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bicyclingfish 12-07-2000 11:03 PM

My Mama's Whisper
My Mama's Whisper

Mama whispered to me every night
"I love you, my baby boy."
"Sleep tight, li'l darlin'."
"Sweet dreams, broth'."
I'd murmur back to her that I love her.

I grew older and started to learn about love in different ways.
"I love you, baby!"
"Let's do it tonight..."
"I dreampt of you last night."
I mumbled back to them that I loved them.

I found the love in my heart when I felt it for her.
"I love you in more ways than I can say."
"Be with me tonight and the rest of my life."
"You are my dreams and my reality."
I say to her that I love her as often as I can.

I'll learn other kinds of love.
I hope my children will love me.
Tonight's sleep is like no other.
I know my future is ahead of me.
I say to the world that I love this life.

I'm older now, and I stand on top of mountains.
"I love you, the whole world!"
"Sleep well tonight, all of you!"
"Sweet dreams and happy lives!"
When I remember mama's whisper, I can shout back to her that I love her, too.

I love you Mom.

(I'm anxious to see my mama at Christmas.)

Michael Griffiths 12-09-2000 02:43 AM

Very universal piece. It's very "in the moment" yet so applicable to the past and future. Nicely done. https://www.u2news.com/u2feedback/smile.gif

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