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kobayashi 07-19-2002 10:09 AM

corporate consciousness of being
in the mid '90's many large multinational corporations came under fire as their suspect operations in underdeveloped countries around the world came under fire. repeated 'exposes' told harrowing stories of individuals and we in western civilization, though we share virtually nothing with these people, expressed shock at the working conditions.

over the more recent years, international workers rights abuses have continued. whether conditions have improved or detiororated is open to debate. but here in the west it has become a neccisity for corporations to stress their altruistic values and attributes. they issue memorandums of understanding expressing their own disgust with slave labor, a bit of an obvious statement if there ever was one, and some even require employees to do community work on a 'volunteer' basis. they present themselves as our friends and neighbours, a member of our community and society who's goal it is to help us all out.

at the same time they quite likely employ you or have some effect on your employment. they are more than willing to cut you should the need arise, they pay little to no tax(if there is a spot in the world where corporate taxes are in the same ballpark as personal taxes i have never heard of it) and exert great control over our governments and societies, in some cases even the largest will lie about their performance so as to fend off fears.

given this, should corporations be a pillar of our society? is this good for our future? should we be fighting back? are we simply on a long, slippery slope to a very different society, one where elected governance may not matter so much?

foray 07-21-2002 11:59 PM

what do you mean exactly by corporates being the pillars of society?


kobayashi 07-23-2002 12:40 PM

a response!
would you not agree corporate entities drive a fair proportion of lives and cultures in the civilized world?

they employ us.
they provide us with 'things'.
they are the basis on which our investments are built.
they have great ability to alter our cultural climate.

foray 07-24-2002 06:05 AM

kobayashi, that is all correct. I agree. Have you heard of culturejammers? They are basically people (some don't even know they are culturejamming) who fight back against big corporates via the media. They do things like deface/mimic ads to give it a twist that exposes the real agendas of ads. I'm sure you've come across such things before. Anyway, I recently watched 'Culturejam' by Jill Sharpe and it's very inspiring to see these culturejammers who have sharp wit and brains and a conscience.


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