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OzAurora 10-15-2001 06:30 PM

Aussie Election?????????
With the election coming up soon I am curious to know who you are voting for, I really dont like the idea that John Howard is probably going to get back in based on what I believe to be his manipulation of peoples fears and insecurities over the current world events and the whole illegal immigrants debate. Whenever I think of him I am always reminded of his misgivings- the introduction of the GST, reckless environmental policies or lack of and being a student when he first got in I can never forgive what he did in regards to HECS and our higher edication institutions. Now I dont see the Labor party really as anything better, but I do believe that if you would like to do something active and beneficial for our country then vote for the Greens in the senate and I thoroughly reccomend reading Senator Bob Brown's press speach on the Greens website, whilst being an environmentaly aware party they also have policies that are extrememly well planned and relate to all aspects of Australian life, as it stands after this election there will either be a majority of either Greens or One Nations holding the blance of power in the Senate and quite frankly I know who I would rather have holding that power, as Bob Brown said, there really isnt any need anymore for Pauline Hanson and One Nation as both the Liberal and Labor parties have taken over her platform and agendas so adequately of late, anyway let me know what you all think https://forum.u2wdd.org/u2feedback/smile.gif

brettig 10-16-2001 06:47 AM

Regardless of who im voting for, if the Liberals can lose this election from the position they have (international crisis, uncertainty etc) then they will have truly lost the unloseable election...

Angela Harlem 10-16-2001 08:43 PM

Lets see...

I dont like the GST, I dont like the idea of $13 to public education while $1000 is going to private education, I like the idea of someone saying you damn you ppl that grease my palms, public education needs a boost (what is that anyway, 1.3% comparison? Appalling), I dont think the increase in HECS is such a huge drama - Oz the money has to come from somewhere. Go to America where you have to save half your adult life to send your kids to a good tertiary school. You will see we do have one of the best eduaction systems in the world. Slashing of medicare services. Bulk billing cut. No I dont like that either. A spineless PM who backs down based on sympathy votes? Gotta give Johnny something for that, even if it was a political tool.

Lets fce it, we will never have a government that focuses on the 3 important issues first, ie Education, Health and Crime. Nooooo, its all about military funding, closing more schools/taking away hospital beds, tax fuck ups, and a desparate bid to get Australia on the world's political map.

We could vote for the tree hugging greenies, or the lovely Pauline "Get out of my country you **** *********" Hanson, or the ever annoying Natasha "Am I pin up material to all you young potential voters?" Stott Despoja. While Im on it, I dont want someone like Kerry Chikarovski running this country either, I have never heard one policy from that woman. She only surfaces when someone fucks up to say "I wouldnt have done it that way of course, I'm appalled that this has happened". Gimme a break.

Really, its a a case of who is the lesser of all evils.

I think I will either take my 4 foot long voting form and write www.pleaserecycleme.com.au or give the 3 day weekend party another go.

No, honestly Oz. I am envious of people who dont see so many faults in such matters. Like which politcal party you support.

charbono 10-22-2001 08:19 AM

My voting preferences:
1) Greens
2) Socialist
3) Democrats
4) Labor
5) Liberals

*spew* at the last 2 alternatives....

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