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AvsGirl41 04-24-2003 02:37 AM

Pics needed for a project...
I figured PLEBA was the best place to come for pics. :wink:

Anyway, I'm doing a project on the American West in pop culture and U2 came to mind.

Does anyone have pictures of them, especially Bono, all decked out in their Joshua Tree/Rattle & Hum cowboy gear? I remember seeing one photo of him in buckskin!

I need them by this Friday...eeek! So, I'm hoping some people respond FAST! Or at least point me to some fansites that have them!

Thanks in advance!!

SpanishEyes21 04-24-2003 02:49 AM

Avsgirl, go to the "Where the thread has no name" thread and you'll find a bunch of pictures of the band.

U2images.com and www.U2takemehigher.com has excellent pictures of U2 and im sure you will find what your looking for.

lardencelover 04-24-2003 03:46 AM


im sure you will find what your looking for.
*Will not use pun will not use pun will not use pun...* :wink:

Tabby 04-24-2003 08:54 AM

Yea sure there's lots of websites she could go to, but why spoil this chance to have a nice long sexy Rattle and Hum Bono thread? ;) :drool: LET'S POST ANYWAY!!!! :happy:





Tabby 04-24-2003 09:00 AM





Good luck on your project! :wave:

irelandwhispers 04-24-2003 09:34 AM

*looks in U2 folder on hard drive*

*realizes that 90% of her photos are from the Elevation tour*

:shrug: I hope someone else can help. There are plenty of JT and Rattle and Hum threads if you search back a few weeks.

U2Kitten 04-24-2003 08:35 PM

Some good examples :drool:



U2Kitten 04-24-2003 08:49 PM





verte76 04-24-2003 10:29 PM

DAMN!! Hot pix!!!!:drool: :drool: :evil: :censored: :heart: :combust:

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