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Lilly 12-14-2001 06:18 PM

No more cookies
I was settling in for my usual after school milk and cookie when I turned on the TV to see the news of the day (a ritual). As I was dipping my oreo into my ice cold milk and reclining in my Lazy Boy recliner, they announced that a third body was recovered at Ground Zero. They showed it being carried out covered with an American flag surrounded by rescue workers pausing for a moment of silence. The newscaster said there were still a thousand bodies missing in the wreckage. One THOUSAND people are still in there. I couldn't even believe it. I actually cried because of it. It hurt so much to know that there were people IN the twisted steel and chards of glass. I couldn't even finish my cookie, actually I couldn't do a lot. I turned off the television and went to my room to listen to music. It just sits there in the forefront of my mind all of the time that 6,000 people died right there through no fault of their own. And the pain their families must be feeling. It's so incomprehensable. I haven't really had time to sit down and think about it since 9/11 (partly because of my schedule, but mainly because I was scared to think about it more than I already had been thinking about it). Is anybody else still sort of reeling from this, or am I just in need of respectively moving on?

Taste is the enemy of art.

Trash Can 12-14-2001 09:20 PM

Sometimes.. I try to say something funny or clever, to try to distract myself from a painful issue.
I did it again in my original reply here, and for that Lilly, I apoligize.
As for what you have brought up... Oy vey... its so hard to think about.
You know, dear, I've been reeling from this since 9am on Sept 11.
It hit me hard... oh so hard.
All I could think about were all those people, and the shear horrific terror that they experienced for whatever few seconds it took for all those hundreds of thousands of tons to crush them... The pain, and terror that they were forced to experience, right before their life here on earth was taken from them.
I cant imagine it. I mean, its just not fair, is it??? to have a life end in such grotesque horror and pain.
I also think of the passengers on those flights. One or two hours of unbelieveble panic... Of knowing they were to die. And the children on those flights. The parent there with them...NOT being able to do a damned thing to save their loving child.
GOd, it pisses me off!!!!!!
It makes me want to hate these sons of bitches so much! It makes me think of MY nieces and nephews... and how I WILL NOT stand by and let these men take their lives.
Before, 9-11, i could NEVER understand how a man could take up arms and go risk death to fight in a war.
I know now.
BUT, I also know I must choose not to hate these men, for if I do, then I am living under the philosophy of hate that killed those 5,000 people to begin with. I will not be yet another victim of Osama bin Laden, by living in hate towards ANYONE.
He will not take my soul.

As far as the bodies that are still being recovered. It is great sadness for the families left behind. For those bodies are NOT the beings who lived before 9-11. They are mere empty vessels now, and I choose to believe that their souls... their TRUE selves, live on and soar in peace and joy... in a place where no terrorist can ever harm them again.

My reeling has subsided quite a bit since 9-11. My life goes on. We all must go on. But we must remember, and honor, and fight the good fight. No hate. No revenge. Just self preservation, and the preservation of our loved ones.

For there IS hope, and hope never disappoints!!(please read Book of Romans, Chapter 5)

God bless you Lilly.

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U2Bama 12-15-2001 01:32 AM

That kind of thing has happened to me a few times lately, Lilly. Thanks for speaking up.


Trash Can 12-15-2001 04:01 PM

Thank YOU. https://forum.interference.com/u2feedback/smile.gif

And please, try to go on and continue to enjoy the "cookies" of your life, hun.
There is and should not be any guilt in that.

... I myself, like to eat the center first. https://forum.interference.com/u2feedback/biggrin.gif

Have a great day, ok???

My love for you
It's in the things I do and say
If I wanna live I gotta
Die to myself someday.

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Lilly 12-16-2001 02:04 AM

I read it Trash Can. Thank you so much. I haven't the words to tell you what that meant to me. It helped me out- a lot. I just don't know how to thank you for the reference. So I'm going to tell you something I've told VERY few people in my whole life. God bless you Trash Can.

Taste is the enemy of art.

Zoo Schabow 12-16-2001 07:24 PM

This is the most intellectual "Cookie" thread I've ever seen!


alreadygone 12-17-2001 07:27 PM

I constantly get blindsided by references to 9/11. It has not gotten easier, though it is now merely sad, not so shocking. This story made me weep the most:

David Sedaris is an ex-pat American writer living in Paris. He attended a memorial service in Paris shortly after 9/11. There were many dignitaries there, but also many, many Americans, stranded or living in Paris. The service was in French, in spite of all the Americans. At one point near the end of the service, someone stood and began to sing "God Bless America." All the Americans joined in; it was a very moving moment.

*sigh* It was much better in the first telling; I'll try to find it online.

Anyway, Lilly, thanks for sharing this, and thank you, Trash Can and Lilly both, for showing us once again that to be fragile and human is ok.

When the night has no end
And the day yet to begin

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