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gman 08-15-2012 09:43 AM

Bedroom Tax - UK
Hi there. This post is really aimed at UK residents on the forum.

Basically, im trying to drum up support for my facebook page, for those against the bedroom tax in the UK.

If your not yet aware, theis is legislation, which starts next april. Regardless of what the Govt says, and how well meaning the idea is...it is totally flawed.
All it is going to do is cause a massive shortage of smaller properties, by trying to force people like myself, from their homes, into totally unsuitable housing, which are short in supply. I will be forced to share a one bed property with my 3 kids when they come to stay. That is totally unworkable. This is 2012...not 1812.
This "tax" is going to lead to a lot of debt and homlessness for the lowest income and most vulnerable people in the uk. I made a video about it, which can be viewed here, and you will get the picture if you watch it. Bedroom Tax. The Realities - YouTube
I appologise for my stalling at times....i totally made this video on the hoof, without notes or anything.

Anyhoo...chances are...this may affect some members on here...or someone they know. If you want to add weight to the fight...feel free to join my facebook page here https://www.facebook.com/groups/335024139924687/

We intend to try and get this legislation amended, to be more fair and understanding....but we need numbers to back us, if we hope to be taken seriously.

Unfortuantley....not everyone can see this for what it is. Firstly....there is a lot of ill feeling towards people like mysef, who now rely on state help. Thanx to the media portraying some families as living a luxurious lifestyle, at the states expense, me...and people like me....are the reality of what life is like living off the state. Without going into to much detail, i have very little. i cant even afford to carpet my house. all my household furniture was donated by a charity and is basically falling apart.

Also....there is this attitude in the uk, where people moan about their housing situation, yet are quite happy for the likes of me to be forced into worse situation than they are in.

Yes....there is a massive shortage of housing in the UK. Why??? Coz the Tories sold off all the housing stock in the 80s and 90s. Now they have come up with this solution. The fact is, there are 1 million spare rooms in public housing, with people like myself. In Private sector, there is an estimated 25 million spare rooms....so....where is the real issue?

No one is denying there is a need to get people into APPROPRIATE housing, but to drive people from their HOMES....into totally inadequate properties is wrong. This legislation is going to cause a lot of debt and homelessness....wait and see. The first effects of this will start being realised about one year from now.

The most alarming part of this, is the fact that due to it all been done on the quiet....many people in the uk, who this is going to affect (approx 700 000 families) are not even aware of what lyes in wait.

I believe this legislation flies in the face of The European Charter of Human Rights/Housing, which states Govt's must ensure every persons right to ADEQUATE and AFFORDABLE housing. I will be driven from my home as it will not be affordable, and i will be forced into INADEQUATE housing

gman 08-17-2012 08:50 AM

Hmmm....strange that there been no posts on here. Chances are....this is going to affect at least a few people you know (if your in the UK).

mama cass 08-17-2012 09:13 AM

have only just seen this gman - i wasn't aware of this new tax, but don't live in the UK any more... best of luck with raising awareness on the issue!

as usual the government are increasing the stranglehold on the poor and vulnerable instead of focusing on where the true problem lies... very depressing...

take care mate :hug:

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