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melon 09-11-2001 08:57 PM

some things transcend politics...
...and while we've had our differences, I'm hoping that our President can rise to the occasion, and do what is best for America, without rushing to judgment and taking the proper steps to apprehend those responsible. This, of all times, is not one to jump the gun.

We must all take extra precaution to not rush to judgment as well. I know, for one, that police have been assigned to protect an Islamic center here, as people were taking their anger out on them. But they are just as innocent as the rest of us are. Please remember that it is not the people that are our enemy, but rather an isolated group of extremists and the foreign governments that support them.

Out of respect, I'm retiring out of all serious, non-U2 related debates--yes, that includes here in "Free Your Mind"--until further notice. In fact, I think I need to get away from this board too....

I'm still in shock. Seeing the World Trade Center explode and collapse on TV was too much. Then in hearing that 4 commercial jets were hijacked and crashed into the WTC, the Pentagon, and PA is just unbearable to me. All these people lost, and for what?!

And then my dog dies....she was sick. It was expected. But still...

Farewell...and my thoughts are with everyone...


How long must we sing this song?!

Trash Can 09-12-2001 07:48 PM

God bless

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