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Holy John 10-28-2001 06:09 PM

Exacly. I mean, you live in probably Montréal, so you listen to TV5 and we've got access to, of course, Radio-Canada as well as CNN or ABC. This morning, I watched "Face the Nation" and I also go check CNN and the American Channels we get. I check the news on TV5 called "France 2 - Journal de 20h00" and of course RDI and Radio-Canada. Also, the radio of Radio-Canada is very interesting because it shows a lot of different positions on, basicaly, every subject they talk of.

I wouldn't speak about Canada's position in the world because I don't think it's particulary a reason why the terrorists attacked the USA (though it's one of the reasons, surely). But for the media stuff, diversity of the key to an open-minded position and, also, to culture as well. I like it when I'm able to see the position of normal Pakistan citizens, when I hear the position of normal Irakians, Canadians, French, Americans, Chinesse, etc, etc... the normal people often don't have the same views as their Governments or Military. Of course, the Government's and Military's position is important, but I'm more interested by what's going in the streets and in the houses and that diversity of information gives me that. I don't trust the CNN stuff "Rely on us" or "Depend on us". Mmmmmmmmm...... esp. during war, information is a weapon.

so...... cheers then.

Everything that tries to overpower the Gods are reduced to ashes by the Gods.

Anthony 10-28-2001 06:16 PM

I'm European. I get European TV channels and news coverage. I've lived 12 out of my 18 years in the Middle East, and I have absolutely no connections with the USA whatsoever.

I still think the USA's handling of the situation is justified, as it is just.


soul service 10-29-2001 02:13 AM

To the "Smell of Blood in the Air" answerers...
A New York Post writer said Bono should just sing instead of telling them when to control their anger and blablabla... He thinks the same way you do. 6000 innocent lives have been taken, justice has to be done. Don't you think that Bono knows that feeling too with all the Ireland bombings! Your always willing to go in Palestine and Irak and blablabla to tell them "Please, make peace. Forget that innocent people from your family have been killed... Shake hands and make peace!" You are the FIRST to say that and when you are attack, it's a whole different situation because YOU are the one that have been attacked. Sure, you said "if your country had been attacked four or five times, you wouldn't have the same talk". Maybe not. Probably not. But my country won't live the same situation because of its attitude towards other country. We don't pretend to be bigger and better than the others. And by the way, Talibans TV gives as much shitty info as USA TV. Maybe you should listen to European TV to understand the real situation. There is a HUGE difference between the Talibans and the Afghans... The bombing only hits normal people and won't change anything... OPEN YOUR MIND and LISTEN. Two ears for one mouth... That's a RATIO!! LISTEN twice more than you talk! You'll see, life a lot easier and better that way.

Still, I hope I didn't offend anybody. It's just that I'm very intense cause nobody seems to want peace. And peace can't be gain by bombing... Sorry for everybody I offend!! Really!

Angela Harlem 10-29-2001 06:12 AM

Im going through a bit of a news freeze right now, but want to know if this bombing is achieving America's goal?

I believed the goal was to get to the Taliban/Bin Laden. Is it doing this? Are they closer? Is the end in sight? What needs to happen before it all stops?

Clue me in, Im wondering is all.

theSoulfulMofo 10-29-2001 07:17 PM

(Sorry, responded to wrong post.)

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STING2 10-29-2001 09:51 PM

The United States goal in the war is not to kill innocent civilians. Unfortunately that happens in war but that is not our goal but is the goal of certain countries and every terrorist.
Its absurd to say the European media has a better grasp of the situation. This is the same media that claimed that the USA had to full combat divisions on the Afghan border within one week of the attack. That sounds more like tabloid journalism.
There are good sources of info in both regions and to believe that one region has a lock on all the info is absurd.
The United States encourages countries to negotiate especially when it is in their interest to do so. But there is no double standard here. Sometimes there is a need for negotiation rather than military action. That is not the case with 9/11 and the USA. The USA and the rest of the world have been attacked and the Taliban have refused to do the right thing and give Bin Laden and his Idiots up because they themselves are puppets and cover for Bin Laden. Bin Laden, The Taliban and all that support their evil have to go.

STING2 10-29-2001 10:13 PM

As far as progress in the things are on the right track, their just going incredibly slow. In the Gulf War, the forces arranged averaged 1,500 airstrikes a day back in 1991. In 1999, NATO forces launching strikes against Kosovo averaged 500 strikes a day. So far over Afghanistan, the USA has only averaged 100 to 150 strikes a day.
But the force in the region is small compared to 2,000 combat aircraft used in the Gulf, over 500 in Kosovo, the Afghan conflict so far is only using 300.
This is rather puzzling to me and could be for a few reasons. The USA has been denied launching airstrikes from any of the countries that border Afghanistan. Other Counrties further back have also denied USA permission. Having to fly longer distances has forced many land based aircraft to air refuel. There are only so many air refueling planes, so these two factors may have put a limit on the number of land based aircraft involved. Also there are only 3 aircraft carriers in the region, with a 4th outfitted with Helicopters.
2nd reason would be the difficulty in finding targets to strike. The Taliban are hiding Military equipment, Tanks, Trucks, Artillery, Armored Personal Carriers, in peoples homes, in hospital, and Mosque. They do this because the US military does everything it can to avoid having to hit civilian area's there by causing civilian casaulties. This dispersal and hiding of equipment has made targeting difficult and caused some planes to return with out having dropped their loads.
The Northern Alliance is proving to be a weaker force than most people believed. USA ground troops will probably be needed, at least in the short term for better inteligence about targets on the ground.
But on the positive side, Taliban targets continue to be taken out, this equipment that cannot be replaced. So in terms of overall military strength, the Taliban are weaker than they were a month ago, but not weak enough for the Northern Alliance to make any progress.
Some how, the intensity of the airstrikes needs to increase, and the Northern Alliance needs to be re-equiped and re-trained or USA ground troops need to be introduced, before huge changes can be seen on the battlefield, in terms of control of large cities and area's of the country.

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