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blueeyes 01-13-2002 05:10 PM

MacPhisto Society: Zoo Station
*It was over. Bluephisto opened her eyes to look around her bedroom... morning light streamed in through the windows, it was a cheerful, sunny day... if Adam was right, it would be her last day. She was wishing for rain while she waited for this day, rain or a storm of any kind to keep her husband home with her. While she waited for this, her last day, she imagined being snowed in by a miraculous summer storm... with white drifts high enough to keep anything out, even death. But it was over, that wait for this day was over. It was over and it was here.
She looked down at her sleeping husband. He still didn't know, she didn't have the heart to tell him. It was like a nightmare that she hoped wouldn't come true as long as she didn't say dream it out loud. Bluey was still tired, her sleep had done nothing to refresh her but she feared inwardly that the next time she closed her eyes, they might not open. The Fly felt her stir and he moaned and pulled her over to him with one bare, warm arm. She kissed his cheek, making sure to savour the warm roughness of his stubble under her lips as she did.She was far, far beyond crying. *

Bluephisto: Good morning honey.
The Fly: *He looked at her and smiled. He was not a morning person and his brain was so slow when he woke up that he was always pleasantly shocked to find Bluephisto in bed with him. Every morning he wondered what he did to get her here with him before he remembered that they were in fact, married. It was almost his favorite part of the day. He spoke, his voice rough and mumbly* The Fly: Heeeeeeeeey baby! *He kissed her back and squinted at the clock over her shoulder* What the Hell? 11:30!!!? It's still morning out? Damn. Chickens don't get up this early.
Bluephisto: Eleven thirty is hardly early morning. Come on, we should get up, we don't have *she smiled* Much time to waste today.
The Fly: Nahh... *He kissed her, beginning to wake up* Big day today, concert day! You get to see me in action... *he smiled and his blue eyes crinkled* mind you, you see me in action all the time, but this time you get to see me in action with my clothes on baby... don't panic, they'll come off later, I promise. *She laughed softly* How are you feeling sexy?
Bluephisto: Pretty good, surprisingly good *It was true, she felt no worse than yesterday, maybe Adam was wrong*
The Fly: *Running his hand down to her hip under the covers* Baby... you feel great to me. *He kissed her warmly, his mouth covering hers completely* Hey... wanna take a shower with a rock star?
Bluephisto: I think the rockstar forgot that he broke the shower yesterday and hasn't fixed it yet.
The Fly: I did?
Bluephisto: Yes, you were dancing in the shower and you pulled the nozzle off.
The Fly: *sheepishly* Oh yeah... right. You seemed to like the dancing part though.
Bluephisto: Oh I did... the dancing was great... I have no complaints there.
The Fly: well we can skip the shower, go right to the drying off part *he ran his hands over the sheets on her body, she smiled *
Bluephisto: Don't you have to get ready?
The Fly: *sighing* Next you're gonna be telling me you have a headache ... that hurts, baby. it really hurts *Puts his hand on his chest, pretending to be sad*
Bluephisto: *she swallowed* No, no honey... I just don't want you to go out onstage with your hair sticking up like that
The Fly: You're crazy woman!- my hair doesn't stick up
Bluephisto: *she smiled, looking at his hair and running her fingers through it* Well, this one little piece in the back does ... it's cute, it just sticks straight out
The Fly: awww it's cute? *he smiled* as long as it's cute...
bluephisto: very. *she kissed him again*
The Fly: I don't wanna straighten it then *he kissed her again, his arms around her body*
bluephisto: I'll look up from the audience and think, there's my hair!
The Fly: *he laughed* That's right! I'll definitely leave it stickin up, just for you
*Bluey snuggled closer to him and hid her face over his shoulder... Adam had to be wrong, he just had to*
The Fly: mmm baby i could stay like this forever *he kissed her forehead gently*
bluephisto: *she sighed* I wish we could.
The Fly: *then slowly kissed her temples, her nose, her cheeks.* .. shhhh *he kissed her lips*
bluephisto: *more seriously* I love you, Fly. You know that, don't you?
The Fly:*her throat next, her earlobe*
yeah baby *his heart was beating fast ... But the Phone rang beside the bed*
The Fly: *Sighing with frustration* who do you think it is? Whoever guess right, gets to take a shower with the loser! Go ahead, guess.. *as the phone rings*
Bluephisto: I think it's.... Edge *phone is still ringing*
The Fly: I bet it's Larry, if you're right, you get to kiss me, and take a shower with me!
bluephisto: okay... fair. *The Fly didn't want to move to answer the phone, he just looked woefully at it...*
bluephisto: Fine, I'll get it*she rolled on top of him to get to the phone* Hello?
The Fly: *Delighted* mmm baby *he began to nibble her, appreciating his vantage point, Bluey laughed, made the Shhh motion , and smiled down at him*
bluephisto: Hi Edge!
The Fly: *he groaned, then whistled* woohoo you won!
bluephisto: Yes, he's awake.... I'm feeling *she sighed as The Fly rubbed her back* Good. *he kissed her neck again, her chest, trying to distract her*
bluephisto: Hmmm mmm, *she closed her eyes, barely able to listen to the concerned guitarist* I'll make sure he doesn't talk too much, Well, I'll try anyway. *The Fly grinned and moaned, wiggling under her*
The Fly: babyyyyyy *she laughed* edge quit distracting my wife!!
bluephisto: What? Oh nothing... he's just .... sorry... do you want to talk to him? *she spoke to the Fly* Edge says you have to shut up. *The Fly snickered, he was pulling her hair, playing with her hands* or you're going to lose your voice
*she laughed, brushing his hands away playfully*
The Fly: I'm gonna start to yell unless he hangs up!!!
bluephisto: *to the phone* Hmmm, hmmm? Okay, three thirty? Sure we can be there. Okay.... bye
*With a michevious grin, he started to run his hand where her waist dipped in, tickling her lightly. She hung up and laughed out loud at The Fly, squirming...*
bluephisto: stoooopp! *he laughed and grabbed her in a big hug*
bluephisto: Honey, you have to be there in four hours
The Fly: Baby, four hours will be plenty of time...
bluephisto: I promised Edge I wouldn't let you talk too much
The Fly: *he raised an eyebrow suggestively* or maybe not....
Bluephisto: Edge said you're not allowed to talk...
The Fly: mmm, well then you better put your lips on mine or I'm not shutting up!
bluephisto: *she laughed* I thought you'd say that... *she kissed him*
*They slid under the covers, The Fly was happily silent ...*

*four hours later they pulled up outside of the concert hall, The Fly at the wheel*

Olive co wrote this post!! -B.

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Autumn454 01-13-2002 05:27 PM

Very cool Bluey! *applause* Thanks for glorifying MacPhisto! https://forum.interference.com/u2feedback/biggrin.gif

oliveu2cm 01-13-2002 05:31 PM


Originally posted by Autumn454:
Very cool Bluey! *applause* Thanks for glorifying MacPhisto! https://forum.interference.com/u2feedback/biggrin.gif

hey Autumn! have you read the other part of this? https://forum.interference.com/u2feedback/smile.gif it's sooo fabulous- check out
here for where we rant and rave lol and here for the immediately previous thread (there are 3!) - and stay tuned, everyone, for a major unveiling of the webmistresses!! https://forum.interference.com/u2feedback/biggrin.gif

Bonavoix 01-13-2002 08:20 PM

*Larry awoke in the guest room downstairs and stretched, yawning. This was the day... this was it. Everything Olive said to him the other night still resounded in his head. What kind of husband was he, to not even be able to be with his own wife? Speaking of, he got up and made his way upstairs, bumping into Bono in the kitchen on the way.*
Bono: Good morning, Larry.
Larry: Good morning. Is she awake?
Bono: No, not yet...
*Without another word, Larry made his way upstairs and entered the bedroom silently. Bona was still asleep, her nine month pregnant figure more than apparent even through the heavy blankets. Why was it so hard to even look at her lately? This was all so confusing... Larry loved her more than anything else aside from God, he'd do ANYTHING to make her happy but... yet he couldn't even lay eyes on his own wife without being reminded of---no. Not now, Larry thought. I'm not doing this today. This is my WIFE, not-- Larry was beginning to think it was useless. Maybe tonight would help ease things. He'd already talked Edge into adding something into the setlist. Larry's mind flashed back to the night with Olive, and what she said. Slowly, he tried to detatch and he placed a hand on Bona's belly, then managed to brush her cheek once. She shifted a little and with a tiny early-morning groan, opened her eyes.*
Larry: Good morning, love.
Bona: Hi, Larry. What time is it?
Larry: 10 o'clock.
*There was a breif pause*
Larry: How are you feeling?
Bona: Okay so far... of course I did just wake up.
Larry: You're due tomorrow, aren't you?
Bona: Yes. *there is another pause* What time do you have to go today?
Larry: The soundcheck is at 3 but I'll probably be there earlier. Bono's bringing you later?
Bona: Yes, Bono's bringing me.
*Normally, Larry'd kiss her here, but...*
Larry: *managing to rub her belly* Do you want breakfast?
Bona: *smiling at the sensation of Larry's touch* That would be wonderful.
Larry: C'mon. I think I smell pancakes.
*Bona gets up out of bed with Larry's help. As she's putting her robe on, she gives Larry a sideways glance and from that angle she looks exactly like... suddenly her eyes look blood red and again the pain of being violated gripped Larry violently and he turned away quickly, out of breath.*
Bona: Larry? Are you okay?
Larry: Yeah... fine. Let's go.
*They make their way downstairs and in the kitchen, Larry's sense of smell proves right. On the table breakfast is prepared, pancakes with maple syrup and orange juice.*
Bono: Breakfast?
Larry: Thanks, Bono... you didn't have to do that.
Bono: It's no problem. It gives me an excuse to stay away from MacPhisto's place a while longer.
Larry: And the problem with MacPhisto's place is?
Bono: The temptresses are near-constant now and not only that, but they're LOUD. *Larry's grinning with amusement by now* There's only so much an angel can take.
Bona: I'm surprised you lasted this long.
Bono: Me too...
*They finished breakfast and hours later, Larry was getting ready to leave.*
Bona: Do you have everything?
Larry: Yeah, I should.
Bona: Are you sure? Because if you get there and need anything else, call. Bono and I will bring it.
Larry: Thanks.
Bona: Good luck. I'll see you in a few hours.
Larry: Thanks.
*another place where he'd normally kiss her that is instead replaced with unbearable silence. Larry inhales, now standing next to the waiting car with the door open. He closes the door and turns to her.*
Larry: You know how much I love you, right?
Bona: Of course.
Larry: Because you know nothing can stop that. Not even this. *he gestures to the horns on his head*
*Bona smiles trying to hold in joyous tears.*
Bona: I know. Thank you, Larry. *another silence* You should get going.
Larry: Yeah... *he looks down at his feet then back up at her* See you in a while.
Bona: I love you.
Larry: I love you too.
*Larry finally climbs into the waiting car and drives off. Bono walks out to the driveway, coming up behind Bona and watching Larry's car disappear down the road. Bono takes Bona back into the house and at the front door, she stops and cringes hard, as if in pain.*
Bono: What's wrong?
Bona: I could be wrong, but I think that was a contraction...

Veranda 01-13-2002 09:20 PM

I am loving this stuff girls!

U2- The Unforgettable Fire still burns!

blueeyes 01-13-2002 09:27 PM

Wow... thanks you guys! It's so sweet of you to tell us, and it really helps with the writing, let me tell you!
Just one thing, if you want to talk about the storyline or something like that, please check out the "macphisto society rants and raves" thread. You can talk all you want or post pics there and it helps the writers and readers stay focused on the storyline.
Thanks alot, I really love the feedback. I hope both of you keep reading.

blueeyes 01-13-2002 11:39 PM

*The Fly wrapped an arm around Bluephisto as they walked in the stadium and kissed her nose cheerfully, it was great to be back at work, especially with his baby. He looked down at her through his large, glossy shades,*
The Fly: Baby, how're you feeling? *She looked great to him, she was wearing a simple black sundress with thin straps that matched her hair, and heeled sandals. He rested his large hands on her thin shoulders, glad that it was so warm out for her today... he was worried at first that maybe she shouldn't come, that she was too sick, but she said she felt fine.*
Bluephisto: Great, I'm so excited. *She looked towards the imposing stage, her chin length black hair blowing across her pale, thin face in a warm breeze... who was here already? They walked in together, The Fly was immediately greeted by a dozen very dedicated fans at the gate. He stopped and signed t shirts, arms, and papers for them, soaking up the adoration. Bluephisto crossed her arms and stared beyond the gates, it was going to be a big day indeed... The Fly finished with his fans and returned to her, exhilerated*
The Fly: ahhh, they love me.
Bluephisto: They're not the only ones...
The Fly: *Smirking* Woman! Don't get me all riled up before I have to do a boring soundcheck! *He kissed her again and a hot wind blew around them* Mmmmm, let's go to my dressin' room! *She laughed softly. Edge strode up to them briskly, he was all business today.*
Edge: Fly, Bluey... glad to see you! *Pleasantries over with he looked at his watch and gestured for them to follow him through the hectic work that surrounded them. Technicians ran to and fro with black cables and hammers rang through the air from several directions.* Fly, your dressing room is right back here.. *He climbed several black steps and opened a door to reveal a large dressing room in bright colors, there is a couch and several chairs and a large mirror on the blue walls* Okay... Well, *He turns to Bluey* It's time for soundcheck, I have to steal him, I'm sorry...
Bluephisto: *Smiling* As long as you return him, I have no qualms.
The Fly: I won't be long sweetness. Are you just gonna hang out in here?
Bluephisto: Sure.
The Fly: If I see Bona or anyone, do you want visitors?
Bluephisto: *Looking down* No... maybe Fishy, but not really no. Thanks.
The Fly: Okay babe, I'll be right back! *He kissed her gently and shut the door after him*
Edge: Okay, we have to get started.
The Fly: Hey, I know... I got here on time.
Edge: Yes, for the first time ever!
*Larry met them onstage and nodded at them both, The Fly sauntered to the drum kit*
The Fly: Lar... you look depressingly good.
Larry: Yeah, you look... shiny.
The Fly: So is Bona here yet? I haven't seen her in.. well you know, since all that..
Larry: No. She's coming later. She's due any day now.
The Fly: *Lighting a cigarette* You're not preggers are you lar? I can smoke around you? *yelling at Edge* Hey Edge? You don't have a bun in the oven do you? I'm smoking!!! *He took a long drag and threw his head back, exhaling* Yeah, Bluey's in my dressing room.
Larry: You think that's smart with... you know?
The Fly: We're leaving after my set. Edge's feet get dangerously smelly at the halfway mark, it's really for her safety, with the baby and all.
Larry: *looking at the floor* It's really too bad her and Bona won't talk.
The Fly: Yeah. She doesn't have many female friends...
Larry: Neither does Bona. *He kicks a nail around the stage with his shoe* Maybe they'll start talking today, you know... water under the bridge and all that. Bona never meant to-
The Fly: Hey, I ain't complaining, turned out good for me! Didn't it? *He smoked, and the stage lights flashed on* Maybe we can get them talking again... I think Bluey misses her deep down.
Larry: Yeah *Poor Bona, especially after Josh is born, she'll need all the support she can get and Bluey was a great friend to have* We'll see what we can do.
Edge: Hey, Elvis, James Dean! Let's get going, it's already 4:15.
The Fly: Sure thing baby... let's rock and roll. *He threw his cigarette on the stage and approached the mic*

FallDownJulie 01-14-2002 01:01 AM

*MoonPhisto pushes through the crowd of people. Everyone is ushing in a mass to get off the plane and down the narrow tunnel to greet family, friends. As they reach the opening to the greeting area, the crowd disperses as people run into embraces with thier loved ones. MoonPhisto watches them from behind her large dark glasses. She sighs. She tries to remember the last time she was able to do that. She remembers the parties in BluePhisto's limo, both wild, dramatic, and elegant. Her lips, lip-sticked in a deep deep red color, stretch and curve into a large smile. She had been wearing that color a lot lately. She thinks back to the party in MacPhisto's mansion. She closes her eyes and remembers the amazing love that radiated between Bluey and Mac that night. They both had such an incredible glow about them. She couldn't really remember very well, but she remembered that something had happened that night to shatter their happiness. The dark lips of her smile slowly began to drop and a tear rolled down her cheek from under her sunglasses as she began thinking about the other events that happened that night. She remembered Edge. She thought about him constantly. Images of his face flashed through her mind. His bashful smile, his laughter, his attempt to juggle the liquor bottles and be a bartender. She let out a small laugh. Then stopped. The rest of the night was painful for her to think about. There had been another girl. He had been happy with her. Maybe she wasn't ready to return yet. She shook her head to clear out the thoughts, and tossed her long hair back over her shoulder.*

MoonPhisto: i haven't talked to any of them in so long. i hope they aren't upset with me for leaving so suddenly. Bluey, Bona, Mac, Adam, Larry, Bono, ...Edge. I miss them all so much! *a second tear falls* I'm calling Bluey. I can't stay away any longer. *takes a deep breath and takes out her phone. she is about to dial when it rings. she jumps a little in surprise.* Hello?
Bono: Moon, it's not a good time. She's been dealing with a lot right now. Come see me and I'll explain everything.
MoonPhisto: Bono, what's wrong? I-
Bono: Trust me. Now reach into your pocket. *MoonPhisto pulls a floded piece of paper from the pocket of her leather jacket* Those are directions to the stadium. We're having a little reunion and bringing back Zoo Station for a one-night thing. Hurry, love. *click*
MoonPhisto: *looks down at her phone. on her way out of the airport she stops at one of the coffee stands and picks up a cup, then hurrys outside to catch a cab* Could you take me here please? *hands the driver the slip of paper*
Cabbie: No problem, sugar. *the car suddenly jerks as the tires screech, peeling away from the airport. MoonPhisto clutches the side of the door with one hand and unsuccessfully attempts to buckle her seatbelt with the other*
MoonPhisto: Good, Lord! I would have had a safer ride with Bono driving! *Her mind began to wander as she gazed out the car window at the sky. She began thinking about the Edge again.*

blueeyes 01-14-2002 09:33 AM

*MacPhisto didn't wake up because he hadn't gone to sleep... In months. But even if he had needed sleep, it would not have come to him that night. He stood smoking a fresh cigar at the top of the grand staircase in the mansion, already wearing his trademark gold suit and a pair of mirrored sunglasses to defend his eyes against the sun. A match died between his fingers as he found himself trying to think of more reasons to stay home a little longer. Around him, newly re-hired servants bustled to make the extravagant house ready for any after-concert soirees ... with an approved guest list of course. The long limo pulled up smoothly outside the double doors, and porters rushed suitcases out. It was a sunny day. He hated sunny days. MacPhisto was hoping for a storm, or at least some rain... After making the driver wait for a few minutes just because he could, MacPhisto descended the staircase slowly, the heels of his gold boots thudding against the dark marble like a metronome or gunshots. He swept out the door, smoke following him like an obiedient pet. The driver held the car door open for the demon, making sure not to risk eye contact, and closed it gently after him. All the servants had noticed the change, it was best not to comment or stare, but they talked amongst themselves as they cooked and cleaned, distracted by the horrendously loud sounds of sex... They all agreed, it was much better before she left. No one felt more adamant about this than Andre himself, who had grumbled that he had half a mind to march up to MacPhisto's office and tell him so... Andre, however, like the rest of the servants kept his mouth shut around the boss protesting the new order only in private, and picking bottle after empty bottle from the floor.*

*BluePhisto sat at the counter in The Fly's dressing room, her head in her hands... She had developed a headache, not usually enough to bother her, but today what it could mean troubled her. She looked up, her black hair framed her face in loose curls and her eyes were dark and wide.*
BluePhisto: *To Herself* Is this what a dying woman looks like? *She sighed and closed her eyes. It was almost exactly one year ago that she had met MacPhisto... if you had told her then that in a year she would be here, dying and married to a rock star, she would have laughed. But life is strange. Her reverie was broken by a knock at the door. She startled and stood slowly, smoothing her hair and approaching the door like it was a bomb...* no, it was too early, he wouldn't even be here yet...
BluePhisto: Hello? Who is it?

Shine * Like* Stars* 01-14-2002 10:01 AM

Excellent stories with excellent subject matter! What could be better? It's always so much more fun to read something I'm interested in and I am interested in MacPhisto! The Fly too!

Bonavoix 01-14-2002 10:23 AM

*Bono walked through the hallways of Bona and Larry's house, calling for Bona.*
Bono: Bona where are you? We should get going!!
Bona: *from the bathroom* I'm in here!!
*Bono turned a corner and found Bona getting herself ready for the concert. She looked beautiful, as glamorous as a 9 month pregnant woman can look in maternity clothes.*
Bona: I can't wait until I can fit into my old wardrobe again.
*Bono laughed*
Bona: No, seriously... I have no idea how women can stand wearing stuff like---
*She stopped suddenly and cringed hard, as if in pain. She leans on the counter.*
Bono: Another contraction?
Bona: Yes...
Bono: Your water hasn't broken yet, has it?
Bona: No.
Bono: Do you think we should go to a hospital? I mean this has been happening all day.
Bona: They're over an hour apart, Bono. I'll be fine as long as the water doesn't break. Larry and I went through that hospital thing three times this week already and all false alarms.
Bono: Alright.
*Truthfully, Bono was worried sick. There wasn't a period of five minutes since Larry had left that Bona was out of his sight.*
Bono: But do you think it's wise to go tonight? Maybe we should call Larry---
Bona: No, that's alright. We'll go. If we don't Larry will worry himself sick even if we call.
Bono: In that case, we should go.
*Bono leads her out of the house and into the car. He climbs into the drivers seat and they take off, Bono periodically stealing a glance at her and running a hand through her hair. When they'd arrived at the stadium, Bono ushered her past security and into Larry's dressing room, and Bono went off to find Larry. It was nearly 6 o'clock. Bona could hear MacPhisto doing his sound check from the stage and she went out to listen to him. On the way she passed his dressing room and she remembered the days of ZooTV, sitting in that dressing room waiting for MacPhisto. He'd come in and she'd be sitting on his dressing table, her short skirt enough to provoke him and he'd close the door behind him... Bona was pulled out of her memory by a figure sweeping quickly past her. She looked up.*
Bona: Bluey! Hi...
*Bluey turned quickly, surprised*
Bluey: Hello...

Bonavoix 01-14-2002 05:15 PM

Bona: Bluey, no, wait! I don't hate you!...
*But it was too late. Bluey was already gone and around the corner. Bona sighed heavily and leaned back against the wall. Bona honestly regretted that day on the phone, and meant what she said when she said that she wasn't thinking straight. It wasn't just because Bluey was sick. But that scared Bona half to death, seeing her like this. It looked like Bluey was dying... Bona just hoped that she could resolve things with Bluey tonight, if not soon. MacPhisto's voice rang through her ears as he finished up his soundcheck. Bona winced with another contraction just as MacPhisto was walking past her into his dressing room.*
MacPhisto: Bona, darling, what's the matter?
Bona: Oh, nothing, Mackie. Just a contraction.
MacPhisto: Oh. I hope that goes away... *smiling suavely at her* I have to admit, you look beautiful for a pregnant woman...
Bona: *half flattered, half insulted* Thank you, Mackie. Good luck tonight.
MacPhisto: *heading into his dressing room* Yeah, you too...
*MacPhisto entered his dressing room and shut the door. He wasn't lying, Bona really did look beautiful but... it was that baby. Truthfully, MacPhisto couldn't wait till Bona had the baby so he could have his way with her...*

*Bona shook her head as MacPhisto left her, still recovering from the contraction. They were getting more and more painful... Bona turned and started to head back to Larry's dressing room, running straight into him and Bono along the way.*

Larry: There you are... we've been looking for you.
Bona: I was just listening to MacPhisto. He hasn't lost his stage presence.
Larry: Thank God for that.
Bona: You sounded great.
Larry: Thanks... my wrists are hurting a bit though.
*Bona would normally take his hand here, but... instead the three of them just headed back to Larry's room. They chat amiably and Bona watches Larry as he's changing. It hurt, actually... having a man that beautiful right in front of her that she couldn't touch...*

Bonavoix 01-15-2002 02:22 AM

*Larry changed deliberately and noticed Bona's look in the mirror. She looked absolutely tortured and he hated doing this to her. It was the same look she'd give him when he'd get out of the shower in the mornings. Normally he'd be more than happy to oblige her, but... lately it was getting harder to look at her. That was what tortured him the most, that he couldn't explain why he was starting to get flashbacks even without touching her. The littlest thing would set it off and he'd give anything to make it stop, to put things back the way they used to be. Larry was honestly stunned at how beautiful she looked tonight, even in her tortured state. There was nothing he wouldn't do for her. Thank God he had Bono's help lately. Without Bono Larry wondered what would have become of them by now...*

*Bono sat in a chair near Bona, trying to be as close to Joshua as possible to monitor what he was doing. He'd run a hand through Bona's hair and it killed him to see Bona like this... staring at her own husband with an urgent love and desire but it was as if Larry was behind glass---completely untouchable, unreachable. In all reality, all Bono wanted was Bona's happiness. At least that he and Larry had in common.*

Bono: *thinking* If I have to find a way to bring you two back together, I will do that. I won't let your marriage fall apart. I promise you that...
*Larry walked off into the bathroom and again, Bona winced hard with pain.*
Bono: You're sure you're okay?
Bona: I'm fine... Larry...
Bono: Maybe it's not best for him to know. He's stressed out as it is and this would push him over the edge, I think.
Bona: I think that's best, but if it gets serious--
Bono: Of course, of course. But I'm right here with you. Anything you need, I'm here.
Bona: I know. Thank you.
*From in the bathroom, Larry could hear the hushed whispers and he managed to make out the last line, Bono telling her "I'm here... anything you need..." And Larry put his wrist braces down, staring at himself in the mirror.*
Bono: *from in the other room, whispering to Bona* ...I'm here for you. Anything you need, I'm here...
Larry: You're everything I'm not.
*Larry reaches over and picks up a small bottle filled with vodka and takes a sip, glaring in the mirror...*


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blueeyes 01-15-2002 03:11 AM


BluePhisto: Hello? Who is it?
*There was no answer. She leaned closer to the door listening, there was someone there...* Hello? *She heard a sigh and then footsteps and she unlocked and opened the door to reveal an empty hallway. Her eyes narrowed in the semi-gloom of backstage, no one was around. BluePhisto closed the door behind her softly and heard the sickening sound of it locking behind her. She turned and jiggled the door knob, but to no avail.* Damn. *She'd have to find her husband... she listened, there was no soundcheck going on, he must be finished and couldn't be too far away. She started down the hall which was unusually abandoned for a concert of this magnitude, iron scaffolding and hastily nailed black walls created a jungle of sharp corners and rough edges to wade through... She had been walking for several minutes, hearing only her heels click on the wooden floor when suddenly she stopped and gasped, turning. MacPhisto had begun his soundcheck and his smooth voice premiated the air.*
MacPhisto: *Singing alone* See the stone set in your eyes, see the thorn twist in your side... I wait for you... *His voice drifted away and back in a few seconds later singing a new song softly. Bluephisto leaned back against a wall and looked up, as though his voice could be seen in the air* A little death with no mourning, no call, and no warning... *She noticed that she was shaking and she forced herself to stand again, feeling like a mouse compared to the grandness of that voice sweeping across the island of steel and wire. She had to find her husband, her headache was getting-* A dangerous idea, that almost makes sense... *She walked more quickly, wanting to find The Fly and leave until they had to be back. It was a stupid idea to have come... her hands shook and she began to sweat as his voice continued drifting in and out*... and I feel like I'm drifting, drifting, drifting from the shore, and I feel like I'm swimming after her....*She was running now and brushed past a figure standing outside a dressing room, almost falling over.*
Bona: Bluey! Hi...
*Bluey turned quickly, surprised*
Bluey: Hello... *A very pregnant but undeniably beautiful Bona stood looking at her with wide grey eyes. Bona was shocked, BluePhisto was so thin... she seemed to have lost all the weight that carrying Joshua added to Bona. The former angel's hair was still cut to her chin and in curls from the humidity and her skin was almost grey it was so startlingly pale. Her arms, once so strong and sexy looked like pencils, tears sprang to Bona's eyes... BluePhisto looked almost like a child, trying to run away from something.*
Bona: It's been so long.
BluePhisto: *Trying to regain her breath, thankful for the distraction but remembering all of Bona's accusations over the phone months ago.* Yes. It has. *BluePhisto never could have imagined it before but Bona looked like a mother in the best sense of the word. She looked radiant, whole, healthy... everything, Bluey thought bitterly, that she was not right now.*
Bona: *gently* How are you? I heard you weren't feeling very well.
BluePhisto: Well...*A pain began to throb at the base of her skull and her mouth hardened* I suppose you heard correctly then. *Macphisto's voice still ebbed in and out of her ear and she shivered. Bona thought she was cold and touched her shoulder with a pink, warm hand.*
Bona: Oh Bluey... you look so...
BluePhisto: *She drew away. She didn't need Bona's pity when she knew what she really thought of her... a "cold heartless bitch who thinks of no one but herself"* Terrible? Ill?
Bona: No, darling. You look beautiful. *BluePhisto looked at the floor.* I hear you're also expecting, congratulations, when did you find out?
BluePhisto: *The pain now spreading to her eyes* Bona... you don't have to pretend you like me just because I'm ill. I don't need your pity. Really. When you think about it, *Macphisto's voice was deep and sad in her ear and her eyes stung with tears* maybe I'm just getting what I deserve.
Bona: No.. Bluey, no. *She wanted to hold her, she looked almost broken with illness and guilt* I don't think that at all. I'm so sorry I yelled at you earlier, I wasn't thinking straight, I just saw him and he...
BluePhisto: Really. Stop. *Her eyes were hard, and she swallowed hard before continuing, her voice was soft and bitter* The one thing I always liked about you was that you spoke your mind, you didn't pander to those you disliked. *She turned away and began to walk.* Don't dissapoint me now Bona, if you hate me for what I did ... just have the courage to do it to my face.

oliveu2cm 01-15-2002 09:45 AM

"Cuz for the first time in his-tor-eeee, it's gonna start rainin' men!" Fishy and Olive were dancing around on the marble floor, singing into hairbrushes and laughing.
"Not that song again!" Opal shouted out from her bedroom.
"Oh you know you love it!" Olive yelled back, laughing. She spun around, her long black gown twirling around her ankles. "How do I look darling?"
She posed for Fishy, arms out and curls flying.
"Fabulous, darling. Simply fabulous!"
Olive beamed. "I do, don't I?"
"Me, what about me?" Fishy laughed, trying not to wobble on her heels as she walked like a supermodel in the vanity room.
"Oh, darling, you simply must stop," Olive teased. "You are too gorgeous to even look at!" She put her hand up to her eyes, pretending she couldn't see.
Fishy giggled and smiled demurely at herself in the mirror. She did look gorgeous. Now that her arms were healed she had decided to flaunt her body- she was a skimpy black gown similar to Olive's, except Olive's was a halter dress and Fishy's had no straps at all, just stayed up as if by magic. She giggled again and spun around- she couldn't remember the last time she was this excited for something. Well, besides vacationing with Adam, that is! This concert was just what everyone needed to get their minds off things, especially Adam. It would be good for him to be on stage,
performing with his bandmates again. Besides she could not wait to see him in action!
"This concert is going to be so exciting!" she gushed aloud.
Olive nodded her agreement as she pinned on her earrings. She hadn't told Fishy or Opal about her encounter with Larry- it was simply too embarrassing for her, never mind that it made her furious. But tonight she looked stunning. She knew he was a giant wimp at heart, and would not have been able to touch Bona since Olive had seen him. She pursed her lips evily, wondering if she'd bump into him at the show. Having her there
might be enough to screw with his head, and hey it was the second best thing in her book.
"Ohhh darlingsss," Opal cooed from her doorway, hands on her skinny hips, chin up, smile on her face.
"Opal!" the two phistos gushed appropriately, rushing up to her.
"Wow I've never seen this dress before!" Olive cried, touching the soft black velvet with her fingers. Opal just smiled, swatting her hand away so she wouldn't ruin the fabric. Fishy eyed the diamonds that made up the straps of the dress. "That's gorgeous, Opal."
Opal sighed under the stress of being so fabulous. "I know, I know." She popped open her silver cigarette holder and pulled one out, lighting it swiftly. She eyed the other two. "You both look stunning yourself."
"Okay, we don't want to be late!" Fishy exclaimed. She reached for a bottle of champagne but Olive swiftly took it from her; no one wanted bubblies spilled over their decadance! She popped the cork and carbonation fizzed out seductively. The girls laughed, each taking a swig from the bottle, and had then been any less than TempterPhistos it would have been quite unelegant.
Olive grabbed for the BMW keys, but Opal stopped her. "Darling, we have to arrive in fashion today!" Olive and Fishy stared at her.
Opal smiled at them. She opened a tiny door and pulled out a single silver key.
"Ahhh!!" Olive and Fishy screamed in delight.
"The Aston! Oh Opal!" Fishy threw her arms around her.
"Ah, ah darling.. careful," but even Opal was smiling. "Let's go, we want to get a front row seat."


The Temptresses pulled up at the arena shortly thereafter. If anyone wanted to know where they went, all a person had to do was follow the trail of open eyed desire the women left in the men behind them. Opal handed the keys to valet, threatening him appropriately if the car was breathed on
wrong. Then the three Phistos strutted sexily into the grand stadium, their eyes dancing as much as their jewels as they took in the madness of ZooTV.
"This brings back so many memories!" Opal exclaimed.
"Isn't it fabulous?" Olive looked around excitedly. Her eyes caught the drums- they were empty. They must have just missed soundcheck.
"Let's go see what it looks like," Opal said and pranced up the large stairs until she stood on stage.
"Opal!" Fishy whispered. "We can't go up there!"
Opal looked around. "No one's stopping me. I don't see why not." Olive quickly clammored after her. Fishy sighed but here eyes were lit and she very carefully followed- she did not want to end up in the hospital missing this event! Once onstage the phistos gracefully walked around, taking in
the granduer.
"This is right about my size," Opal agreed, nodding at the giant stadium. Stage hands eyed the phistos with both uncertainty and hunger. The temptresses ignored them, which drove them even more crazy. Stageheads looked nervously at them; Edge would kill them if he knew they let these women on stage! No one was brave enough to approach them, so the girls danced around.
"HELLOOOOOOOOOOO" Olive's voice rang over the entire arena. Stunned, she nearly dropped the large gold phone she held in her hand.
"hellloooo" she cooed again. "This is Olivephisto.... and i"m watching you...." she laughed into the phone.
Fishy ran up to her. "Oh! let me try!" On her way to Olive she slipped, grabbing on to the lip of a television screen to save herself. Instead she toppled to the floor and the screen smashed behind her.
"Oh fuck," Opal whispered, rolling her eyes. Olive and Opal wandered over to Fishy, helping her up. Another TV screen crashed down.
"Come on, let's get in our seats," Olive said as the stage hands started to cry.
Fishy straightened herself out. "I want to go find Bluey first."
"Okay but we're not saving your seat if someone better comes along," Opal purred, winking at her.
"Thanks Opal," Fishy said sarcastically, but teasingly. She knew Opal was just kidding.
"Toodles!" Olive called as she and Opal headed back down the stairs. Fishy waved and then sauntered off back stage, looking for Bluey, as the stage crew stood protectively in front of the other TV screens.

blueeyes 01-15-2002 11:53 AM

*BluePhisto stormed away from Bona, her head throbbing. She rounded a corner and leaned against a wall, out of breath... telling herself that it was just the stress. From around the corner she heard MacPhisto and her expression softened. He was telling Bona how lovely she looked and then he was gone, that must have been his dressing room Bona was waiting outside of. Bluey grimaced, half wishing she would have stayed a little longer there for some reason. Her head spun and she covered her eyes with thin, cold hands. Around her stagehands scrambled with ladders and wire, all of them looking at the swan-like woman with her face in her hands, but not daring to speak to her. A loud thud caught her attention and she looked, along with everyone else... Fishy lay in a heap just in front of MacPhisto's door, her heel wedged in a crevice on the stage. BluePhisto walked towards her quietly crouching inches in front of the door, if he came out now, he would trip over her.*
BluePhisto: *Whispering* Fishy... darling...
Fishy: *Loud* Blueyyyy!!!!! *BluePhisto made the shh motion and she heard the doorknob turn so she quickly hid behind the corner again just as MacPhisto peered out, dressed becomingly in a red velvet robe and smoking a cigar. He looked down, his face guarded..*
MacPhisto: Fishy? What are you doing down *He remembered who he was speaking to and stopped the question, but made no attempt to help her up. His eyes were cold and blunt, nothing like the glittering blue Fishy remembered from the last party. He seemed to have gone from velvet to stone in a matter of months.* What was that you said?
Fishy: *Thinking fast* Umm, just telling Opal who ran off when I fell that blue is not a good color on anyone.
MacPhisto: Ah. I see. *He looked around, not knowing why he was looking for someone he never wanted to see again and closed the door firmly. BluePhisto tiptoed out, her face grave.*
BluePhisto: *Whispering* Good one.
Fishy: *Just nods*
BluePhisto: *Helps Fishy up as much as she can, in fact, Fishy almost pulls her over, she is so weak. BluePhisto straightens her hair and whispers* Let's go somewhere where we can talk, okay?
Fishy: *Nods* Sure thing Opal! 'Cause that's who I'm talking to...Opal!!! Opal Phisto! *Fishy takes BluePhisto's arm and they walk back to The Fly's dressing room on the other side of the stadium. BluePhisto frowns at the still locked door and slides with her back to the wall down to the floor, curling her legs up under her chin. Fishy sat beside her, BluePhisto's cool white shoulder touching hers... Fishy gulped, she had overheard Adam telling her that it would be her last day today, and she chewed her lip nearly to a nub..*
Fishy: How are you feeling Bluey?
BluePhisto: I'm all right. I feel pretty good.
Fishy: Really? *She was excited* Maybe you'll be okay then, Adam's been wrong before you know!!! *Bluey turned, her eyes wide*
BluePhisto: Fishy? Do you know what he... did he tell you?
Fishy: *Suddenly ashamed* Oh... Sorry I was so excited...*She hid behind her brown hair* I, umm, I overheard Adam telling you that day that you had three days to... *Her voice trailed off, BluePhisto looked at her sadly but with a calm smile on her face. Bluephisto was one of her best friends and Fishy had wanted to see her since she heard but she just didn't know what to say... what do you say?*
BluePhisto: Oh Fishy. It's okay.
Fishy: *Snuggling closer to BluePhisto, who was still so elegant that she felt like twice the clod she was in comparison* It's not fair Bluey. I mean, who's going to tell me where my keys are? Who's going to ... *Fishy choked up, looking away* It's just not fair.
BluePhisto: I know. *She took Fishy's hand comfortingly, Fishy laughed through tears*
Fishy: Why are you helping me? You're the dying one! *She gasped... she can't believe she said it. BluePhisto just looked at her with her usual calm and smiled a little.* Bluey... I *Tears fell down her cheeks and Fishy wiped them away, it was so unglam to cry like this, she wished she was like Opal right now... Opal wouldn't start crying like a two year old.* I feel so... sorry. I want to help but, I've never been any good at it. I wish I gave you this disease instead because then, it wouldn't work!!!! Stupid Screwtape, I swear if he wasn't dead I'd ... *She sighed* probably fall on him.
BluePhisto: *Reaching over and hugging Fishy* Fishy, you're so sweet. There's nothing anyone can do. Adam keeps promising me that he'll think of something in time... but, I just-
Fishy: Oh! Adam! Adam can save you!!! Bluey!! I know he can, he's so good at that stuff!
BluePhisto: *Hugging Fishy closer, she sighs and a couple tears fall from her tired eyes* I hope so Fishy, but I'm not ... staking my life on it.
Fishy: Bluey... you're not feeling good today are you?
BluePhisto: Right now? No.
Fishy: *With new tears* Then why aren't you at home? You should be in bed, resting!!! Why are you here?
BluePhisto: *After a pause* Everyone I love is here, I want to be here... not at home in a bed alone.
Fishy:It's still not fair. Not Fucking Fair!!! Maybe Olive and Opal and I, we can talk to some people, we can... we can ... we're POWERFUL!! I know we can do SOMETHING!! This is RETARDED!!
BluePhisto: *Laughing a little* Fishy, everyone is trying to help. Don't worry too much. I'm sure out of all these brilliant and powerful beings, someone will save the day... Fishy, oh please don't cry. You're going to make me cry. Fishy, shhh, shh. Honey.
Fishy: I hate crying so much. All Phistos do, it ruins the makeup and it's so messy and ... *BluePhisto remembered seeing MacPhisto unconscious in bed when she visited, tear tracks still fresh in his makeup... her heart broke.*
BluePhisto: I know. *She dried Fishy's tears and took her face in her hands* Fishy, do you want to sit with me tonight? I'd love the company.
Fishy: *Brightening* Yes, darling. I'd love that.
BluePhisto: Here, help me up will you? *Fishy stood and helped her friend up, marvelling at how beautiful she could remain on her last day. A voice boomed down the hall*
The Fly: There she is!!! *He ran up to his wife, picking he up and spinning her around, hyper with excitement for the show. He covered her face in kisses and Fishy almost started to cry again... he loved her so much, and he had no idea. She turned away.* I was worried baby, I couldn't find you!!!
BluePhisto: I locked myself out of the room!
The Fly: *Jumping around like a boxer* We're almost ready to go!!!! No opening act! Just us! Baby! Baby! I'm soooo excited, it's like...WOOO! Okay, okay... Just a sec, I have to calm down or I'm going to knock you over when I kiss you again, Ooooh then you'd be on your back and that could be fun... hmm I've never gone on stage just after.
BluePhisto: Honey, Fishy is...there.
The FLy: Hey Fishy! Anyway, baby *He was almost manic with energy in his shiniest leather and huge shades* You're in the reserved section... I'm SO excited! I've never had anyone sit in that section!!! I'll look at you lots and everything. *He nearly knocked her over with kisses, fast and furious and ending with him holding her gently against the door in one long, sweet kiss.* Whoa....*He smiled and pretended to faint* You're gonna be the death of me woman, and those lips of yours. Baby... *He kissed her stomach* and my other baby...*He held her for a long time in his arms, and took his sunglasses off again, staring down at her with intense blue eyes and smiling warmly* I love you so much honey. More than anything.
BluePhisto: I love you too. *He stared at her for a moment longer in eerie silence and then smiled and put his shades back on, becoming the rock star once more. A stage hand yelled the five minute call and he kissed his beautiful wife one last time, forcing himself to let her go.* Sorry, gorgeous... *He talked to her stomach, smiling* Sorry, kid, daddy's going to work now. *He let her hand go reluctantly and whimped like a puppy as he walked away. She waved and he yelled,*
The Fly: I LOVE YOU BABY!!!!!!
BluePhisto: Good Luck!
*He walked backwards, staring at her, smiling until he had to turn a corner. Fishy looked at BluePhisto who was smiling wistfully and took her arm.*
Fishy: We should get to our seats...

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blueeyes 01-15-2002 04:45 PM

*Backstage, the excitment was palpable. Everything was in place. The crowd was cheering now, all 100 000 bodies, eager to see what their votes had won them. Finally, the stage manager called 2 minutes to showtime. Showtime.
The Zoo Tv introduction was blared out the giant speaker stacks, drums whipped the massive, sweltering crowd into a frenzy in the summer evening air and they cheered at every hiss of static as the chaos of Zoo Tv broke through. The Fly began to jog a little as he made his way to the staircase, he actually had to go down to the substage to reach the platform that would carry him to the top of the second level of the stage for his grand enterance. It all seemed so familliar, his rapid heartbeat, the clapping of the crowd to the war drums, the lights flashing in the background.... He made his way to the top of a very, very narrow set of stairs, wide enough for only one man, which led down to the substage and stopped, cigarette dangling from his lips ...*

Voice Over Speakers:IT'S VERY SIMPLE.
*Horns blared a loud, long, low warning. MacPhisto stood at the bottom of the stairs in his gold suit with a bottle of wine in his hand, glaring up at The Fly who stood at the top, sillouetted in his leather and shades. Smooth, refined classical music began to storm against a chaos of The Fly's voice, commercials for detergent, static, and broken German. The men, eyes narrowed, began to walk towards each other, both determined not to be the one to step aside in the crampled black stairwell. MacPhisto could feel The Fly's glare from under his ridiculous shades, he had never hated anyone so much... As voices echoed "What Do you Want?", the Fly and MacPhisto met in the middle of the stairs chest to chest.*
The Fly: *Through clenched teeth*Mac.
MacPhisto:*With deadly calm* Fly. *Their nearly identical jaws were clenched as tightly as their fists, The Fly wanting to rip the demon apart for staying in his wife's head, and MacPhisto wanting to choke the rock star to death for marrying her. The music and soundbites continued to clash*
The Fly: *Snarling* Move. I have to get down there.
MacPhisto: *Raising a perfect black eyebrow* Ask nicely.
The Fly: *Blowing smoke in the demon's face* How's this? Get the Fuck out of my way Mac.
MacPhisto: *Unfazed* Or?
The Fly: *Smiling cruelly*Hey now ... I promised my wife, you know her don't you? Pretty woman, black hair, *He smirked* blue eyes, legs that go on forever... you know her right? Anyway, I said to her that I wouldn't pick on anyone smaller than me. Besides, beauty before age right? That's why they let me go on first.
MacPhisto: *Biting his lip so that he tasted blood, he turned the bottle over in his fingers like a baseball bat* Well, you should be thankful that you're going first. As you've probably discovered in the bedroom, I'm a hard act to follow...
The Fly: [b]*Losing his temper* You Mother-Fucking---*He grabbed MacPhisto by the collar and shoved him against the wall as the music shattered in the background and a choir of voices erupted into song and the crowd went wild. MacPhisto belted the rockstar with the wine bottle violently, breaking it, and The Fly drew back and hit the devil hard in the stomach. The men lunged for each other again, pulling themselves down the stairs and swearing, but The Fly was yanked away from the enraged demon, both of them disheveled and shouting obcenities at each other. The rock star was shoved into the booth that shot him up to the top of the stage just in time by three panicked roadies. He saw MacPhisto's dark, angry face dissapear as he was shot up to the heavens of the stage as the voices rose to a climax. He looked around, facing the wall of blue screens, wiping blood from his lips, he was on stage...*

SamanthaPuff 01-15-2002 07:59 PM

*GASP* Awesome story Bluey and girls! I want MORE! MORE!

~"Mirrors on the ceiling, we drink champagne on ice, and she said "we are all just prisoners here, of our own device"~

From Hotel California, but referring to those of us trapped in Mr. MacPhisto's dungeon

Bonavoix 01-15-2002 09:02 PM

*Bono walked with Bona down the hallway to the section where the "wives" would be sitting... that meant her, Bluey and Fishy mainly. Bono refused to leave her side, and along the way they ran into Adam. Adam had sensed Bona's contractions and he knew perfectly well what was going to happen later tonight. Adam could only hope that Bono saw it coming too and that his vision was not blurred by his love for Bona.*
Adam: Bono!
Bono: Hi.
*Adam embraced Bona hurriedly*
Adam: I can't stay long, they're ready for me.
Bono: That's alright.
Adam: *to Bona* It's been a while.
Bona: Yes it has... how have you been?
Adam: Not too bad. So sorry to do this to you but I've gotta run. Bono, can I talk with you for a second?
Bono: Sure.
*Bona went and took her seat, right next to Bluey. Neither woman said anything to the other. Bona merely smiled, and Bono walked with Adam backstage where the rest of U2 waited. Here Adam reverted back to angel's language.*
Adam: I've sensed Bona's contractions.
Bono: I've been keeping my eye on her.
Adam: You know perfectly well what's happening tonight, don't you?
Bono: Yes, which is why--
Adam: Bono, you may have to deliver this baby.
Bono: What?! Tonight?!
Adam: Yes, tonight. You better get back to her and don't let her out of your sight.
*Bono hurries off, wishing the band well on his way. He quickened his pace when he sensed Bona having another contraction... they were happening closer and closer together. Bono took his seat next to Bona, who was next to Bluey. Bluey held a bitter expression and both women were silent. Bono placed a small kiss on Bona's temple, letting it linger there a moment longer than necessary, taking in the fresh scent of her hair. The sensation sent chills up Bona's spine and suddenly the familiar beginnings of ZooTV began, all 100,000 fans going wild. The televisions flashed back and forth in front of them, as Edge, Adam and Larry made their way undetected to their instruments. Larry sent a wink and a smile to Bona and took his seat. He wore a bandana on his head to hide the horns and the leather vest he wore shone under the widescreens. Bona closed her eyes, she could still smell his cologne... how long had it been now?*
*The crowd's excitement only tripled at that, and Bluey's bitter expression changed when The Fly's figure appeared high above the stage, the opening bars of Zoo Station becoming more and more evident in the process. The Fly seemed to pause breifly before finally beginning his rant of poses, making his way down to the front of the stage. U2 sounded incredible tonight, and from behind the drumset, Larry watched Bona wondering why she was wincing like she was in pain...*

opaltranquility 01-15-2002 09:48 PM

The crowd was whipped into a frenzy as the screens on stage flashed, and the speakers belted out the opening to "Zoo Station". Adam let his eyes adjust to the spotlights in the Trabants that poured light onto him. He looked around as he played his bass, and spotted Fishy in the VIP section. He winked at her, and saw her wave back at him. He continued to scan the crowd, or at least the first few rows that he could see. Suddenly he stopped.
"No, it couldn't be…" he thought to himself. He moved his eyes back a few faces and strained through the bright lights. "I must be imagining things. The light is playing tricks with me. There is no way…" Adam turned his attention back to his instrument, and the band, but in the back of his mind his thoughts still lingered on what, or rather who, he thought he saw in the crowd.

"This is so great! I can't believe it!" Olive gushed as she and Opal watched the show with their mouths open. They sang along with The Fly as he pranced around the stage. Opal suddenly caught a glimpse of the bassist. She caught her breath in her throat. No way… it can't possibly be him, she thought to herself. I'm just imagining things.
"Look at Adam! I bet Fishy is so excited to see him in action, I wonder what happened to her."
Opal froze. "What did you say?"
Olive turned her head and looked at Opal, who looked like she just saw a ghost. It was rare for Opal to be so flustered, "What?"
"What did you just say about Fishy?" Opal asked.
"I said, I wondered where she went!" Olive shouted to Opal, figuring Opal didn't hear her over the noise of the crowd and the band.
"No, before that." Opal said getting annoyed.
"What? That Fishy must be excited to see Adam in his 2nd home, after heaven and all." Olive looked at Opal whose face had gone totally white. "Why? What's going on?"
"No way. It couldn't be." Opal muttered to herself, but Olive overheard somehow.
"What couldn't be? What are you talking about?"
Opal looked at Olive. "Nothing."
"Come on."
"Really. It's nothing," Opal said, shaking her head, "Let's enjoy the show."
The two phistos went back to watching the show, being engulfed in it's magic. The band sounded better than ever, like they never left, and the crowd was enchanted by the spectacle of it all. Opal however, wasn't quite as overwhelmed by it as everyone else seemed to be. My eyes are playing tricks on me, she thought. And it's just a coincidence that I'm imagining seeing someone named Adam and Fishy is dating an Adam. She struggled to get a glimpse of him again, when the person in front of her finally moved, and her eyes locked on him. She gasped.
"What?" Olive asked.
"Since when did he play bass?"

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