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STING2 09-26-2002 02:19 PM

It would be if they had broken into their house. By your logic I guess my father and friends who have served in the military or are serving in the military are evil. I guess when a Police officer uses deadly force to defend innocent people is evil. I don't see it as wrong to pre-emt the actions of others who plan to do harm to innocent civilians at all. If war is never justified, then fighting for one's own life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness is never justified either. I certainly do NOT agree with that. My Great, Great, Great, Great, Grandfather was at the first battle in the American Revolutionary war at Lexington and Concord. I admire his and others courage on that tough day in defense of freedom. I think it is wrong to stand by and do NOTHING when it is obvious that there are threats to security that could kill thousands of innocent people. Waiting and appeasement is what killed millions of people in World War II. I'm happy we have a president, and a congress(both democrat and republican) that realize these threats and are ready to pass a resolution approving the use of force if need be, to defend US and international security.

I never said Bullet The Blue Sky was a pro-war song, but I don't think its necessarily an anti-war song either. Its an anti- American intervention in central America of the type seen in the mid-80s. It a political arguement about a specific issue. No one likes war at all, except some sick individuals Saddam being one of them. BONO would himself kill anyone who threatened or tried to kill any of his childern. He has already alluded to this in past interviews. I think what he says in an interview does not explain his views on everything, but its certainly more revealing than one's interpertations of songs which may actually be incorrect.

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