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ishkash 09-17-2000 01:31 PM

Calling tomtom! India part II
post 109-14-2000
Thanks I really needed that.
BTW I'm having trouble with Interference.com as its taking a hell of a lots of time to load.

Your problem is you need to delete the cookies.Go to preferences which is below the forum name on every segment and there you'll find how to do things.

BTW the crap called MTV showed new Spice Girls vdo but guess what no U2 clip.And today I saw Numb on Classic and HMTMKMKM on V, but no new stuff.

I Have seen it, I have seen it, I have seen it on Channel V right here in India and its 1130am and the first thing I'm doing is informing you my main man.
Channel V is givving it heavy rotation...Man get V.....The video is amazing when seen on full Tv screen.

I'm sooo Happpy its a Beautiful Dayyyyy.

cya in the night

Hey Hey great work man but I'll only be listening to Elevation and Walk On, I still cant forget what BD clips did for me.
Anyways I'll write more soon, but please work hard and give ur reviews I would really love that.

BD is getting some airplay I saw it today on V 6 times.

BTW I feel sorry for U2.

post3It brilliant, its awesome, its darn good,its amazing, its hot, its chilling,its classy, ITS U2.

My oh My I'm blown off baby,I'm gone I'm a mad man,I'm a mad man...I'm really really wwwwwooooooooohhhhhhhaaaaaaa man o man!

I'll be back when I'm in my senses..Its better than drugs and drinks.(though I have never consumed neither)

It brilliant, its awesome, its darn good,its amazing, its hot, its chilling,its classy, ITS U2.

My oh My I'm blown off baby,I'm gone I'm a mad man,I'm a mad man...I'm really really wwwwwooooooooohhhhhhhaaaaaaa man o man!

I'll be back when I'm in my senses..Its better than drugs and drinks.(though I have never consumed neither)


hey as you knpw now I have downloaded the songs against my will,cause on eof the thread really annoyed me the one that said U2 is dead.I mean what the hell ppl come to this forum and their first post is U2 is dead c'mon gimme a break,and that too based on some 4 mins of listening.What a jerks.

Anyhow so now I have spoilied my first listen but then I like U2 anyhow even in bits and pieces,I have written this yesterday so my feelings were mostly true then thats why I'm poating it again.People are talking bout stuck,my pick is Walk On I think it could be the best U2 song to date.Ok now its your turn to write a long one describing you thoughts.

BTW I never believed U2 did drugs but some members on the forum were like yeah!they should do it,so that really pissed me.

This was imminent

Ok so here I am doing what I've always done
I know its only 30secs of each song but yet they are giving great vibes,I don't want to be judgemental this early but somehow how I feel that U2 could be giving us there best album to date this October end.Its only a feeling but what amazes me is that I'm liking all the songs on first listen,maybe because they're excerpts but still it usually doesn't happen to me.

Elevation:Very funky I have to say and thats what I was really looking for.If U2 would have packed their bags from POP sound it would have been like a defeat,now atleast they can proudly boast "No Reverse Gears" theory.I'm also happy that all those fans who wanted 80's sound aren't getting it.The guitar ending on the clip will be special in entirity,I think there The Edge has succesfully reinvented himself.This will carry on the great tradition set by Mofo.

Walk On:The day I heard Bono has sent its lyrics to Aung Sung Su-Ki I knew it will be special.I think there's a acoustic guitar in the beginning then those lill' Edge's gem comes and they take it to another level.I think U2 classic would be appropriate and just can't wait to hear the solo part on this.When Edge does a solo he makes sure its a special one.

Suck In A Moment:Simply too short to conclude.Of all the clips this is the one thats not naturally coming to me.A good sign I guess,all in all I respect Eno's musical abilities but I'm not expecting it to be With Or Without You, it just could be U2's signture tune.Lets see, Stuck is making things more exciting.

Peace On Earth:Nice to see U2 doing acoustic song.I think songs like Peace make U2 a comprehensive technology.But I'm not really sure that it would turn out to be a outright plain and simple song...I'm looking for more twists and turns.

Kite:This song has billions of joules of energy.It really packs a punch and I think this one will be the Untill The End Of The World of the new tour.The best part is that it has so much of raw energy yet it doesn't reflect that corny early 80's feel.So someone was saying that Bono's voice has declined!

New York:That opening bit I dont know what it is guitar or synth I think will give the flow of the album a turn.Right now it indicates that U2 are in top form.All you previleged people prepare yourself for another U2 live masterpiece,it will blow off everything.

In A Little While:I absolutely love this one.A change of direction again (I really love U2 for its unmatched versitility) when Bono sings "That Girl That Girl" there's a lill' party going on in my ear.I think Bono has done very well with scratchy voice really gives song a feel.

Wild Honey:I really don't now why most of the people are not liking this.Its such a delicate lill' song.I think it has a bit of Dancing Barefoot feel, but then again thats snap judgement.Its really a very good song the song that I would like to sing for myself than hear U2 doing it for me.I think this should also do well during the concerts.A lovely song.

Grace:I'm really looking forward to full lyrics.I think Bono man has done it again, he has written a really sexy song which only he can think of.Remebr "Moon is a mirrorball".

All in all more than impressive.I think the reason why I enjoyed it so much because I wasn't expecting anything like rock,hard rock,pop-rock etc.All I was really looking was some good stuff from U2 and man I'm delighted or what.I'm really finding hard why some are not liking this one?

I know however that these songs can change drastically on full versions but it seems higly unlikely cause Beautiful Day falls in that first single theory.So finally this album has atleast 6 songs that can be outright classics Elevation,Walk On,Stuck ?(only because of such high hopes),Kite,New York,Wild Honey/In A Lill' While.

Now October end seems like light years away,I think I should delete these clips in a couple of days just to reatin freshness by the mid November in my case.

Take This Tangle Of A Conversation And Turn It Into Your Own Prayer.

tomtom 09-18-2000 02:38 PM

ishkash thanks so much for shifting your stuff to the new thread,I can get all updates from here.
You are my main man.

Friend I am so so so angry.I stayed up till 4 in the morning trying to watch BD video on MTV,and I had to get through
Janet Jackson,Destinys Child,Bon Jovi(why do people think they are good?),BSB,Britney,NSync,but NO BD!!!!I was so mad.MTV sucks big time.
And guess what,today my friend told me that he saw BD 3 times on V,and he was just flicking!!!!And I dont have V!!!!
I AM SO FRUSTRATED!!!I used to get V till about 2 months ago!And V is a great channel,they play lots of old U2 too
man.BTW my friend likes the song and the video of BD as well,and usualley all he likes is fast music.
I think being with me and my talking so much about U2,earlier he found it very funny
but now I think he understands something about it,and what U2 is about.Tomorrow Ill go to my cablewalla and threaten to put a supari on him
if he doesnt put V,man,I will try MTV again today.I am really feeling ultra frustrated man,I waited a whole year for a new U2 song that would
get heavy airplay on TV,so I could watch it all day.

I have put all the clips into a playlist and Im listening to BD now.

Friday was such a great day man,when I saw all the clips had come out I was so so gone,I was high,high man,and I loved all of them.Of course some of the
slower ones havent hit yet,like I agree with you on Stuck,but I repsect Eno.
However I dont think that it will be mucvh different from the clip,it was descried as
'Philadelphia Soul',that indicates heavy piano which gives it softness.The melody is great,but its very light.

The next night:
Talked to my cableguy today,and I cant get V.I sat up till 3 again last night,but no sign of BD on MTV,those Mofos play only crap,not even any toher decnt music,and they pretty much play the same songs every night.
V also has more variety,and they play a lot of old and swmi old stuff.Well looks like Im screwed man.

I think that all the people who are talking about 'retro' and going back and 80s with regard to the new sound are talking through their asses.The new album is going to be very progrseeive.
Let me explain.The 90s and all things 'modern' and 'contemporary' ahve been marked by an attitude and outlook of
despair and cynicism.Even Achtung Baby,Zooropa and POP were full of cynicism and irony,social commentary and lost hope.I think that U2 wants to change all that.With the new album they will move past that and into a new era,which will obviously be accompanied
by a new sound and a new attitude.The new album will convey the message of joy,vibrancy and will have a moving and ecstatic sound.Thats why the album is called
ATYCLB,they have left behind the cynicism,and moved ahead.If you notice with U2,the music complements the lyrics perfectly-look at AB,Zooropa and Pop.
So U2 HAVE moved ahead.And the best thing is that I think the album is going to be powerful,like BD,it will get their message across to you and me.I mean that its not going to be just great music,it will do much more than that,like all
of U2s albums have,it will change the way we think and put that joy and enthusuiasm in us.Like I have said before,every U2 song is a learning experience.

Have to go chack on MTV now,Ill give you a detailed report of my 2 cents on the clips in some time.


ishkash 09-20-2000 03:47 AM

I can feel for you man Channel V is airing BD very heavily,OK its great to know that your friends are liking it so if they have net just ask them to mail to teawithv@vindia.com,vnews@vindia.com and mwindia@mtv-asia.com, if ya can mail then start mailing heavily only 10 mails a day can do the trick here in India.

And yes go to www.inu2scountry.com immediately and download the BAD from Wide Awake in America version If this song means so much to you then I don't know what'll happen after you'll listen to this version, though its a bit too long 8 mins so it will take whole lotta time to download (took me two days) but if you trust me this is worth it all,it has 100 joules of more energy than the album version and if you thought Adam Clayton can't play Bass this will do the trick,my rating 10/10 brlliant version the best I've ever heard.The quality of mp3 is excellent you can hear all the instruments and yes on Video BD sounds much better you can hear the bass lines very clearly and they're pretty good.I'm really getting exciting now!man o man November is so far away.

Don't forget keep mailing from your bros account too,I'm using 10 different accounts to mail them,I think BD has all to click in this part of the world.And don't get worried if they return your mail saying undelivered or something like that,don't worry thats their trick,they listen to it all.Ask that friend of yours if he likes it even a bit then to recommend his friends about it.My friends who usually get pissed when I talk of our guys are really excited to hear the clips and they are all giving a y'know they wont-open-infront-of-me but I can make the jealous wink on their faces.I piss lot of ppl off y'know.Go U2 Go...Bite the arse off the popcharts and all the charts GO..GO

Now Stuck is really growing and somehow I think this could be what Eno said I'm really enjoying it now esp the beginning just hoping that they have more of the howling.The Guitar end in Elevation is killing me!can't wait to hear more thats such a heavy blast I think that will be right in the face of the Metallicas,Pimp Biscuits,Suck Rock and Pappi Kiddie Roache.But still Walk On is my tip to be U2 song of all time,I think its going to be one hecka of a inspiring,its going to be Bad part to,not musically but in essence.Bring it on guys you're killing me now.

BTW remove all the clips in a day or two otherwise it will spoil the album for you thats for sure.So what y'can do put all the clips in a folder and make it invisible and hide it,so when you're really desparate you can access that instead or totally removing it from the hard disk.

And my rating for BD has gone upto 9,its a true U2 classic.

Take This Tangle Of A Conversation And Turn It Into Your Own Prayer.

Larry's drumstick 09-20-2000 05:42 AM

Sorry to interrupt your conversation ishkash and tomtom. https://www.u2news.com/u2feedback/smile.gif

I just wanted to let you know that someone posted on wire today that MTV Asia is having a U2 weekend on the 28-29 October! I hope this is true and that you guys have access to MTV if it is. https://www.u2news.com/u2feedback/smile.gif

I'm here in Australia, and we have a program that occasionally has U2 specials - hopefully when ATYCLB is released they'll do another special for us loyal Aussie fans!

"It's a beautiful day, don't let it get away..."

ishkash 09-20-2000 08:35 AM

Thanks Larry's Drumsticks,
Thats a great gesture man! We really appreciate it and hopefully you'll keep us informed in the future.

But as you know with this crap called MTV,we get MTV India on which if we're lucky we'll only get WOWY that too is some poppy girl requests it for his BF.But anyways I'll try and ask my cable guy if can get me MTV Asia!

Once again Thanks Man!

Take This Tangle Of A Conversation And Turn It Into Your Own Prayer.

tomtom 09-20-2000 04:33 PM

Hey ishkash I think I used the word 'man' too much in my last post.

Beautiful Day has grown on me like a blossom grows on a branch,I love it more and more evryday.It makes me feel really high.
I agree with you,its truely a classic indeed.It is bursting with positive energy.Its definitely in amongst my best U2 songs.In the beginning I just liked it.But the beauty of the song is that it just gets better and better with every listen and only when you have listened to it enough times to forget all your assumptions and expectations
can you truely appreciate the song for what it is.

MTV is still not playing it man,really sucks.

Hey I got Always today morning,I hope you know from where.It is simply a great song,like BD its message is great.I want the lyrics to this one badly.At 3 AM yesterday morning I was able to get a good webcast of Dave Fanning,I got half of BD but by then he had already played the B-Sides so I listened to Radioheads Kid-A.I got OK Computer a fe wweeks ago to satisfy myself before the big one hits,but it didnt grow on,I wasnt able to get the words clearly either.But thanks to our great friends on the forum,I was able to get Always,and just a couple of hours ago Summer Rain.
Havent listened to SR more than once yet,because Im hooked onto Always.But the quality,since it was webcast,is not too great.I want better quality version,then I will go wild.Still even with the crappiest quality,it has THE sound.It has this amazing honesty to it,which I love and lyrics which could have only been written by Paul Hewson.

'Crack the bone,get to the marrow...'

Im listening to it right now,I feel great great great.This sort of soaring feeling you get when you listen to a great U2 song,which inspires me.

'Be uncool,yes be akward!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!'

OK onto the song clips now-

I wont discuss Stuck,Grace and Peace simply because I dont have much to go on,what we heard was only the beginning(chorus in case of Stuck) which can be really misleading.

New York-simply awesome,its my personal fave,the quirky guitar at the start is so Eno like,and the topic itself is so great,U2 writing a song about New York.Also it is my favourite city in the whole world,it is an amazing mass of humanity from all walks of life,I was there 3 times this time I went,and there was this magical feeling to it.They cut it off just before the guitar part which was really ass-kickin,BTW which is American style,only Walk On has that chiming guitar of the Edge(ala BD).But this style rocks too!!!

Walk On-classic U2,it has grown on me a lot,I love the lyrics BTW did you kow that the people of Tibet were given the lycrics to this song.

Elevation-what can I say-really funky and it has deep lyrics,and is really innovative.Tremendous energy.Just goes to show that U2 is not afraid to experiment.Very good,it has me jumping.

Wild Honey-Not too much to go on here actually,but it sounds sweet,however I dont think it will be one of my favourites.The music doesnt grip me,lets see maybe itll grow.

Kite-fantastic,all my doubts on Bonos voice are long gone after hearing this song.At first it sounded like Oasis ala Champagne Supernova.It has soaring vocals and a painful feel to it.I think that it will be one of th big ones.

In A Little While-more of a gospel song,it jhasnt yet hit me,it doesnt seem to have too much emotion to it,and the music is bluesy,so I think that it will take time to grow.

BTW some great news.One of my friends went to Ahmedabad this week and on her own(without asking me anything) she bought Zooropa.All because of my endless talking about U2.I felt great!Finally all my jabbering about how great U2 is has had some effect!She was totally amazed when I explained the biblical ambiguity in The First Time.

ishkash 09-22-2000 03:35 AM

Great that ur friends are liking U2 espcecially the fairer one's, mine's U2 just goes over the top for them.

Anyways gotta semester cumin from the 23rd so I wont be hanging round much, so I'm asking ya top carry the India flag on the U2 universe,PLs make our present felt K!I'm passing ya the torch.I'll be around by next thursday when all the major papers are over, just in case ya wanna kna something post it but dont expect any long ones.

Gotta go now cya and take care and if anything pops up mail me k! bye

Q:What songs describe Bono the best??
A: One Bad Mofo Satring At The Sun

Take This Tangle Of A Conversation And Turn It Into Your Own Prayer.

tomtom 10-01-2000 05:23 PM

How did your exams go my frined.Im happy that you have started posting again.BTW read your post on the BD video,did you write it yourself?If so it just strengthens my convictions that you should be a writer,your writing is brilliant,and Im not saying this to fill you up,believe me.Has noone told you this before?

Ok Ive had Summer rain and Always for over a week now,I love them both but Always better thought its really similar to BD.

After watching MTV late night for 5 days or so,the week before the last I finally caught BD video.I figured out the exact time it comes on too.The problem is that since my TV is mono,I cant hear either the background vocals or the ringing guitar which really sucks for me.Still its better than nothing.

Also hwo did you find the extended clip of Stuck,I had doubts before but they are all gone.This will be HUGE.It is such a beautiful song.I feel like smiling and crying at the same time when I hear it.

Alright to satisfy myself before the new album hits I am listening to all the older albums.Right now its UF,JT and AB,how about you.

Thats all for now.
BTW can you play guitar?

ishkash 10-02-2000 03:55 AM

I'm back and posting full time.First of all Thank You so much for that post on personalities of the forum.If you think the intensity on this side of the Atlantic is any lesser you'd be totally wrong.I'm back to old ways man just downloaded Summer Rain,cool! downloading Always.

Anyways I'm planning somethings about U2 in India.I hope you've seen BD on TV by now, most of my friends have seen it and are liking it like hell,I'm just keeping a low profile though, just the calm before storm.

Ask me whatever you like I'm all free for U2 and for one of my best friend,you're up there tomtom very high!

Take This Tangle Of A Conversation And Turn It Into Your Own Prayer.

ishkash 10-02-2000 04:20 PM

Actually it seems that U2 brings out the best in me,Yes my Marketing teachers asks me to write more in my reports https://www.u2news.com/u2feedback/biggrin.gif.
But I'm happy that you liked it.

Ok! I have to say I admire your judgement about Always,I've read almost everyone saying that song is nothing special.I think the songs only problem is that its too much U2,y'kna all that big statements,I really love the team work on this album Bono singing and then Edge/Eno/Lanois haunting approval in the background.I really love Adam's groove and I'm really looking forward to some good quality mp3 for that bridge,I have to say that the guitars on this one are more vivid,but all in all I think this one does't have the power U2 which is required for non fans,it would have been a cliche for them,y'kna all those ignorants who are just taking a snook at U2 to say that they've "had their days" or wait a min "thats 80's", but a great song by any other bands' standards.Damn our boys treat some songs really harsh.

Summer Rain.A welcome of sorts I have to say.I really haven't had oppurtuinity to play guitar along my fave songs, I'll be working on this one when someone figures out the chords.I think more than anything Edge has shown the great command that he has on the greateset musical instrument.All in all again a very good U2 song and would sound better on a better mp3 quality.

Stuck In A Moment(1 min)I think stuck would be a Banyan Tree,in terms on growth....I can really see a potential for a "Bad" like song,a song thats organic and churns a space in your soul.My fingers are crossed and I just wish Eno gets some money.Howver on the 2 revies to date Stuck is spot on, both have hailed the song...come October end and we shall see.

Walk On: My personal fave,"What you got, you can't deny it" "Can't sell it can't buy it" "Walk On" we are talking about potential here.I think this could be my all time fave, lets see.

Elevation:Very intoxicating,I don't like to dance but when I listen to the clips I just want to move my body and swagger it a lill' bit, very funky I just love the lill' groove playing behind the Bono's vocals, its a shame though that fans of such a talented band wants them to make music reminiscent of a era.

My hopes are getting higher, this could be the record that my stereo sytem would beg "Stop playing or I'll lose my head,literally!".Hey I checked out my record store and he said that if the album is released world wide it should take only a couple of days to be released in India and guess what we could have the album on the 30th itself but I think first of the Novemeber would be a safe bet.

As for what I'm listening, well like yourself everything whatever I get my hands on,just hoping though that I won't listen to them for a long time.I can see the potential of All That You Can't Leave Behind and hopefully it'll fullfuill it.

So what do you think of Peace on Earth,an epic as described by Billboard amagzine and When I look At The World, having similar potential to Pride.

I'm looking forward to
Stuck,In A Little While,New York and Kite.The rest I think I can guess but I'm sure it'll have a few surprises.

Standouts would be https://www.u2news.com/u2feedback/frown.gifI mean nothing like U2 has done before)
Beautiful Day(already is)
Stuck In A Moment
Walk On
In A Little While
New York(forget to sit still when ur listening to this)

And yes what bout the lyrics!Stuck is simple and great,Walk On is classic,Elevation "shoot me from a gun" WOW funky yet intriguing,Kite I think this could have some big statements y'kna,In A Little While I think Jagger and Dylan would be jealous of Bono.Peace,Grace,WILATW would be Bono polishing his skills,Wild Honey would make every popstar and specially Dianne Warren dig their graves in shame,that a delicate love song can be so profound.
Beautiful Day is already getting high raves,and lyrics are wonderful if you know how to enjoy life without elements of fun, y'kna what I mean.

Take This Tangle Of A Conversation And Turn It Into Your Own Prayer.

ishkash 10-11-2000 04:24 PM

I guess I have named the thread right.So its time once again to come out of the hiatus and join the mainstream,I know you're keeping a close eye.A myself I'm not downloading any full song, that would be the ultimate spoiler.

So I'm asking you if you have downloaded any of the song and tell me IS IT THE ALBUM.

Take This Tangle Of A Conversation And Turn It Into Your Own Prayer.

tomtom 10-13-2000 07:03 PM

Hye ishkash,I am sorry for not writing for all this while.I thought you wanted to escape the chaos that has broken out on this forum since the album came out over the Internet.Anyway from now I will be writing to you about evry day or so.I will be however staying away from the "Everything You Know is Wrong" forum because all this discussion about the new album is making me sick.I need a break from it.By the way I have downloaded the entire album,and listened to all the songs atleast twice.I will refuse to give any opinions about it till 1 week after I buy it.Also want to tell you that I spoke with a guy who works in a music store here and he says that Universal sent them a letter saying that the album will be out on 20th October!I promised him that if this is true I would buy 2 copies of the album,one for you also.From the tone of this,you may have come to know that I am not feeling all that great right now.This is because I have been going through all the posts in the forum and on WIRE and people are just fighting,fighting,fighting.Some saying good things,some not.My point is that how can you be objective to something you have waited for atleast a couple of years or so?How can you make judgements so quickly?Can you see things in their true light.My initial impression of a U2 album is nothing similar to what it comes to mean to me.I suggest you download 1 song-Kite.When I heard this song,I cried.All this judgement is messing up my head at the moment and making me feel ill.Also for me sitting on a wooden chair staring at a computer screen doesn not constitute really listening to music.I like to put my headphones on,lie down and close my eyes or star at the ceiling and listen.I dont think I will regret downloading the album for this very reason.Sitting in my room and listening to the album while looking at the album cover and thinking will be a totally different experience for me.There was no way I could resist doing this,I have waited over a year for this stuff.

Now to tell you something about the album.It might be spoilers if you take it that way,so you dont have to read it.Firstly,the first time I listen to a U2 album,some songs catch me instantly,some seem to have a good vibe but are not instantly catchy,and some I skip/ff quickly.Examples:UF,POP,War,Rattle and Hum.So listening to this album should be the same thing.Like any other album.What made this one different was that its new.But if you think about hard,should that make a difference?Because the first time you hear a U2 album its new for you anyway.Its because of all the hype and anticipation and talking that you will/I did treat this album differently,whereas it should not be any different from listening to any U2 album for the first time.Come to think of it now thats what I did with this album.So in a sense all the hype had its good points but spoilt the experience a bit.Specially with all those idiots going on about 'you will regret it later blah blah blah',you cant listen without a feel of guilt.However with time all this becomes insignificant,only the music matters.So one should see it in its true light as a new album,1 of 10 that u2 has done,and it should be no different.I listened to this with an open mind and heart because I knew that if I went in expecting something I would be dissapointed and after waiting for so long,that would be a blow.I got NY and Kite first,Peace the night before.Peace is about the Omagh,or to be politically correct Armagh bomb.I saw a show on BBC Panorama about it yesterday.When I listened to Peace,I cried for the first time in 3 years.The next day I heard Kite and cried.But that day went sour quickly,because I was so happy,but there was noone to share my happiness with me.I wanted to make someone listen to these songs and share my joy,but to the rest of the world,it was like nothing had happened.I felt like a bit of an idiot,a nerd,something bad.I felt that maybe I have taken this U2 thing too far,because apparently the rest of the world doesnt seem to care at all.Should listening to 3 songs off the new album mean that much to me?Have I no life?Am I a loser?Should this be so important to me?Do I see too much in U2?What?I failed to see things objectively.That was yesterday.Today was much better.I got the rest of the songs,I havent listened to them much besides NY and Kite.

the question in my mind is really-
How important is U2s music to me?
And should it be?
This doubt has been created by reading peoples thoughts on this forum and my own loneliness in listening to these songs,the joy of just listening,good,bad howeer they may be with other people.

OK.Now to discuss my initial impressions.
As I said before,I am simply too confused and lost and in a sense happy too,too listen to the songs objectively,to get lost in them,because every time I listen,I immediately think of other people around me,and the words of the people on this forum,and how important this album will be to U2,and its commercial success to focus on the songs.I need much more time,and so does everyone else.

That said,
Beautiful Day-simple and moving.I love this song and probably always will.Great great song that pumps me up and lifts me.

Stuck-initially didnt like it too much but its growing.Very melodious to say the least.The song is pretty much similar to the clips,you can tell the sound of the rest,but Bonos singing I felt was truly the best since Stay/Lemon on this.

Elevation-growing,hasnt struck me completely yet.

Kite-get it now,please so I can discuss it with you.Go to u2log.com and there is a url where dling is real easy.This is the U2 I know and love,but I have never heard a song like this from U2 before ever.

New York-awesome song,awesome lyrics.Fantastic bulidingto an explosion.Completely diff.from aything you have heard yet.Very innovative.Instant hit for me.

Wild Honey-didnt catch me too much.Will take time

Walk On-very joyful but hasnt struck yet.ame as above.

in a little While-mood song,will grow.

Peace on Earth-mood song,struck me instantly.

When I Look At the World-lovely song,deep and introspective.Edge solo should have been longer.

Grace-will grow.

Well please reply quickly,very eager for your reply man.

In the words of Shyam,New York.....

KICKS ASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Really dont know whether I am happy,sad what but this song is great.

ishkash 10-14-2000 04:40 PM

Hey hey it seems you've been paying too much attention to J's post on the wire, its a proven fact that this guy is a psycho.So don't get upset on what he writes,earlier even I used to get bugged but now it seems that he has a habit of writting negative U2 comments other wise he would get bad bowel movements.Ignore him and all the other losers who just cant get U2,feel sorry for them,its not you fault and niether is U2's.
As for some nonsense on the forum I'm sure we have some fans of other bands delibrately posting stupidity,I haven't seen any true U2 fan talking shit in the name of the constructive criticism.

As for downloading Kite I tried, but it seems there's a prob with my PC whenever I'm downloading anything it says error and the function gets closed automatically, I don't know what kinda a bug is this, and I don't wanna download it plain and simple, you don't know how it feels on Napster you're downloading a song and it gets to 50 per cent and thank you, error!.So I think I'll reinstall my Get Right and GoZilla and will check it later in the night.

My only advise to you is,you've got one of the best U2 album and cherish it,feel yourself a previledged person and its a previledge to be a fan of this band.If you like the songs so be it,no matter what the rest of 6 billion people on earth say.I like POP no matter what anyone says.I feel its good music and it means something to me, then thats it no matter mo fuckin sone of a bitch says anything.That is a bit harsh but thats the attitude you've to have in this world,oh if you have to survive init ofcourse.

And yes please stop calling yourself a loser or whatever,I know who to talk to,as I know you, you're a very mature and intelligent person and if no one understands you thats better,atleast you're a stand out in a positive sense.I think its quite a good idea to be away from the main forum,I'm sure with this record most ppl would like it but some ppl won't.The sad part is U2 will hopefully have a UK#1 yet ppl are so much indulge in shitty talks,anyways fuck them all and enjoy your music,it doesn't come everyday.

I'm writting immediately as I've written your post and I don't want to ramble but I guess you've got the point now,get back to your chair and start enjoying your music and feel proud to be a U2 fan,take pride in what you do.Forget what ppl have to say the earth will never suffer the shortage of cynics.

And yes if things progress on that CD thing you kna where to mail me and all the details I'll be happily covering all the cost,I'm also gonna ask my shopwalla to make some efforts if CD is coming by the 20th .

Its a bit corny but I guess it'll sum it up

If you dream
then dream out loud
and don't let the bastards grind you down


https://www.u2news.com/u2feedback/biggrin.gif https://www.u2news.com/u2feedback/biggrin.gif https://www.u2news.com/u2feedback/biggrin.gif

And yeah check out some of my work in the Dream Out Loud Section

Take This Tangle Of A Conversation And Turn It Into Your Own Prayer.

tomtom 10-16-2000 06:14 PM

Well I'm on a bit of a Salome rush here which is basically interfering with ATYCLB.Of course the real experience will be listening to the REAL thing with the cover and lyrics etc.Also the flow is not here to get the experience of the album one has to listen to all the songs in the proper order.Of course Ive already done that a few times,but still it doesnt feel like a real album because Ive never done that on the PC.

Walk On has grown on me now,Grace is also.It is a good ending track.It fits the role well,like MLK and 40.On their own I dont love them but at the end of the album where they are they are just brilliant.

For me the only weak song so far seems to be Wild Honey,I just dont get it so far.
I feel Summer Rain should have been the 12th track on the album but I guess it has a totally different sound.

Still not able to decide ANYTHING about the album.Maybe in my mind I dont want to?I dont think I will be able listen to it objectively for a long time,or atleast till I get the album proper.The only judgement I will make is that I feel BD is brilliant becasue that song has sunk into me fully by now,and I see it for what it is and not for what it should be or what it was suposed to be or bullshit like that.It really opens the album with a blast.One of the best opening tracks,up there with Streets and Zooropa and ASOH.Dont kill me for not mentioning ZS.

But undoubtedly their creative peak was on the AB sessions.Im sure they discovered sounds they never knew they had,if you hear some of the outtakes,they are just jams with Bono acting as the conductor,it is simply unbelievable that they played this stuff on the spot.Shit what the hell are they?

they dropped the AB sound too fast I think.They should have continued that into another album.

Thanks for atleast bothering to comment about my writing good or bad you did speak out thanks for that.Im not really bothered if someone said it was shit because I honestly feel what I wrote a lot of times.

I read Rise and Fall first of all,didnt know you had written other stuff.I told you that it was brilliant before.There is a real eloquence in your writing,and like me its easy to see that we are influenced by U2s writing,which is not a bad thing I feel.I have to go chack out some of your other stuff.Why are you doing BBA?Go become a writer.Thats what Bono would tell you to do,thats what he did haha.

Its a good sign that when I listen to ATYCLB,I deliberately skip some songs like Walk On before and Wild Honey and Grace sometimes.Because with non U2 albums,I make myself listen to the whole album repeatedly to try to like it,whereas in a U2 album the songs just grow on you on their own.So this is the same pattern.Eg Red Light and Surrender I never liked much,always used to skip but one time I heard the girls singing and I started liking the song and it grew on me really.Other examples https://www.u2news.com/u2feedback/biggrin.gifirty Day,Wanderer,the First Time,Some Days,all I never had much liking for but in the course of listening to Zooropa I caught these songs sometimes and they realy grew.Honestly there isnt a single weak track on Zooropa.

Ok I will leave it at that.Will chack out your other stuff in Dream Out Loud.

BTW what is your height,mine is 6'1",tell me so I can know who will kick whose ass if we play some ball together one day.My 3 point shooting is 50% plus,believe it or not!

ishkash 10-20-2000 02:32 PM

Hey man! I'm in the cisis of new acc, mine has got only 3 hrs left and there are certain cool schemes by the Diwali time so I'm driving in economy zone, hopefully I'll get time and post a long one pretty soon.

BTW I'm 6' so don't feel very happy I'm used to playing with blokes upto 6'4''.

Anyway what has happened about that CD thing today is the day keep me posted huh! if anything exciting happens feel free to mail me I hope you know it.

Take This Tangle Of A Conversation And Turn It Into Your Own Prayer.

ishkash 10-21-2000 02:33 PM

I couldn't understand your last post,I don't know but why you're trying to be so objective, C'mon this our passion and not our jobs, somethings you should lead into directly with your heart, sometimnes one should ignore his brain.If you like U2 the thats it don't care what the fans say or for that matter of fact even what the band says.Yeah I mean,like when you're in relationship you don't evaluate at the end of the day how well it went off,all in all you're just happy that your day went like that and with that person and if it continues for a long time then obviously you're having a good time.You don't earn good times they come to you.Like when I listen to U2 I forget everything, all I know that I'm listening to my music with my heart and all the messages and meanings comes way later.Like Bad I used to listen to Bad like any other U2 song but one day it started speaking to me, so thats it all you need to do is listen if your soul enjoys it thats all forget the objectivity, if evaluating U2 would have been your job then maybe it would have been Ok but here I think you're not sounding to pleased with your writing atleast(no pun).

Coming back U2's creative peak I can't say, you've to listen to all the studio seesion, I'm just wondering that Zooropa and Unforgettable Fire sessions must have been equally interesting.Imagine the moment when U2 are jamming Bad and Eno/Lanois tapes it directly on the master, that must have been a magic or The Edge coming up with WTSHNN and all the rest of the band just improvising.But there's no denying the fact that on those Salome CD U2 had some fine moments specially during Heaven and Hell, but if you look at the bigger picture then Lady With The Spinning Head sums it all.

Somehow one way or the other I'm unable to download the songs, first the sound card problem now I don't wanna download Kite cause y'kna Napster after 66 or so percent there would be a file file transfer error and more so I don't have much time with the net left.But honestly I think I dont want to download any of the songs, cause

1)I think I let myself down when I downloaded the clips,I think there's a weakness there on my part.I think I'm a bit lose on determination there which is actually not good, so this time round I think my will power is working well which means I'm maturing as a person,Lets see!

2)My experience with mp3's is a bit sour, first the crappy radio version of the great BD,then the next version is a bit off color,now the crappiest U2 mp3 ever Always and Summer Rain.I enjoy these two songs thoroughly but with sound quality as poor as it is,It leaves a bad taste in your mouth.

3)I still can't forget the feeling I had when listening to the POP for the first time,It still is one of the best and certainly the most memorable day.I want ATYCLB to have similar feelngs,and now the excitement is making my days even more beautiful.

Lastly I don't know why Walk On is not appealing to you,I think Kite and Peace on Earth have grabbed you in such a tight way that more room would be created after some time I think thats perfectly OK.I met one of my very old chat friend/U2 enemy and he was like all praises for Walk On and Stuck.The guy is a Hard Rock wierdo,Pantera,Sepultura are his staple and considers U2 a pop band(what a loser!) but he was saying that no song in the past five years has moved him so much as Walk On did.He dowloaded those two on my recommendation.Somehow he was all praises for Stuck too,he doesn't have much of a idea bout U2's style but somehow he managed some kind words.Thats why I'm asking you, a song which a anti U2 guy likes so much then why its not appealing to you that much(as of now of course, and I'm not forcing aything).

Take This Tangle Of A Conversation And Turn It Into Your Own Prayer.

ishkash 11-01-2000 07:54 AM

Hey how are ya!
I hope you had a fine Diwali, mine is ruined as I still haven't got the album.I was away for a while and it seems nothimg has changed much here same hectic pace at the forum, anyways gotta go now but I'll post a regular one very soon.


Take This Tangle Of A Conversation And Turn It Into Your Own Prayer.

ishkash 11-08-2000 02:19 PM

Ha Ha Ha It seems like I agin beat ya,,,,YES I ahve got it, once again I got it.

So this is the first thing I'm doing and dedicating my number 500 to you by telling ya the first that I've got.I's sure it must out every where else too, so my review is coming soon.

BTW Kite blew me off,I swear man,I should always take your word.Peace On Earth what can I say.....but I'll say soon

This part of the cyberspace is under reinnovation.

tomtom 11-09-2000 01:25 PM

Dont worry buddy,Im not far behind.Today at 7,the guy from the music store called me,to tell me that as per my request he was to inform me the moment it came to the store.I had to go out with my parents to eat with some frineds who showed up from US from nowhere,so I got them to go to a restaurant just next to the store.Bloody it was killing me.This day will go down in the tomtom history.Threw my mom and dad in the car,rushed to the store,bought the album,would have stolen psoters if they had any promo stuff(they did for Best of but at the time I was not a fan!),had to eat crappy Southie food,came home,set up my sound stuff(they didnt have the CD so I had to go with tape,but who cares really),I dont even have a real tape deck,so I had to connect my Walkman to the PC speakers,and blasted BD off.Listened to the whole thing.Ahhhh.I can die in peace.I tell you its no fun sitting on a wooden chair staring at moniter listening to an album.THIS is the way to do it.I will write soon(check out the Asians section of Discotheque),and give my completely biased review,hehe.Have to go and listen now.

Tell me your story please.

tomtom 11-09-2000 01:30 PM


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