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U2Bama 04-20-2002 09:30 PM

Any Russian-Speaking U2 Fans?
I need help with an English-to-Russian translation; thanks!


Se7en 04-20-2002 09:49 PM

Sorry, i can't help you w/ the translation. But DAMN I wish I could speak/read/write Russian. I think the cerylic (sp?) alphabet is beautiful.

Rock 'N Roll is the sound of revenge.

kobayashi 04-21-2002 10:07 AM


it's not precise but you'll get the gist.

lazyboy 04-21-2002 07:47 PM

Try Anya, she usually checks her thread "Irish-Russian..." in Discotheque, find her there, she's great and I'm sure she would help ya

Angel 04-22-2002 12:13 AM

I speak Russian (though not fluently). Perhaps I could help? Lemme know.

CannibalisticArtist 04-22-2002 12:36 AM

privet<----that's the extent of my knowledge of russian language.

Discoteque 04-22-2002 07:55 PM

my brother and SIL have lived in Russia now for about 7 years, and he's fairly fluent...

you could also try https://babelfish.altavista.com/

i haven't tried it with Russian, but seems to work for French and Spanish...

U2Bama 04-22-2002 08:51 PM

Thanks, everyone. I may lurk and see if I can locate Anya in that "Discoteque" place (but isn't that a singles joint?).

Here's what I need: the lyrics to "Beautiful Day" in Russian.

My wife is going on a mission trip to Russia and they would like to use the song as part of their opening program each morning.

We both use the Altavista Babelfish at work from time to time but it sometimes comes out rather goofy (at least with Spanish, French and Japanese). But we may use that and the google site as a start.


Saracene 04-23-2002 03:40 AM

Well, I'm Russian and I could help you out if you haven't found help already. I'm not sure whether I'd be much of a poet, though, https://forum.interference.com/u2feedback/smile.gif

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