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cass 04-16-2003 09:30 PM

Bono on Oprah- repeated today 17/4-2 + this and that
"Rockstar Bono's mission to save the world"
That is what they titled in my local TV guide.
Short notice , but maybe someone who missed it last time will see this and be pleased:)

cass 04-16-2003 09:35 PM

other news from downunder

My friend's band Airborne Blues Virus, have a spot at the Byron Blues Festival this easter.They are on first on Saturday...a tough spot, but at least they are on the bill. And att least they get back stage passes and will meet a few people. On Saturday they get to take their guests back stage.The guitarist /singer and my hub were in a band together for some time, Temple. They were very good.
His wife and I are buddies( she's young enough to be my daughter, but that is never an issue with us:))She was here yesterday and is rather pleased she will get to meet Michael Franti. I'm stoked for them and hope something good comes of it.

cass 04-16-2003 09:38 PM

more Aussie news.

I just found out my sister's youngest daughter has a boyfriend. He is a singer in a local band and they just won the NSW school Battle of the Bands.(she's upset cause he's delayed in Sydney) but he is delayed because they are signing up with a manager...the guy that handles Grinspoon and INXS. He is giving them an INXS support gig and they won a spot at this year's Big Day Out.They are only babies , not quite 16.
good stuff/good news:)

cass 04-16-2003 09:41 PM

and another thing
The McClymont Sisters ( my son is in the same music class as Samantha)
The Dixie Chicks were just in Oz doing a promo tour and they had Brooke McClymont open for them. It's such great publicity for her.
I love watching the younguns do well:)

Angela Harlem 04-17-2003 03:30 AM

Wow Cass! Thats great for your niece's boyfriend's band! What a cool opportunity/break for them! You can be our mole and find out what INXS are up to, and when their band will be supporting them so we can all go see! Good luck to them, and such a young age...16 is not so bad anymore to start a wonderful music career. Also congrats on the Battle of the Bands. Tough competition matie! They must be very good. :up:

Also, yes I finally saw this Bono/Oprah thing. Months after everyone else, but better late than never! My neighbour rang to tell me it was on, then my sister. So we managed to catch it in time to tape it all, bar about a minute where Oprah was doing the inroduction. It was great!

brettig 04-17-2003 04:28 AM

It was typical of alot of U2 stuff I watch lately...so little new information that I found myself nodding and saying 'oh i know' from the start, just like Sybil Fawlty!

cass 04-19-2003 12:22 AM

brettig...do you remember?
...don't get me started, Fawlty Towers routines!!
......but "dragonfly"...hahahahahahaha

Just better correct that info up there. The new boyfriend's band is called Brittle FX. There is an article about them in today's paper. They won the Youthrock03 compettion is Sydney( it's where silverchair and Alex Lloyd get their start) They were up against 80 other bands, they have just recorded their second album. They are all only 14 years old!!
I have just got back from Lennox. The vibe up there for the Bluesfest is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO good. Huge swell, watched some hot surfing yesterday. I popped down to the local on Thursady night. Phil Emmanuel was playing. I asked where he got his guitar strap,we have been looking for them for ages. He said he walked in to a store in Rome and bought all 5 they had in stock. As he said, they are so old, they still have "made in West Germany" written on them.
I Love music...and musicians:)
have a Happy Easter musiclovers.
Rock on.
I am getting SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO excited. I AM seeing silverchair. I am being chauffuer driven to and from the concert...my old man, he's OK:)

cass 04-19-2003 05:25 AM

I was just talking to a g'friend on the phone. They went along and saw INXS at Twin Towns last week. Great show, Jon looked stunning in his black "pirate shirt"( she tells me ALLLLLLLLL the details. I'm glad Jerry Seinfeld wasn't there) The gals were front row and chatted to the band( especially Kirk, he in Layne are SOOOOOOOOO in love...according to my sources:)) and got invited to their after party afterwards....
sillly old chooks went ABBA karakoeing instead :huh:
One of the women is seriously seriously hardcore Michael Hutchence fan and she thinks Jon is just brilliant. One friend ran into Rhett Hutchence in the poker machine room and she said she used "my line" to talk to him.
MY LINE!!!!:lmao: Egad! What a load of:blahblah: My line being, that poker machine rooms are really art galleries.
I WAS JOKING!!!Poor Rhett.:lmao:
They invited me on that outing...I was saving for silverchair....oh to be rich.

cass 04-19-2003 05:28 AM

when else would an "after party" be
d'uh me

It's the beer talking:)

Angela Harlem 04-19-2003 08:50 AM

Bloody hell Cass you get to know some well-to-do's!!! You seem to have a knack of just 'bumping into' people! And your friends do too it seems! But honestly, how could anyone turn down an invite to an INXS after party???!!! I hope you told her how nuts she was :D
I'm still pretty chuffed over Jon being the replacement. I'm glad your friend, the diehard, approves too. Gives me hope that the husband will be convinced when I drag him off to any shows they do in our area in the future. He never saw the original INXS.

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