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tiny dancer 02-28-2003 03:51 PM

My Mom
My mom who is 83 years old, ( I was a product of being born late in my mom's life when she had me) , the best. She saw Bono on Oprah, and the interview on Larry King, and was really taken back with him. She thinks a lot of him as a person who is trying to change things in the world. Well any way I just ordered a book from Amazon about Bono, written by Laura Jackson. I think it;s been out awhile, but it's updated. Anyway I got the book yesterday, and I thought I would show my mom the book. She lives with me, because other wise she would be in a nursing home. She told me that she wished that she could read the book, and I was taken back. The only thing is her eyesight is failing and she can't read like she use to. But anyway I think my mom is the coolest!! :love:

erised 02-28-2003 03:54 PM

very cool! :cool:

Ana 02-28-2003 04:29 PM

AWW That's really cool! So now she's converted! :laugh: Way to go! (((tiny dancer's mom))) :)

bonosloveslave 02-28-2003 06:25 PM

What a great mom! :yes:

Kariann 02-28-2003 07:02 PM

My mom became a Bono fan after she watched the Boston show on TV. She had only intended to watch a few minutes to see what it was like and ended up watching the entire thing not moving from her chair...normally it's hard to get her to watch an entire movie without doing something else in the meantime. At the end she declared that Edge was good but she really liked Bono. She has since watched the super bowl, Grammy's, Larry King and Oprah on her own.

When I told her about the GG nom she looked more excited than I was and declared "I dont know why but I just love Bono!" It's fun but at the same time kind of scary! She comments on how he looks before I do. By the way she is in her 60's.

bonosloveslave 02-28-2003 07:07 PM


Originally posted by Kariann
"I dont know why but I just love Bono!" It's fun but at the same time kind of scary! She comments on how he looks before I do. By the way she is in her 60's.
Awwww, that's so cute :cute:

Kariann 02-28-2003 07:18 PM


Originally posted by bonosloveslave

Awwww, that's so cute :cute:

If you knew my mom or could see her when she says it...it's even cuter!

hippy 02-28-2003 08:14 PM


Mom's are attracted to Bono ;)

But my mom likes Edge and Adam more.... see, she plays the bass and guitar... everytime she sees Edge she's like "HE PLAYS SO FANTASICALLY !!!!!" :drool:

:heart: Isn't it wonderful when you can share something like U2 with your parents? :yes:

Kariann 02-28-2003 08:30 PM

Yeah it's nice that I can mention something like the nominations and not have her roll her eyes or sigh.

There was one time that she actually got me out of bed because she saw he was going to be on something.


U2Kitten 02-28-2003 08:40 PM

Your mom is great :) :hug:

Is that Laura Jackson book any good? My Barnes & Noble has 3 copies at 30 bucks a piece, is it worth it?

souLnation2002 02-28-2003 09:56 PM

"Bono's got the biggest heart"
-- quote from one of my friend's mom


tiny dancer 03-01-2003 12:59 AM


Originally posted by U2Kitten
Your mom is great :) :hug:

Is that Laura Jackson book any good? My Barnes & Noble has 3 copies at 30 bucks a piece, is it worth it?

I haven't had time to start reading it ,but just by browsing, it looks like it's a good book. I got mine at amazon for $19.36, including shipping. Copyright is 2001. I wish I had a scanner,(I'm deprived) so you could see Bono's picture on the front cover.

MrsSpringsteen 03-01-2003 08:54 AM

Aw, that is such a beautiful story tiny dancer :) :hug:

My Mom likes to tease Bono :wink: , but she has really developed quite a fondness for him. She even bugs me to e-mail new pics of him to her :ohmy:

She loves U2, especially because they're Irish.

Stories for Boys 03-01-2003 11:18 AM

i'm teaching my parents well...i tell them stuff about u2, and my dad is actually really interested (so clearly i buy him albums every chance i get :shifty: ) and my mom plays along as well...i think since i up and drove 14 hours to nebraska and met the man..they're starting to understand my thought processes more...i no longer get the "you are crazy" when i want to go meet interferencers or go to the rarhof, etc...i love my parents..they're awesome...

*edited to say:
last summer my dad saw the pics of edge's wedding when he was at the auto mechanic's...so when no one was looking he tore them out for me and put them on my computer where he knew i'd find them...:cute:

flaming june 03-01-2003 11:31 AM

Aww, all these stories are cute!

My mom has a thang for Bono, she has also mentioned that Edge and Larry are cute, but since I met Bono, she doesn't stop talking about how cute he is.

I think I have turned my 70 year old aunt into a Bono fan. She is starting to really admire all the work he does to fight third world debt and AIDS and she keeps an eye on all the TV shows where Bono is going to appear. :)

Tech 03-01-2003 02:19 PM

Your moms and parents are so cool!! My mom is at least not rolling her eyes at me when I say U2 anymore. Now if I can only get her to sit down and watch the Boston show with me!!!:yes: :wave:

Moonlit_Angel 03-01-2003 03:50 PM

I haven't completely converted my mom (yet-haha), but from what I gather, when I hear her talk about Bono, she certainly respects him. She thinks what he's doing to help Africa and all that is really nice.

Aaaannnndddd...the other day, when I was sitting there watching T.V. and they had a news story about U2 and the whole thing with their Oscar nomination, I mentioned how I could really see them winning their Oscar (and I really can-I can just picture them being announced the winners on Oscar night), and my mom said, "Well, they certainly deserve it". :D :hug:.

I think she's getting a little more interested in U2-she's been paying attention to the stories about them on E! News as of late...

Plus, my mom always lets me know when U2's gonna be on something if I haven't already found out about it yet, and she'll get things from this Yahoo music club she's a part of, and if any of them pertain to U2 or to Bono in particular or whatever, she e-mails them to me.

And, she agrees with me that Bono looked good with long hair, so...:up: :).

As for my dad-he's always loved U2's music, thinks they're a great band and are really cool people and all that.

Yeah...my parents are pretty cool people.


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