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Johnny Swallow 12-17-2000 10:06 PM

Additional post status ratings
(This is not anything that really matters but it is of interest to those who spend half as much time here as I do.)

I just wanted to suggest that some new/extra ratings be established for the # of posts by each member. The Fly and the Fool are good but they are kind of lonely.

Suggestions for other ratings:
1)Go by chronological rating through U2's carrer. Starting at the begining and progressing with the # of posts. (I.E. Little Boy, War Child, Joshua, Rattled not Hummed, The Fly or Achtung Baby, Lemon or Zooropan, Popper or Mammy or Dead man, New Yorker)

2)Another UBB I have seen had a rating that was based on stars. From 1 to 5 stars and each came with a different title. Rookie, Member, Crazy Poster, Freak!, You have no life!. https://www.u2news.com/u2feedback/smile.gif (Kind of like me)

3)A system that made it so anyone with over 1050 posts could be a Moderator! (I am gerrymandering, I know!)

Well I think that little things to mix it up now and then are good. Elvis, 'Bubba, 'Bebe, and Spleeen, you are all doing a great job!

"The Critics are dead."
-Rock 'N' Roll

SkeeK 12-19-2000 06:57 PM

I am forced to concur... those little nicknames are quite fun!

I like the idea of people with over 1050 posts being moderators, too https://www.u2news.com/u2feedback/biggrin.gif

Oooh! Just thought of some other possibilities: Dalton Brother (or maybe just Dalton, because there's lot's of ladies here), Mirrorball Man (though that's another gneder specific one), Popmartian

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Johnny Swallow 12-19-2000 07:29 PM

Great idea SkeeK! I totally forgot the Daltons I say that we should also ask who is a guy/girl and add the title 'Stud' or 'Babe' underneath the post number title. Or we could go by Alton Dalton/Betty Dalton for the guy/girl status. What do you think 'Bebe?

Achtung_Bebe 12-20-2000 04:39 PM

Hey guys!

I agree with you, those post status ratings can be quite fun... I remember the thrill I got when I finally graduated to a Fly--Ofcourse, that was waaaaaaaaaaaaaay back https://www.u2news.com/u2feedback/smile.gif

Hmmmm... I'm thinking the 1050+ moderator thing could turn this forum into a dictatorship lol https://www.u2news.com/u2feedback/wink.gif

I think this idea should be presented to The Big E (that's Elvis if you couldn't figure it out https://www.u2news.com/u2feedback/biggrin.gif )

We might as well go fer it!

Johnny Swallow 12-21-2000 09:52 AM


Originally posted by Achtung_Bebe:
Hmmmm... I'm thinking the 1050+ moderator thing could turn this forum into a dictatorship lol https://www.u2news.com/u2feedback/wink.gif

[This message has been edited by Johnny Swallow (edited 12-21-2000).]

Elvis 12-26-2000 04:33 PM


I've thought about adding additional 'titles'... I'm thinking about it again now :-)

As for the 1050+ mod. thing...That would be incredibly scary. I just did a search in the database of members above 1050, so.... hmm.. uhmm.. errr... 'I dunt tink so' :-)


Johnny Swallow 12-31-2000 02:27 AM

Ahhh, man!

Larry's drumstick 01-09-2001 10:45 PM

Definitely agree that it would be a good thing to have different names once certain numbers of posts are achieved. I mean, once you're a Fly, there's nowhere else you can go!

I'd love to be a Dalton Brother, a Popmartian, or even an "Elevator"! https://www.u2news.com/u2feedback/smile.gif

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