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U2Bama 04-03-2002 09:29 PM

I am opposed to tattoos and have none.

But those photos are mostly older; I think the mug shot is the most recent one. He was arrested for protesting without a permit after Clinton's 1997 bombing campaign in Sudan & Afghanistan, as this is when he initiated his ties to The Osama. Notice the unibrow.


zonelistener 04-04-2002 09:25 AM

I see this as another conspiracy of the media!

You constantly here about this Walker charachter who ran off to join Osama, but you do not hear anything about Bert - a powerful "media" figure. I believe the young Walker may have been influenced by Bert at an early age to join the terrorists.

I fear Bert and the other possible media charachters and muppets that may be activiated to spread terror throughout the U.S. - where is McCarthy when you need a good witch hunt!?

Crzy4Bono 04-04-2002 09:47 PM

Welcome back Bama! We missed you!

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DC 04-05-2002 04:28 PM

I think people falsely reported my death too.

U2Bama 04-05-2002 04:40 PM

DC, you seem to have died and been exiled from this place many times.

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