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Angela Harlem 04-22-2002 02:01 AM

Psychics/tarot/runes/tea leaves?
I know these are all different, but does anyone know much about these things?

The reason why I want to know is, for ages I've been really curious anout this kind of thing and the other day I was with this friend I've known for a few years and she says "I went and saw Dolly last week" And i said "who's Dolly?" She told me it was a lady who read tea leaves. Needless to say I was nearly rolling around with laughter. I can be so sensitive sometimes. My friend knew I was simply surprised and not actually laughing AT her. So after I finished with my giggling fit I started firing all these questions at her. It seems that over the 3 or so years she has visited her, a total of about 4 times, she has been uncannily accurate and specific with most things. The rest my friend wasn't sure if it was simply wrong, or she got the wrong idea from them. Now I'm not a 100% believer, but I think there are some out there who can forsee certain things. Tea leaves is something I've never thought about. I've only had one experience with another friend who needed a guinea pig on her Rune cards, and we both thought it was pretty funny.

The reason why I'm so intruigued by this woman is that she is without all the garb and accesories, I now know about her through word of mouth, she is just a basic little old lady (she's about 80). She uses her real name not 'madame whatever', she seems as genuine as any of them could be. Im still sceptical, but very much fascinated by what she may tell me.

Anyone got an experience/story/thought on this?

Bonochick 04-22-2002 07:58 AM

I have a set of tarot cards, and I used to do readings anywhere for people...on the street, in the back of my parents' Suburban, in my dorm room...just wearing regular clothes (jeans, etc.). Yet, I absolutely amazed people with my "talent".

One time, I gave a reading to this two girls in my dorm room. Afterwards, we began to talk about classes. I mentioned how my research paper for my English class was going to explain why psychics are phony by exposing their techniques.

Yet they still believed I had a special talent. Oh well...I tried to tell 'em! https://forum.interference.com/u2feedback/biggrin.gif

Sometimes, readings can be right on and be pure coincidence. My English professor I had for that class told me that he used to do tarot readings for fun, and somebody hired him to give readings at parties. He got all dressed up and was really dramatic. Then he said he was giving a reading for one lady, and he suddenly pictured in his mind a pair of feet swinging in a garage. When he told the lady that, she said, "My husband hung himself in our garage last week". My professor said it freaked him out that he had that vision, but he writes it off as pure coincidence.

"I'm nearly great, but there's something missing..."

pax 04-22-2002 06:05 PM

I will do readings for myself or whoever wants them. What I try to keep in mind about the cards is that they're not meant to be a device for prophecy, per se, but a way to help you see more clearly into a situation and then decide for yourself what your course of action should be.

I don't put a *ton* of stock in them, but the last time I did a reading for myself, something a bit odd did happen. There's a spread called the Celtic cross spread, which is the one I'm most comfortable with. The ninth card in that spread is supposed to represent your secret desire or hope for a situation. I was reading specifically for my love life, and in the ninth spot I turned up the King of Cups--which not only represents attributes such as an artistic nature and deep spirituality, but cups is the suit corresponds with Scorpio (my zodiac sign.)

That did freak me out a bit. I'm not sure how or why they work, but honestly I don't know a whole lot about Tarot anyway, and for me it's just one aspect of my spiritual life. They can be interesting, though.

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Bonochick 04-22-2002 09:57 PM


Originally posted by paxetaurora:
There's a spread called the Celtic cross spread, which is the one I'm most comfortable with.
That's the spread I usually use. I basically use tarot cards as a tool sometimes for advice...they can make you think deeper about a situation.

"I'm nearly great, but there's something missing..."

Angela Harlem 04-24-2002 02:20 AM

Well, must say I'm extremely impressed with this woman. She knew specifics, she was so uncannily accurate it freaked me out a bit. A lot actually. 24 hours later I'm still stunned, and no closer to understanding how this all works!

Interesting indeed. Thanks for your replies guys.

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