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Naya 04-24-2002 11:05 PM

Liam should get his mouth washed with soap !
From www.u2log.com

D'ya kiss yer mother with that mouth?
Liam Gallagher - remember when he and Bono played a game of 'pass the penny' - lashes out at our lads in a recent Q Magazine interview. If you're under age, cover your eyes now. Liam: "Listen, I went to America I had a good time. But if I don't like something, I'm on the fucking plane. We're not U2.

With them cunts, it's all about money. We're not money orientated. Some cunt fucks me off, I'm going home. Member of my family's dying, I go home. At the end of the day it's only music. And I don't do fucking American tours so some fat yank cunt can make a load of money and I get a few quid in my back pocket. Sorry. And if you won't have me back next time, then go and suck your cock!

Liam: We're not U2, INXS or Simple Minds! Those cunts are so in it for the money they'll carry on whatever

And time is a string of pearls...

spanisheyes 04-24-2002 11:15 PM


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The Wanderer 04-24-2002 11:24 PM

haha, good for Liam!!! he's got a lot of minerals saying that one, of course he loves U2 like the rest of us but he's a little weary of the recent trend $$$$$$$$

I'll drown my beliefs,
to have your babies, just...
don't leave

brettig 04-24-2002 11:30 PM

Id like to hear the word straight from the horse's, er, gallagher's mouth!

ishkash 04-24-2002 11:44 PM

I think I still like Oasis and Liam.You've to charecterise this guy.I mean he'e been out for a while now and how will he get headlines when U2 is driving the big cars.Well simple, take the car from U2.Unfortunately he isn't doing it the best way possible.

By the way I haven't heard their biggest band making single on any of the major radios here in Melbounre.

In this Ozland

MEMHPIS-EVE 007 04-25-2002 05:54 AM

....And how much money do you think it would take to make Liam Kissy Kiss BOno again AND Support them in the next tour?!?!

Weren`t we in thet movie already?! sometime arownd POP? Don`t we all know how that ended?!

"And there`s no mountain to high ,no river to wide. Sing out this song and I`ll be there by your side.Storm clouds may gather and storms may colide...
I love you untill the end of time.
Come what may! I will love you until my dying day!"


doctorwho 04-25-2002 07:51 AM

Please... You people praising Liam are nuts. If Bono were to talk like this, could you imagine the uproar? Bono is the champion for Debt Relief, doing this on his own time, at his own expense - yet, according to Liam, it's still all about the $$. Furthermore, as evidenced by recent threads here, even this highly magnanimous gesture on Bono's part generates fan criticism. To this day, people still whine about the time Bono said "f*ck up the mainstream" on the Grammy's. But when Liam throws out vulgarities and insults, everyone compliments him. "Good for him - he's got chutzpah to say that." Blah.

I didn't like Oasis when they first came out (as they just slammed the Beatles - yet, ironically, they were performing Beatles' tunes and sounded just like them) and I don't like them now. As far as I'm concerned, they are a two-hit wonder and should be ignored.

sharky 04-25-2002 08:09 AM

As much as those boys off their rockers, I do give Noel credit for creating my new favorite swear word. See below.

> From NME.com
> OASIS have re-enlivened their war of words with BLUR, branding
> frontman DAMON ALBARN a "cuntfuck".
> Band mainman Noel Gallagher has also ridiculed Albarn's huge-
> Gorillaz side project.
> "The thing that still pisses me off to this day," he said, "is that
> cuntfuck said we engineered the battle with his bunch of wankers.
> Oasis don't need to compete with a bunch of cunts who did A-Level
> music. They're fakers."
> Of Gorillaz, he added: "All that 'I'm happy, feeling glad/got
> sunshine in a bag...'. That was beyond comedy. That cunt is
like, 'Is
> there a bandwagon passing? Park it outside my house.' He'll be in a
> heavy metal band next year when it's fashionable. He's nothing. And
> it's fitting that he ended up as a cartoon. He always was a

Tizer 04-25-2002 08:32 AM

A 'Two-Hit Wonder' that should be ignored??????? Come on now Doctor, I think not.

Lately I'm sure, words won't implore you to stay

doctorwho 04-25-2002 08:52 AM


Originally posted by Tizer:
A 'Two-Hit Wonder' that should be ignored??????? Come on now Doctor, I think not.

C'mon Tizer - prove to me otherwise. A Beatles' sound-a-like band with an attitude and not much originality (not to mention relevance) is not someone high on my radar.

madonna's child 04-25-2002 08:57 AM


America doesn't want you, anyway, Liam.

Pink elephants and lemonade.
Dear Jessie, hear the laughter running through the love parade.


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browneyedgirl 04-25-2002 09:52 AM

There was another interview posted on here a few days back in which Liam was spouting something or other about U2....
I respect his band , or should I say I respect Noel, so usually I laugh these declarations off as Liam doing his arrogant arsehole act....only this time it seems like it's not an act !!!
If he did indeed say this...especially the part about a loved one dying .... he went to far imo, and it has changed my opinion of the band as a whole ....

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what a bomb! 04-25-2002 10:34 AM

So what was Liam doing in the audience at the Elevation gig 18/8/01 at Earls Court then declaring to the press that is was the best he has ever seen and that Oasis would need to work hard to top a Elevation show!

hypercritical giant eyebrow wanker!

Blue Room 04-25-2002 10:39 AM

Outside of England and a few other places in Europe, Oasis are nobodies. Thats why they hate America so much because we have never embraced them. If they were selling out stadiums here I guarantee you he would have a different attitude about it. Its resentment.

Its like Dave Matthews Band here in the U.S. Outside of N. America they are nobodies, yet they can fill stadiums here. Its the same principle really.

That is what is amazing about U2. They have worldwide appeal and their popularity is at high levels just about everywhere. So Oasis's claim to be the biggest band will never happen. They are the biggest band alright, in England.

Regarding the Simple Minds comment??? Simple Minds hasnt toured the U.S. in 10 years! They are doing a very short tour here this summer and that is it. At least know what you are talking about before you start spouting crap Liam!!

Achtung Zooropa 04-25-2002 12:08 PM

AS far as every saying they are Beatles sound-alikes. You are wrong. Although they have sampled Imagine for the intro to Don't Look Back in Anger and they make Beatles references in the lyrics, their songs don't sound like any Beatles songs. I'm sorry, but that whole Beatles thing was just some comment that caught on. Just like when critics said POP was a shitty album and the POPmart tour was a flop. Obviously whoever said that doesn't know what they are talking about, but since people don't want to think for themselves they just copy whatever they've heard. I own every Beatles album and every Oasis and there are no songs on them that sounds like exact replicas of Beatles songs. Sure, the Beatles did almost everything in Rock'n'Roll first, so it's hard to come up with something completely new. But just because Oasis says "fool on the hill" or "yellow submarine" in their songs doesn't mean thay are coping a Beatles songs. They may take the piss a lot, but they do respect the Beatles, it's obvious.

And as far as only being 2 hit wonders, that is an ignorant comment coming from an American. Oasis has many many better songs than Wonderwall and Champagne Supernova. Just because the radio over-played them back in 1995 doesn't mean those are the only two songs they ever wrote. Try listening to Definately Maybe and Be Here Now and even the rest of Morning Glory. There are some incredible songs on those albums. Hell, I've had people walk up to me when I was wearing a U2 shirt and say, "oh U2, they only play those 2 songs Beautiful Day and Stuck In a Moment on the radio, and way too much. I hate them."

Now I know Liam spouts off a lot, and that's his thing. I just can't stand when people make uneducated comments about bands. At least listen to them before you say whatever you read in a magazine.

"I swore to my father I'd never do hamster-style again."

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looking for the father of my two little girls
got the swing got the sway got my straw in lemonade
looking for the face i had before the world was made." - MOFO

Blue Room 04-25-2002 12:20 PM

I guess it is odd to show respect for someone by slamming them? Is that something British? https://forum.interference.com/u2feedback/wink.gif Is that why I dont understand that? Seriously

Achtung Zooropa, I agree with some of what you are saying about people let the media shape their opinions alot. I would disagree with some of your analogies though. B Day and Stuck are off U2's most recent album. They get or received worldwide airplay. What other U2 songs could you say this about? Hmm, lets see. NY Day, Pride, With Or Without You, I Still Havent Found, Streets, One, Mysterious Ways, etc. Honestly those two songs listed previously by Oasis are the only two I have ever heard on the radio here. Thats not a slam or saying they arent a good band though. I just think it is ridiculous to spout off like you are the biggest and greatest band in the world when it isnt even close.

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holyjoe5 04-25-2002 12:43 PM

1. Liam's (as well as Noel's) comments should be taken with a grain of salt.

2. If Oasis ever ripped anyone off, then it's T-Rex, not the Beatles!

3. "Definitely Maybe" and "What's The Story Morning Glory" are two of the greatest and most influential albums of the 90's!

U2girl 04-25-2002 12:55 PM


Originally posted by doctorwho:
"Good for him - he's got chutzpah to say that

Is that seroiusly a word?

Noel Gallagher 04-25-2002 01:20 PM

Sorry kids, been in the US for a while, kinda getting used to this nice LA weather, ya know? Need to have a few more of these days back in England. Last thing to do is sit at me computer, but on a fookin' tour bus ya can't do much else except get out on the fookin' roof while we drive.

So I tell that boy to shut his cakehole, and does he listen? No way. That kid will never listen to me anyways, that fookin' shite. Tell him not to jump in the fire, and he'll burn his arse off.

We love U2, and if you don't believe it, well fuck off, ain't hard. One of the best bands around, regardless of wot Liam says when he's pissed. He's like some kinda drunk Ted Nugent, except not a fookin', er, whaddya call em, rednecks? At least our boy is pretty. Can't do much else, but we don't pay him enough to do anything anyways.

We fookin' opened for U2. You think Oasis would open for a band that's inferior? No way folks. Not many bands out there can hold a candle to us, but U2 can do it. Great tour, that Elevation was. Good stuff from those fellow Irish boys. No hard feelings, eh?


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Me: ME!

The Wanderer 04-25-2002 08:00 PM

what's so great about this thread is that all of you are honestly taking what Liam says seriously, holy shit, have you people making a big deal about this been living under rocks?? this is yet another extremely effective publicity stunt by the masters of it!

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