the legacy of their daughter, Ann Kirkpatrick, a woman who sings a fine song. Our friend, Troy Cassar-Daley has been quoted on the national news tonight, talking the great man Slim Dusty. An old friend was on the radio this morning, talking about the early days of North Coast music...I remember it all. I heard a couple of weeks ago Slim was very ill with kidney disease...I didn't think we'd lose him so soon.....Johnny at 71. Slim at 76...just boys really.
They issued a set of commemorative Slim Dusty stamps last year. I bought a set for mum...and I noticed she has framed them and she has them in pride of place in the lounge room...

one of her favourite songs was "Trumby"....
"Trumby was a ringer,
but he couldn't read or write..."

Slim knew about the heart required to love this nation of ours..
a gentle soul. a gentle man

" ...you can leave him in the longyard..."

RIP old mate

sleep. sleep tonight
and may your dreams
be realised........

Popmartijn 09-19-2003 06:05 AM


TylerDurden 09-19-2003 10:22 PM


Very sad. I met him a few times, he was so funny in that dry 'old man' sense of humour way.

106 albums. 106!!!

cass 09-25-2003 03:14 PM

The australian government are conducting a state funeral for our mate Slim today. It will be televised and a friend of mine is going to be singing there. he said it will be hard with all that emotion in his throat, but he hopes people treat it like a gig and applaud after the songs. he thinks that is how Slim would want it to be...a joyous send off, a celebration of life well lived.

I had forgotten Slim's real name. he wanted to perform from when he was a child and chamged his name when he was 13. David Gordon Kirkpatrick

Another GOOD DAVID...he certainly deserves a place on my list:heart:

I won't be able to watch the braodcast..I'll be having morning tea with the school principal...it's a happy/sad kind of time for me...so much loss and change in such a short space of time.

kind of like Australia...:heart:

sincere condolences to his beloved family
go lightly Slim Dusty

thank you for all the music and the love and dedication.
Album 107 is going to be released...I would have loved to have a beer with Slim, 'cause Slim was just great


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