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Vlad n U 2 12-28-2012 10:22 PM


It's back. :hyper:

Vlad n U 2 01-03-2013 07:26 AM

Where has this Millman been? Would so much rather seeing him on Rod Laver at the AO instead of Tomic the Tank Engine.

cobl04 01-05-2013 05:50 AM

Serena wins Brisbane: “This is getting so routine I thanked my dad and he’s not even here…"

Vlad n U 2 01-05-2013 06:13 AM

Murray v. Dimitrov tomorrow seems promising.

Vlad n U 2 01-05-2013 10:14 PM

#52 in the world Tomic the Tank Engine favourite to win Sydney apparently.

Bookmakers must have no fucking idea about tennis.

bono_man2002 01-07-2013 05:40 AM

But he beat Nole. He can never lose now! :wink:

cobl04 01-07-2013 05:43 AM

I don't see him losing en route to the final tbh

Vlad n U 2 01-07-2013 06:45 AM

I know you're being sarcastic but it would be funny if he loses to Matosevic.

They'll have to put Matosevic on RLA.

Vlad n U 2 01-08-2013 12:40 AM

CH7 advertisement: 'Matosvic' instead of 'Matosevic'

Amateurs. :doh:

intedomine 01-11-2013 10:52 PM

The Sydney International used to be quite the lead up tournament in terms of highly-ranked players. It's just rubbish now. Tomic and Anderson in the final.

Looking forward to a couple of days at the Open next week :)

Vlad n U 2 01-11-2013 11:37 PM

Kooyong has really taken a hit in quality too.

But I've never understood the appeal of Kooyong, it looks like its windy all the time, small crowds and a bland atmosphere.

The WTC in Adelaide is miles better.

cobl04 01-12-2013 12:29 AM

Hewitt just beat Del Potro in straight sets!! #hesback

Vlad n U 2 01-12-2013 01:17 AM

His results in Brisbane are much more relevant than the ones in Kooyong.

Vlad n U 2 01-12-2013 05:41 AM

Tomic wins Sydney, now he will be a lock for top 10 and a grand slam this year.

cobl04 01-12-2013 05:43 AM


Originally Posted by Vlad n U 2 (Post 7618817)
His results in Brisbane are much more relevant than the ones in Kooyong.

He beat Berdych too.

Vlad n U 2 01-12-2013 05:45 AM

Kooyong is an exhibition, Cobbler. No more relevant than Tomic beating Djokovic, which is still hardly relevant.

In a slam setting, Berdych would murder Hewitt and Djokovic would comfortably account for Tomic.

Vlad n U 2 01-12-2013 05:47 AM

Anyways, it's a pretty shitty result for the sport when a spoiled brat with a painfully ugly game wins an ATP tournament.

bono_man2002 01-14-2013 12:54 AM

Looks like Tomic is scheduled for tomorrow night....please tell me he's going to be rested under the rotation policy or there is a game of Cricket on?

cobl04 01-14-2013 03:07 AM

Hewitt plays tonight yes?

bono_man2002 01-14-2013 04:16 AM

Yes! It's going to be Speeeeeecial!

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