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Johnny Swallow 07-22-2001 09:29 AM

Falling in Love for the best time...
When was the best time you fell in love? Real love.

How did it start?
How long did it last?
How old were you both?
Why/how did it end?
Any regrets?

Me, I have wanted to fall in love a few times, twice actually. But I never got the chance to be loved back, I got rejected both times. It was not easy but turned out to be for the best. I later found out many reasons why I should have NOT been with the 2 that I thought I wanted.

So here I sit, 19 years old, bored and lonely. Wanting to hear the great love stories of our time.

Wise men say...only fools rush in...

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Bonochick 07-22-2001 11:42 AM

I'm only 19, and I am in love now for the first time.

When I was 15, I started talking to this guy on the Internet in a chat room. When I was 16, we became an "Internet couple", meaning that we were together on the Net, but we had agreed to not let that interfere with trying to find a "real" boyfriend or girlfriend. The more and more we talked though, the more we didn't want anybody else until we could meet for real and find out if we belonged together.

As it would turn out, I didn't even meet anybody I was interested in or have too many people interested in me (surprise, surprise! https://www.u2news.com/u2feedback/wink.gif ). We finally met in June. As soon as he walked off the plane, I knew it was him from just the few pics I had seen of him. Not only was he sexy, but I soon found out he was just as nice and sweet as he was on the Net. He came over and give me the biggest, longest hug ever, and then he kissed me. The 5 days I spent with him were the most wonderful of my life.

drgnwolf1969, I can't wait to come and see you in August. Love ya, sweetie! https://www.u2news.com/u2feedback/smile.gif

"I Can Lose Myself, You I Can't Live Without"

martha 07-22-2001 12:22 PM

My husband and I met when we were in the sixth grade. We liked each other even then, but secretly. We had a class together in high school and were friends, but that was it. I had a few other boyfriends come and go, one who was quite serious, at least on my part.

Then one day I saw Steve at the gas station on his motorcycle. We said hi, talked about our trips to Peru. I loaned him some books, he took them. He would come over to my house, we'd flirt and talk. Then we decided that we'd get married if we won the lottery. I figured we should probably go out on a date then, since we were going to get married.

That was pretty much it. A year later we were married. July 9th was our 12th wedding anniversary. We still haven't won the lottery!

So Johnny, I don't know if this answers your question or not, but love comes. My husband is truly my best friend, and my one true love. We were 11 when we met, 27 when we were married.

Mushy, innit?

Can't Help Falling in Love is my favorite Elvis song.

80sU2isBest 07-22-2001 12:54 PM


Originally posted by Bonochick:
When I was 15, I started talking to this guy on the Internet in a chat room. When I was 16, we became an "Internet couple

Good grief, Now I feel old! When I was 15 (19 years ago!) there was no such thing as a PC, let alone internet!

80sU2isBest 07-22-2001 05:15 PM


Originally posted by Aine:
Don't rush in,Johnny.It will come when you're least expecting it and it won't let you go anyway.Cheer up https://www.u2news.com/u2feedback/smile.gif !

Oh gee, why do people always say this to single people? Do they want us to be tortured, also?

zooropamanda 07-22-2001 10:26 PM

Cause its true https://www.u2news.com/u2feedback/smile.gif

Aine 07-23-2001 02:51 AM


Originally posted by Johnny Swallow:

Wanting to hear the great love stories of our time.

Hmmm,how can I tell you when I don't even know where to begin ??? https://www.u2news.com/u2feedback/smile.gif I'm sure it's one
of the great love stories though,probably like all other great love stories that caused
all the best songs,all the best books and all
the best films in the world https://www.u2news.com/u2feedback/smile.gif.
How did it start ? It's too long to tell,but
it was as if we knew each other before we
actually met.
How long did it last ? It's the love of my life.
I was 19.
How long ? Till death will part us,or even longer.
Any regrets ? No.Despite of all the hard times it's one of the best things that ever
happened to me.Thank you https://www.u2news.com/u2feedback/smile.gif.

Don't rush in,Johnny.It will come when you're
least expecting it and it won't let you go
anyway.Cheer up https://www.u2news.com/u2feedback/smile.gif !

A little boy...Spanish eyes.

I can't live
With or without you.

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Klodomir 07-23-2001 03:29 AM

No, it isn't. https://www.u2news.com/u2feedback/smile.gif

mad1 07-23-2001 04:38 AM

I have never been in love, nor will I ever experience it I dont ever think, I dont ever know, Im not ever sure but I forever know I wont ever know love..........


zoomerang II 07-23-2001 05:52 AM

love is blindness...
I don't want to see

80sU2isBest 07-23-2001 10:19 AM


Originally posted by zooropamanda:
Cause its true https://www.u2news.com/u2feedback/smile.gif
Not necessarily...

Johnny Swallow 07-23-2001 11:25 PM

Thanks Martha, I love hearing stories like that. https://www.u2news.com/u2feedback/smile.gif

martha 07-24-2001 12:00 AM


Originally posted by Johnny Swallow:
Thanks Martha, I love hearing stories like that. https://www.u2news.com/u2feedback/smile.gif
You're welcome, sweetie. XXOO

foray 07-24-2001 03:46 AM

My story's too personal to tell in full, but I will say that I have experienced unconditional and everlasting love. I find it comforting to know that this is possible even among humans, it seems almost like a supernatural thing, the world being such an ugly place to live in. But there you go. https://bbs2.fanforum.com/images/smilies/rose.gif


travu2 07-26-2001 11:04 PM

My second relationship was as close as I've been to real love, but it only lasted about 2 and a half months. It was about 8 months after my first relationship. I was 24 and she was 22. We were both taking Ornithology (birds) at the university, and I kind of got to know her during one of the field trips. She seemed very kind and genuine. I didn't talk to her for a long time (or anybody for that matter), and then a few months later I was eating in McDonald's and she tapped me on the shoulder and asked me if I wanted to go birding with her and her friend. I thought that was the most wonderful thing in the world and I was terrified.
So the day finally came and the three of us went on a road trip to various birding spots in southern Arizona. They both loved music as much as I do, and we listened to mix tapes and albums the whole time, and I really liked almost everything she played: intelligent, compassionate, we had the same major, and we had very similar tastes in music.. I thought I had found the girl of my dreams. We communicated by email every once in a while (just small talk), and then she proposed that the 3 of us go on a 3-day birding trip to some wetlands in New Mexico. I tend to put a lot of people on a pedestal, and during that trip I felt like I was in the presence of an angel.. every laugh, every bright smile, the scent of her hair.. I didn't feel like I was worthy of being there with them. About a week after the trip, I somehow found the courage to ask her (by email https://www.u2news.com/u2feedback/rolleyes.gif ) if she had feelings for me. After an awkward start, we started going out. I was in shock during the whole relationship that she was even going out with me. We did things that I thought I would never do; we went to a place in the mountains where couples go to watch the sunset, and we watched the sunset (she sat behind me and put her arms around me!!); we went hiking together; we went to the zoo; we went to a new year's party that her friend was having (my first real party).. and other things. I can still remember our first uncertain kiss. As the relationship went on, I noticed a few major differences between us, but I chose to overlook them.
One night while she was driving me home, she said something that made me think maybe she wanted to break up. I asked her about it and it turned out that she did. I started crying and couldn't stop for a long time (I felt pretty stupid). She was very understanding and kept on driving passed my house for quite a while out into the desert so that I wouldn't walk into the house crying (I was still living at home at that time). One of the reasons she wanted to break up was because we were going to graduate in a couple of months and she was going to go out of state for a job, but things just weren't working out. She was very outspoken and had a quick temper and I am very quiet and withdrawn and don't like conflict at all, and I know that it really was for the best.

That was the best 2 months of my life, and I came away from it with a lot more confidence in myself. During that relationship, she was literally my only friend. I don't think that's healthy for a relationship. I think I need to form some good strong friendships before I ask another girl out (probably won't happen), but meeting people is not easy, especially since I'm not even trying. https://www.u2news.com/u2feedback/wink.gif
This might seem like a strange regret, but the thing I regret the most is not letting myself be more spontaneous.

Definitely not one of the great love stories of our time, but I felt like I got a glimpse of real love. Johnny, you're one of the funniest people around here, and I can tell from your posts that you have got all kinds of good qualities; it would be a crime if you don't one day find true love.

"Love, it's who you know."

Cow of the Seas 07-26-2001 11:27 PM

well swallow, i feel for ya. its not a fun thing bein lonely is it?

one thing i hate is when people say things will happen when you least expect it. well, for me, that was the case. sure i liked someone immediately out of the blue, and she even liked me, and we even went out, and i (not we) had the greatest time ever, and she dumped me. huzzah, huzzah.

im on a roll
im on a roll

this time

i feel my luck could change

kill me sarah
kill me again

cause love

its gonna be a glorious day

pull me out of the aircrash

pull me out of the way

cause im your garbke

im standing on the edge

know how to say
to comfort me
my name

i dont have time for you

its gonna be a glorious day

i feel my luck could change

pull me out of the aircrash

lucky. yes, i might feel that way if i didnt look like i was dropped repeadedly as a child. swallow ive seen your pics, your not ugly, and youve got a great personality with a good sense of humor. seriously, i mean what i say, that you will find her one day. however long that may be, i do not know. good luck.

p.s. dont even ask why i wrote out that song with the wrong lyrics. i just did, i dunno its a real good song to listen to when your depressed. whatever! blah!!! :P

-death bear

travu2 07-26-2001 11:53 PM


Originally posted by Cow of the Seas:

kill me sarah

That was my girlfriend's name.. seriously.

"Coincidence makes sense
only with you."


Cow of the Seas 07-26-2001 11:57 PM

no offence, but that is pure coincidence.

-death bear

Johnny Swallow 07-27-2001 12:27 AM

It seems like most people think that I am kind of sad about being single, I'm not. I just like hearing love stories.

Oh, and thanks for the story travu2. I can relate to it.

Salome 07-27-2001 01:22 PM

perhaps not the greatest love story ever told, but this is my love story

my girlfriend is 5 years and 4 months younger than I am
when we first met I was only 19 years old, needless to say I wasn't interested in her in any romantic way, but we saw each other every monday night (youth choir) and always got along great
this went one for more than 2 years until I found out I wanted her to be more than just a friend
I didn't dare to ask her out though, because of the difference in age and because I couldn't believe such a lovely girl would really be interested in me
than I got a birthday card from her asking me if I would be interested to get together for a few drinks during the holidays
I immediately called her and we've been together for almost 5 years now

(BTW the age difference turned out to be no problem
I'm almost as grown up as she is https://www.u2news.com/u2feedback/tongue.gif)

Shake it, shake it, shake it

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