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cobl04 02-13-2014 02:06 AM

This might be the worst news story I've ever heard. Man, beats son, 11, with cricket bat and stabs him to death at the end of cricket training, in full view of people. Police try to sedate the man, he threatens them with a knife, they shoot him and he does in hospital.

Boy dead, police shoot father in Tyabb

cobl04 02-13-2014 02:15 AM

Holy hell, what an incredible statement from the mother

Rosie Batty speaks about the tragic events leading up to the murder of her son Luke Batty, 11, in Tyabb

bono_212 02-18-2014 10:02 PM

No, the story I just read about this little boy killed in Louisiana is the absolute worst thing I've ever heard in my life. I'm actually feeling a little bit physically ill right now. This may not be the first time I've heard this story, I see it originally happened in 2011 and there was just sentencing this last week.

cobl04 02-24-2014 07:44 AM


cobl04 02-24-2014 07:51 AM

Media personality killed herself last week.

Here's the 'opinion' piece the New Zealand Herald thought was fine to publish. Deborah Hill Cone: It wasn't just depression that claimed Charlotte - Opinion - NZ Herald News

I've read a lot of right-wing articles on social issues that have made me very angry. I don't think I've ever read anything that has made me as apoplectic as this. What a fucking piece of shit and what an absolute fucking cunt the writer is.

Vlad n U 2 02-24-2014 05:37 PM

Didn't Fred Nile go on a bit of a rampage too, that her depression was a result of an abortion that happened 14 or so years ago?

cobl04 04-08-2014 07:33 PM

Nine-month-old boy charged with attempted murder in Pakistan granted bail by judge - Asia - World - The Independent

U2inUtah 04-13-2014 05:25 PM

Police find seven dead babies in Utah County home | The Salt Lake Tribune

corianderstem 06-03-2014 03:25 PM

Well yup, this is just horrific.

12-year-old Wisconsin girl stabbed 19 times; friends arrested - CNN.com

Waukesha is where I went to college. Turns out the father of one of the accused was a college acquaintance of mine. He was good friends with some of my friends, but we were only casually friendly.

Thank god the victim survived. But how awful for all the families involved.

deep 06-04-2014 04:57 PM

slender man


Once in the forest, the girls arranged a game of hide-and-seek, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports:

Geyser was the first "seeker," and Weier and the victim hid. Weier told the victim where to hide and told her to lie facedown in the dirt. The girl refused. Weier then pushed the victim and sat on her, thinking Geyser could stab her. But the victim began to yell and complain that she couldn't breathe. She was attracting attention, so Weier got off her.

Geyser gave Weier the knife, but Weier said she told Geyser she was too squeamish and gave it back.

Weier said that once Geyser got the knife back, Geyser told Weier, "I'm not going to until you tell me to." Weier said she started walking away from Geyser and then told her, "Go ballistic, go crazy." Geyser said she would go ballistic, and Weier said, "Now."

"I hate you. I trusted you," the victim reportedly screamed before the girls left her for dead. Somehow, she survived and was discovered by a cyclist who called 911:

The Sad Punk 07-19-2014 12:40 AM

Staten Island man dies after NYPD cop puts him in chokehold

Bloody hell.

BVS 10-07-2016 01:37 PM

Texas boy with special needs fighting for life; mom says he was intentionally set on fire | KEYE

This just happened about 70 miles from me.

Moonlit_Angel 10-07-2016 05:48 PM

Good lord. The hell?

That poor boy.

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