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MEMHPIS-EVE 007 06-06-2002 07:33 AM

One VERY good reason to get mad...
...At my School and whoever runs it. I just wanted to share it with you . Listen to this story and tell me if you ever heard anything more stupid and iresponsible:

I had my final Exam yeaterday in Sociology. I studied very had to it aspecially consedering the fact that I had only ONE day to study to it because I had a Math final two days before but that`s not the worst thing to happend. The test started at 9:00 so we had to be there at 8:30 sharp. So we got there on time and we waited. Finally we reseaved the test page at 9:00 sharp to discover that it`s THE WRONG ONE. YOu see, they bring those aspecially in a well sealed bag for protection from a far city, about 45 minutes! What they brought was a sociology final from a different study program .
And then started the mess: First they told us we have to stay in our seats until they`ll bring the right one. It took the 20 minutes to find out that none of the tests they reseaved are the right once. Only then they told us the it would take some time until they`ll bring the right once. First it was a half and hour, then 50 minutes and the then finaly sent us and told us to come AN HOUR LATER!!!
Through all that time none of the teachers or the incharged knew what to do: some of them told us not to go anywhere and stay in the classes, others told us that we can go home in the mean while but when we went out of our class those who told us to stay inside started YEALING at us to return back. Finally the A**H*LE princeple anounced the we`re free to go home and return around 10:30. Need I to say that we staret the test NOT exacly but around 11:00!!! It`s a two hour test so we finished at 13:00!!!
Not to mention while we`re all stressed out someone who was cleaning accidently pressed the emergency alarm and we all got so scared because there was a HUGE teroristic act in the morning so we weren`t sure what was up...maybe there was a bomb in the building, maybe terorrists penatrated the school, MABYE A NUCLEAR WAR STARTED, GOD FROBIT!

I`m asking you people :HOW CAN THEY DO IT TO US?!?! It`s a FUCKING final exam, the most important test , IT`S OUR FUTURE!!!
Easy for them ,they`re not the once who are taking it.
I came at 8:30 to come home around 14:00. The test started when it should`ve ENDED. WE`RE extremly mad an furious but we don`t know who to complain! and we don`t want to camplain because we still have some tests left to do there.

A finall is somethin so important that they should take it in the most serious way and NOT leave everything to the last moment!!! NOT TO MENTION NOT TO SCARE US LIKE THAT (WITH THE ALARM THING!)
And all the teachers were like: why are you taking it so hard?! you`ll take the test the LATEST tomorrow morning!!!

The demmand more salery well MAYBE when you diserve it PEOPLE!!! Most of my school teachers SURE don`t!

:mad: :mad: :mad:

FizzingWhizzbees 06-06-2002 07:55 AM

Re: One VERY good reason to get mad...

Originally posted by MEMHPIS-EVE 007

I`m asking you people :HOW CAN THEY DO IT TO US?!?! It`s a FUCKING final exam, the most important test , IT`S OUR FUTURE!!!
Easy for them ,they`re not the once who are taking it.
I came at 8:30 to come home around 14:00. The test started when it should`ve ENDED. WE`RE extremly mad an furious but we don`t know who to complain! and we don`t want to camplain because we still have some tests left to do there.

If you're serious about making a complaint about your experience then you can do it after you've taken your final exams so it won't prejudice your chances of getting a good grade there.

Try writing a letter explaining exactly what the problem was - try not to make it too "accusing" just explain exactly what happened.
Make sure you try to talk to as many people as you can who were also inconvenienced and try to get them to sign a copy of the letter.

Find out who you need to take your complaint to. Are you in high school or college? If you're in college you should have some sort of student representation - course reps or faculty reps, etc who should be able to tell you who to talk to. Failing that, find out who handles complaints in the department this class was based in. Or do you have an admin department at college which would deal specifically with arrangements for exams?

Good luck with whatever you decide to do. Mail me at FizzingWhizzbees@yahoo.com if you want any other ideas about making a complaint about everything.

Angela Harlem 06-06-2002 08:14 AM

What an absolute ballsup. Unfortunately it doesn't sound like it was any one person's fault. A series of screw ups that got you feeling a whole lot worse about the whole thing.

It doesnt matter where you are in the world, it seems exam stuff ups happen.

You cant change what did happen, but you may have a say in what happens now. Memphis decide what you really want to have happen now. Do you really want a resit? Do you want an estimate mark? The result you get from this actual exam will be the most accurate you will get. Any other wont be as true I dont think. If you are of the thinking that to have a resit tomorrow or next week is better, you may as well put school off for a whole year, go away learn it all and almost gurantee yourself 100%. An extra day of preparation to make up for this is not going to reflect what you knew on the day. And teachers will always fall back on the argument you should have been prepared enough for the delays to not have mattered....teachers....hrmph.

8 years ago I had my major artwork vandalised before the examiners came round to mark it. It was irreparable damage. I could have fixed it, but it would have required repainting and I did not have the time to do it in. I was not allowed to have it marked based on the vandalism. I had to have an estimate mark. I will never know what my work was worth. 8 years later it still pisses me off like you wouldnt believe. It parrallels your situation somewhat. I could not take back the damage done to it, but I felt at the time I could have made my way around the situation to still recieve a fair marking, despite the circumstances. Although I still would have been disadvantaged, it would have been better than just an 'estimate'. A year after finishing school, I applied for university. Fine Arts. Application came back 'cannot confirm or deny placement: HSC Art Results inconclusive'.
In the dictionary under the word 'crushed' there was a picture of me.

Memphis, we cannot repeat steps of our lives until we get them right enough to move on to the next stage. It doesnt even have to be our own errors that bite us on the arse. Its an important mark, but only 1 mark. Dont let it hold you back anymore than it already has. Look forward only and see where you can go from here.

MEMHPIS-EVE 007 06-07-2002 09:02 AM

I see your point Angela!
But the thing is ,I did pretty well at the test. Actually It was even quite easy but It`s a matter of principal! It just kills me that people (Aspecially israelians, Oh BOY, Do we have that quality!!) Don`t take responsibility and take nothing seriously I mean "It`s O.k we`ll solve the problem somehow...whatever! we`ll cross the bridge when we`ll get there"! (A.K.A-what the teachers told us)

NOTHING Is taken seriously UNLESS it`s something IMPORTANT to the parts incharged!

As far as my part in it I did the best job I can and I think I did a very good one. I guess that`s my only comfort. I do know that when I`ll grow up MY offsprings will learn the meaning of planing and resposibility and whatever I`ll do as an adult I`ll do it on the best side-apseicaly when other`s well being depends on it!

and thanks for the advice FizzingWhizzbees but I realy don`t have time to get involved with that. I`ll better concentrate on studying to my next test.

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