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U2Kitten 11-15-2002 01:07 PM

First let me say that I am not a Jane Fonda fan, but this still angers me. On the front cover of the National Enquirer, they have a pic allegedly of her with bruised and sutured eyes claiming she has had plastic surgery to restore her lost youthful looks. They even zoom in on one pic and draw cirlcles around the evidence! I can't believe anyone would get a thrill out of exposing someone's secret in a 'scoop' like that. It's disturbing, and I don't even like her. Jane's publicists have denied it is her in the pics and she has not had plastic surgery but the tabloid is sticking with their story.

I just want to :rant: :yell: that anyone would think such things are 'cool', or get any kind of laugh or kick out of them, or even worse, money. Famous people have feelings too, and they are human beings. I know some of you will say, it comes with the territory, they expect it, it doesn't bother them, who cares, etc. But I just see it as unethical and morally wrong and against the laws of decency and courtesy. This by far not the first time I've seen such scum on celebrities. I simply cannot understand the kick anyone would get out of embarrassing someone and revealing their private secrets, or joking about them, whether or not they liked the person. Are they jealous? Do they feel better themselves having put someone above them down a notch? Do they just think it's funny? Would it be so funny if it were them? My opinion of people who take pleasure in such things is very, very, low and I was wondering if anyone else agrees that, even though you're rich and famous, you deserve respect and human dignity. Please leave these people alone.

martha 11-15-2002 01:44 PM

Re: Tabloids

Originally posted by U2Kitten

Are they jealous? Do they feel better themselves having put someone above them down a notch?

Yes, and yes.

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