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MrsSpringsteen 07-03-2003 10:17 AM

Bargain Hunting W/Plebans
Despite my futile attempts to curb my spending :tsk:, I find myself addicted to bargains. Yesterday I got a pair of Gloria Vanderbilt capris for $8. 50, and one of those tropical print campshirts and a pair of shorts for $28.00 total. I also stopped at Bath and Body works-they're having a 75 percent off sale, and a buy one/get one free, on certain items.

I love to use coupons and watch for great sales. I guess it makes me feel I'm beating the system in some way:wink: Of course it helps, and is wise, to only buy stuff you truly NEED.

So what are your latest bargain finds, and your favorite stores where you find bargains?

One of my best ever bargains was a couple of years ago, on the Yahoo bargains site. I got a Kenneth Cole leather jacket for 99 dollars.

FishNeedsABicycle 07-03-2003 10:52 AM

I am currently in the market for more BROOOOOCE tickets!!!

Anyone know a discount site for GA's? _



*gets back on topic*

I find half.com is EXCELLANT for CD's/DVD's/Books...great prices for good stuff!

ESPECIALLY BOOKS...if you don't mind a bent corner or two you can get most books for SUPER cheap!

*book nut*

Ok so yeah...just a warning...as my first BROOOOOCE concert approaches I may get even more unbearable...



And I know KMart might not be worthy of Macphistos tastes...HOWEVER...they have some pretty cute jeans and they are super cheap...mind you...I said SOME cute jeans...as in...MOST of them are HIDEOUS...but I find when I go I can normally find atleast one cute pair that doesn't have a random ass patch or some other hideous-parading-as-cute accessory...LOL

I think I am going to go start a thread for the first time in decades...before Mrs. S beats me for hijacking her thread...

*smooches to Mrs. S*

You know I love yah babe

Liesje 07-03-2003 12:48 PM

Bargains, eh? Well, I'm the right person for that, being 150% Dutch and all...you won't understand if your non Dutch as well...


I've never worn super classy or designer clothing, I prefer T-shirts, tank tops, jeans, or looser fitting khakis, but I go here:

Rue 21 - semi-alternative clothing for teens of both genders, but the catch, underwear (thongs, bikini, regular kind) for 99 cents each!!!

American Eagle - go straight to the back, the sale rack. when it's on sale, it's ON SALE!!!

Old Navy - I just need a pair of flip-flops for every outfit ($3.50-$5 ea.) and they have swim suits for $8-$12 a piece

Other stuff:

two words: Dollar Tree - they have everything, you can buy all the supplies you need if you are just getting a house (dishes, bathroom supplies, cleaning supplies, storage, etc, etc, etc)

and overall, Target is good for just about anything :yes:

Liesje 07-03-2003 12:51 PM

oh, and our school also has an eDeals forum, they have stuff for sale (computers, furniture, bikes...), stuff for free, stuff wanted, cars, jobs, etc. I think you can even look around as a guest:


click the Guest button
click the Community tab on the top
click Calvin eDeals on the right

MrsSpringsteen 07-03-2003 05:40 PM

My all time BEST bargain I got TODAY. I am so proud of my achievement :D

A pair of Lee Riveted jeans for $ 4. 66 at Kohl's-and they're not irregulars. And they actually fit! The original price was $34.99. They had a pair of flat front Dockers for the same price. I just might have to go back and get those, even though I wasn't crazy about the fit.

:hyper: :hyper: :hyper:

Smooches back Fishy :) But stay away from my hubby :sexywink:

tiny dancer 07-03-2003 11:51 PM

Did someone say the word bargain? :hyper: I'm planning on hitting the mall on the 4th of July. All the stores are having sales. :dance: :dance: :dance:

bonosloveslave 07-06-2003 10:08 PM

We are talking about redoing our bathroom, and I picked up some wallpaper tonight, regularly $21/roll, for just $3! :hyper:

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