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The Wanderer 08-27-2000 11:08 PM

my poem inspired by "Beautiful Day"
I wrote this about a week ago, before I knew the lyrics (except those in the last 40 seconds) and I was inspired to write my own poem . . . hope a few of you like it

ďBeautiful DayĒ

it was the day you found out how
the day you realized that you donít need it now
smiling back through the other side of the mirror
and all your life seems much clearer
as the oceans froze and melted away
into the heart of an infinite day
a day where hate became love,
and the warplane a white dove

a day where you sat above clouds
now the sunrays shine on you in droves
as you swim through the vapid crowds
to endless gardens of the futureís blossom rose

even the bitter thorns soothe your frightened scars
and the tools with which you broke the chain
are the same as those that blackened your stars
and filled the heart with lifeís emptiness and pain

you feel as if the world is not so clumsy, spinning around
it always floats back to the same implicit spot
and now you get it, now youíre thereóforever found
on your lips, the flames that kissed you still burn hot

inside you the feeling is so strangely calm
you know youíre saved from lifeís impious psalm
and what you donít have you donít need it now
and what you donít know you can feel somehow . . .

it only takes one beautiful day
and now you need to be there every day
Always Forever Now
if love could stay somehow
donít let it get away
itís a Beautiful Day

one:love 08-28-2000 12:14 AM

Clap! clap!

Really nice poem, wanderer. And you know what? it is in us to make every day a beautiful day. Things are hard, but when you start looking at the glass as half full instead of half empty, things start to happen! As humans we will never be satisfied, but to stop and realize that things could be a lot worse (and they aaaalways can) makes you appreciate all the things you have now -not necessarily objects- and enjoy them, as well as to help other people realize it too.

hahahaha all of this may sound overly optimistic and clichť, but when you want something you have to work to get it, and if you want a better life, a better world or whatever, you have to do something instead of complaining about it all the time. Then, whatever the result of the choices you take, every day can be a beautiful day.

And a note: I am not this cheesy/pretentious... so after this is posted I will probably come back and regret it: now that i have stated all of the above, there's no excuse for me to not live by it. If only it were this easy... https://www.interference.com/u2feedback/smile.gif

The Wanderer 08-28-2000 12:58 AM

and you're exactly right, it's not easy being positive, I've written dozens of poems, and probably a ratio of 5 cynical/negative to 1 positive/optomistic . . . and they say the older you are the more cynical you get, well I'm trying to run from that . . . now if I can only get going in the right direction!

Alisaura 08-28-2000 01:25 AM

Wow! I like it, it's really... um, good. https://www.interference.com/u2feedback/smile.gif Okay, my vocabulary is normally better, but I like it!
Well done... after hearing Bono's lyrics, I've had a serious loss of faith in my own poem-writing abilities. https://www.interference.com/u2feedback/smile.gif I'm so glad you don't seem to have the same problem!

The Wanderer 08-28-2000 01:44 AM

thanks, but don't be shy, I'm dying to read some poems by other U2 fans . . . Bono has been such a big inspiration for me, and when I wrote that poem it was after I heard that first 40 second clip (I just kept playing it over and over as the words came out, I knew the song was going to be ethereal, and so I just went with that theme) . . . but please, don't leave me stranded out here, let's see some of that poetry!!!!!!

scappy 08-29-2000 01:10 AM

Well done, Wanderer! And thanks for sharing.

I too was inspired by Bono's lyricism and compelled to haul my butt out of bed late last night to write down some lines that were running around in my head. A hasty poem was the result, but I haven't read it since I wrote it down, so I'll have to polish it some. I'm afraid it's not quite as uplifting as yours, Wanderer, but I'll post it after work tonight anyway. Fair enough?

Shelly Caplinger
"Dream out loud"

The Wanderer 08-29-2000 01:25 AM

yeah, but if I don't respond until later today (as in tomorrow nite) don't be offended . . . I know it was a simple premise but I am rarely moved to write anything "uplifting" so it really must have been a beautiful day . . . and thanks

The Wanderer 11-27-2000 11:48 PM

just ignore my ranting and self-indulgence here, but for some reason I thought about this when I was listening to Beautiful Day this tonight...

I have to remind myself sometimes...

that I am not alone and that the the world has so much to offer, and that there is so much beauty in the world... all you have to do is look for it, sometimes in the least obvious places

It was a Beautiful Day


sometimes, there's so much beauty in the world, I can't take it
-American Beauty

Alisaura 11-28-2000 06:10 PM

I think I know how you feel, sort of...
The other day I was sitting down outside after having wandered all over the place looking for this job agency... I found it and put in my resume... it's the second one I've joined and despite weeks of job ads in the paper and emailing my resume to people I am still woefully unemployed. I sat there and felt sorry for myself for a while.
Then I looked up to see a flawless blue sky, the sunlight glimmering through the leaves over head like the most cliched movie scene, it was warm, the fountain was playing... it was a Beautiful Day, and I had very little to complain about, really. Suddenly I "got" BD, the actual meaning in the song hit me... and came a little closer to "getting" the whole album. (Largely it hasn't really grabbed me yet.)
Just felt like sharing....

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