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80sU2isBest 03-05-2002 11:51 AM

Super Bowl DVD
For anyone interested, the Super Bowl 36 DVD is being released today. It is said to contain U2's halftime performance (but I would rent it before buying, just to make sure).
Warning before buying, for any fellow Rams fans: If you're planning on buying the CD to have the Rams' Super Bowl on DVD, rethink your decision, as word is that the DVD only devotes about 15 minutes to the actual Super Bowl highlights, despite the advertisement saying "full length Super Bowl Highlights". The rest is all about the Patriots' season.

kobayashi 03-05-2002 11:54 AM

why not just put the whole game in?

edit it and you could show all gameplay in about 2:45 i'm guessing if not less.

that's dumbdumb.

Hewson 03-05-2002 12:03 PM

NFL films does one of theses evry year (this year is first time its on DVD)...it is a season recap of the Super Bowl champion, not a film of the Super Bowl itself, you always see them offered with Sports Illustrated subscriptions as well. Generally they only sell in the market of the champ. From what I heard the U2 performance is a DVD extra, and likely not on the VHS version.
For Pats fans, it will be worthwhile, as NFL films always does a good job with these things.

doctorwho 03-05-2002 12:48 PM

I received my copy in the mail last week, but I have yet to find the time to watch it. I'll try to get to it this week and give you Rams, Pats and U2 fans a "low-down." https://forum.interference.com/u2feedback/biggrin.gif

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