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Angela Harlem 11-07-2001 03:40 AM

Pub, you are quite strong to admit you may judge too quickly. I think everyone does. i know i do, not only with people's ethnicity, but many things. I see a young woman pushing a pram with 3 kids around her, I immediately assume shes unemployed, on a pension and has her kids to all different fathers. Or a large scary looking man covered with tat, I think hes either a truck driver or on day release (from jail).

ONe time actually I was proved very wrong, and Im glad. I was in that same pub which happens to be my favourite but not really nearby to where i live so when I go, its abig and serious night out. My friends and I were all playing pool and a Maori girl who was built like one of the all blacks came and put money on the table. After the game we all got a bit nervous and I said you take the table, we dont need to play anymore. She gave me a look and said nah, come on it will be fun. All her friends were huge. Still not sure we played and lost cos I really was a bit wary, but they all turned out to be the nicest girls ever. Its not that I dont like Kiwis at all, cos they actually crack me up like you wouldnt believe but in this instance they fit the steroetype so well I couldnt get past it at first. Its such a shame and simply because skin, race or nationality means squat. I wonder how many opportunities we miss when we let a marrow minded attitude rule. I really couldnt give a damn about skin colour, before I was born my parents adopted a 'black' baby. And although I wouldn't have it any other way, my sister is the greatest person alive. I think because of her I dont notice colour. But sterotypes is another matter. Whenever my dad complains about anything I immediately call him a whinging pom. Even though its not offensive, I wonder if through my blase attitude I perhaps dont have total control over it. Black, white, whatever, we're all guilty in some way I reckon.

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