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bonosloveslave 09-25-2002 04:48 PM

Am I stoopid?
I was just wondering, maybe this is totally obvious, but......
This is Interference.com.
How did the site get its name? How is it U2 related? Or is it not?
I can see where the various forum titles come from, but I'm stumped as to U2-Interference connection.
:scratch: :confused:

KhanadaRhodes 09-25-2002 06:16 PM

sometimes the real data is lost in the crosstalk...
where the wire ends...
and the interference beginds...

also, check out the achtung baby video for interference segments, as they call them.

also, to relate it to duran duran, nick rhodes made a book of computer-edited polaroids called interference. it's now out-of-print and i wish i had a copy. :(

bono_luvva 09-26-2002 07:17 AM

whoa....thats a lot of connections......

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