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bonoman 09-02-2002 09:01 PM

Canada steps up!!
Well for all you non-candians our PM Jean Chretisn revealed that he was stepping down as Can. leader in 18 months. In the last two day Jean has done many things for what i think he thinks are important. Today in the newspaper he said that afirca needs to be devolped in the private sector, this after his lobbying of G-8 summit for african aid then today he says he will ratify the Kyoto agreement (holly john has a thread about this).

It looks like good old Jean is saying fuck the world leaders and this is what i am for and will pursue for the next 18 months of my standing. I think this is a man who has seen the world be controled by politics and is just fed up with it. And i am proud of him. Africa is being killed of because all the other leaders of the western world are too scared to step up and do something. Jean is kicking down the door and doing something he is speaking out againist the US policy and is making decisions he thinks are right for the world. If we all had a person like this in our country we would be a better world.

Fuck politics say what you think and do whats in your heart and the heart of your people instead of agreeing with the superpowers. Do whats right to the people not whats right to gov't that sit on there asses and think they control the world.

Fuck up the mainstream!!!!

I am proud to be a Canadian today!!!!

ladywithspinninghead 09-05-2002 12:48 PM


An Albertan not only in favour of ratifying the Kyoto Agreement but also singing the praises of Jean Chretien?!????

I think I'm gonna pass out............. ;)

bonoman 09-06-2002 12:26 AM

OMG where the fuck have you been???

Alberta makes most of the polution in this country we should clean up our act. I also support legalizing pot and building a river across the country!!

ladywithspinninghead 09-13-2002 06:58 PM

Where the fuck have I been???

Is that literally or not??

Literally, well here....

If not, well, why should I know what you support?!?

And yes, tis indeed a surprise that an Albertan is unequivocal in their praise of Chretien! :)

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