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Ormus 10-12-2001 10:41 AM

Business Allegiance
It's really a silly concept. I hear everything about how much business should be "like family," and business will bend over backwards to do such a thing--while, at the same time, screwing you out of decent benefits packages and wages.

And, especially now with our uncertain economy, what good does it do for you? Just as they found a cutsy way to screw you out of wages and benefits, they'll find cutsy ways to fire you. Hate unions all you want, but they are the only people with decent job security anymore. Even if that isn't true anymore (even union places will have job cuts someday), however, they, at least, got great pay for the time they put in. How many people can say that anymore, though?

In short, business allegiance is ludicrous. Just as they have no compunction to exploit you within the realms of our crumbling labor laws, you should have no compunction to demand for what should be rightfully yours.


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