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baker6621 10-11-2001 05:03 PM

Humanitarian Aid? (About a discussion...)
We had a HUGE discussion in my China/Japan studies class yesterday about if the aid (food, supplies) we're giving Afghanistan is humanitarian or not. Some people argued that they just do it for Propaganda - so some Afghans turn and support the U.S., and so countries don't lose faith in the USA or trust. And others said it was downright stupid to bomb a country and then send packages of food (trying to make it better because we're killing innocent lives). What do you guys think?

I was leaning towards the side that dropping food after killing civilians is wrong because i'ts like yeah, we killed some of your guys but we're giving you food...does it make it better? And I said this...some people got really pissed:

"Going back to what :::: said, he said we're trying to save lives by killing or bombing the targets so they don't get us in the future. But, at the same time, we're also killing lives. The conflict there then, is an Afghan life worth LESS than an American life? That it's alright to kill people, afghans to suspect we're saving US lives? Then it's just US life vs. Afghan and who's to judge that? Who's to judge that an Indonesian life is more valuable than a US life? Who's to judge that a U.S. life is more valuable than a Colombian life?"

After I said this, some people got pretty pissed. What do you guys think about this & what I said? Thanks...(no fights please!).

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80sU2isBest 10-11-2001 06:38 PM

Hi Baker, and happy Birthday.
It would be different if we are trying to kill innocents, but we're not, and not many have got killed. We aren't even bombing residential areas. We're bombing military installments and runways.

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