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BLOCK 08-01-2001 07:32 PM

so how is this guy still alive?
A South Carolina man tried to take a picture of his pet snake, a deadly Asiatic spitting cobra, but was bitten on the thumb in the
process. Teddy Terrants, 21, was paralyzed and on a ventilator before being flown to Kendall Regional Medical Center Thursday and
administered the antivenom. He did not regain consciousness until after receiving 10 vials of the anti-venom.

He said at first the bite felt like a bee sting. "I didn't feel nothing. I sat down. I was under the air condition(er). I just
started sweating. Pouring sweat," he said. The man refuses to blame his pet snake. "Not the snake┤s fault. My fault. I shouldn't
have been messing around his pen," he said. Terrants┤ wife is nine months pregnant and wants to get rid of the snake. He refuses.

U2Bama 08-01-2001 07:51 PM

The Birmingham, Alabama suburb of Moody has been under siege for over a month now due to a similar deadly Asiatic spitting cobra.

This guy had one as a pet along with an albino spitting cobra, a death adder, and a poisonous lizard (perhaps a gila monster?). He kept the smakes in a broken terrarium with a piece of carboard taped to the top as the makeshift cover. The terrarium was in an old trailer out in his backyard which had open doors and windows, allowing rats to take up residence inside as well. The rats had eaten through the cardboard, allowing the deadly Asiatic spitting cobra to escape. Reptile hunters were brought in from afar, people brought their kids and pets inside, and the police had their hands full. The snake is yet to be found despite over 40 special traps set in the area, but his other pets have been awarded to the Birmingham Zoo.

Originally, they owner claimed that the reason for having such dangerous, exotic pets was that he was "Native American" and it was therefore a part of his heritage. Apparently, someone informed him that, unlike him, cobras and adders are not native to North America, because he began informing people that he kept the snakes due to his religious beliefs (he suddenly became a classic Alabama snakehandler).


ah u2bama, i didn't know under the guise of a simple southerner lurks a dibolical evil genius. --tomtom

BLOCK 08-01-2001 07:57 PM

Krazy Snake Folk!

Angela Harlem 08-02-2001 08:15 AM

Serves that bloke right for wanting to keep such a ridiculous pet! Just kidding. I just dont trust something that can get by with no legs...or 8 legs for that matter... Its just not natural surely!

I had a mulga (king brown) in my backyard and rang wires and the stupid f*wits said "aww leave it be, just keep your pets and kiddies away from it". luckily i dont have offspring, or there would have been hell to pay. Some circus has also just blown into town, and they are on the side of a main road here. They keep this great big bloody woolly Lion thing in this flimsy wire cage thing with a chain big enough to anchor a large ship, as if that makes up for it! But if the thing got out, there would be huge trouble. Why arent ppl responsible animal owners?

Think I'll stick to cats and dogs!

Trash Can 08-02-2001 03:30 PM


Originally posted by BLOCK:
The man refuses to blame his pet snake. "Not the snake┤s fault. My fault. I shouldn't
have been messing around his pen," he said. Terrants┤ wife is nine months pregnant and wants to get rid of the snake. He refuses.

Which reminds me of a story:

A scorpion once needed to cross a river, so he went up to a tortois and asked if he could have a ride on the tortoises back the next time the tortois would swim across.
The tortois said, "Are you crazy!? You'll sting me!"
"My friend, think! If I sting you, then you would immediately die and I would drown as we both went down!"
The tortois thought for a second,.. "Alright!
It makes sense. Hop on. Lets go."
So the scorpion hopped on the tortoises back and the tortois started to swim across the river.
Just as they were in the middle of the river, the scorpion aimed and stung the tortois on his neck.
As the tortois started to loose consciousness, he looked up and asked the scorpion, "Why!!!??? Why did you sting me!?? Now we will both die!"
The scorpion replied, "My sad ignorant friend! Can you not see!? I am a scorpion! And therefore I must do what scorpions do!"


Anyway, the guy is a jerk for insisting on keeping the snake when he has a wife and children. His own safety and responsibilities come first. Screw that damned snake!!!
... and the wife is a fool for staying with him.


candys room 08-03-2001 02:34 AM

its like that story in "natural born killers" that the indian tells.

"all of us are in the gutter, but some of us look to the stars" (oscar wilde)

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