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JemEvans 02-18-2002 06:04 PM

Clone Pets?!??
Alright when you've got nothing else to do while stuck @ home waiting for a call sometimes there's only one option...watch the news. ok so on the local news here there was a topic 'coz it seems yesterday they officially cloned a cat. They were asking everyone if now they should start to allow ppl to clone pets. Most ppl thought it wouldn't be such a good idea 'coz it seems that w/cloned pets they'd age faster and there'd be a higher risk that the animal could get sick more. Ok whoever wants to leave their thoughts can as for me....well only pets i ever had were 2 birds at various times and i doubt i'd want them back...or any other animal for that matter. Who knows if that cloned pet would be just like the one u lost or be totally different. ok i'm done.

SicilianGoddess 02-18-2002 08:01 PM

That's horrible. I think we have enough unwanted pets without having to clone them.

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