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deep 01-08-2011 12:24 AM

Everyday I read the newspaper. There are a lot of sad and disgusting stories, the New Year's Day rapes is one such story.
Sometimes I cannot believe what I am reading. I have to put the paper down.
Some people's behavior is so repugnant, so depraved, it is more than mind-boggling.
Instead of starting a new thread, I will just post it in this thread, feel free to contribute.
Here is the one I saw this morning.


Authorities seek identity of men videotaped sexually assaulting disabled women

A package left at L.A. County Sheriff's Department headquarters contains 100 hours of footage of men who appear to be assaulting severely disabled women. Investigators are looking for leads on who is involved and where the attacks took place.

By Robert Faturechi, Los Angeles Times

January 7, 2011

The package mysteriously left at Los Angeles County Sheriff's headquarters shocked even some of the department's most grizzled detectives: A hundred hours of video footage showing severely disabled women, many in diapers, being sexually assaulted by anonymous men.

The attacks appeared to have taken place at residential care centers, authorities said, and most of the attackers are believed to be employees. One suspect appears to be a paraplegic patient, hoisting himself off his wheelchair, before removing his diaper and that of his victim's, and beginning his assault.

The footage, dropped off in March, has left detectives with few leads. Though authorities are confident the scenes were shot in residential care facilities, it's unclear if they are located in Los Angeles County. Much of the footage is so grainy that only the faces of four of the estimated 10 men could be made out.

Authorities Thursday asked for the public's help in identifying the men, releasing screenshots and composite drawings of the attackers.

"Maybe they can identify these people," said Sgt. Dan Scott. "Maybe they can identify the room."

Detectives are also hoping the tipster who dropped off the package will come forward. The footage left at sheriff's headquarters in Monterey Park came with a note explaining how he discovered the video. He had been commissioned by a man to scrub a computer hard drive, but before he did, he burned 100 hours of video files onto DVDs.

Detectives said the women in the videos appear to be between 20 and 40 years old, some appearing almost entirely unresponsive. The men appear to also be between 20 and 40. The footage, detectives said, appears to be a collection, with some men appearing in more than one scene. Some of the footage was shot with a handheld camera, with the rest appearing to be captured by a security camera, detectives said.

Enhancing and analyzing the video took several months, authorities said. Detectives have not contacted local residential care centers yet, an official said.

Anyone with information is asked to call Special Victims Bureau detectives at (866) 247-5877. Anonymous tipsters can call (800) 222-TIPS.
Sexual assault video: Authorities seek to identity men videotaped sexually assaulting disabled women - latimes.com

Just_Boy 01-08-2011 09:17 AM

Pakistani religious groups cheer governor's killing


The governor of Pakistan's powerful Punjab province was shot dead Tuesday by one of his guards in the Pakistani capital, apparently because he had spoken out against the country's controversial blasphemy laws

"He was the most courageous voice after Benazir Bhutto on the rights of women and religious minorities"

Under pressure from Islamist parties, the People's Party said recently it would not pursue changes to the law, which has long vexed human rights activists:rockon:

the nation's mainstream religious organizations applauded the murder of provincial Governor Salman Taseer this week, while his killer was showered with rose petals as he appeared in court:applaud:
Pakistani religious groups cheer governor's killing - World AP - MiamiHerald.com
Pakistan: Punjab governor Salman Tasser killed by his guard - The Times of India

kramwest1 01-08-2011 02:48 PM

Waseca man charged with turning sex toy into bomb | Minneapolis and St. Paul | kare11.com


WASECA, Minn. -- A Waseca man is charged with felony making and possession of bombs, and terroristic threats after authorities discovered a homemade explosive device hidden in a sex toy.

Thirty-seven-year-old Terry Allen Lester faces a possible 10 years in prison if found guilty.

On Jan. 1, a Waseca woman called police and told them Lester had been staying with her and another woman at her apartment, but he was forced to leave when the manager learned about his presence.

Lester moved out but left behind some bags that contained suspicious containers, including one which was marked with the words "Christmas Gifts" written in black marker.

A criminal complaint says Lester had made some modifications to a sex toy, packing it with gun powder, BB shot and buck shot from shotgun shells. He added black and red wires that connected to a trigger with a battery port.

Authorities found no battery inside the device.

The complaint maintains that Lester was going to give the device to one of three women he had broken up with after the relationships turned sour.

Police also found tools used in the construction of the explosive device, including cords, cables, a small tool kit and two other sex toys.

The Bloomington Bomb Squad made the two-hour trip to Waseca, X-rayed the device, and then defused it.
This caught me off guard.

purpleoscar 01-08-2011 05:50 PM

YouTube - Col. Russell Williams Pleads Guilty To All 88 Charges

purpleoscar 01-10-2011 11:25 AM

Jeez it's no surprise there's no ending of material that can be posted in this thread:

Male model Renato Seabra charged with murder after confession in castration slay of Carlos Castro


A male model confessed Sunday to killing a gay journalist in a Times Square hotel - and gave cops a twisted explanation of why he sexually mutilated his victim, sources said.

Renato Seabra, 20, told cops he used a corkscrew to sever 65-year-old Carlos Castro's genitals as a way to cure the older man of his homosexuality, the police sources said.

Seabra was charged with second-degree murder, police said Monday.

Seabra and Castro came to New York from their native Portugal and by all accounts were a couple - but Seabra appears unable to admit that, police sources said.

"He said he did it to get rid of [Castro's] homosexual demons," one of the police sources said.

Police believe the two men had dated for several months, even though Seabra's family insisted the tanned hunk is straight.

"My son was not Carlos Castro's lover," Seabra's mother, Odília Pereirinha, told a Portuguese TV station. "From the beginning, he never hid his sexuality, which is heterosexual."

Castro was a high-profile gay activist and society columnist in his home country.

Seabra's claim to fame was as a pretty boy contestant on a top model reality show.

The duo were staying at the InterContinental Hotel since Dec. 29 and hit the town together often, dining and drinking at fancy restaurants, friends said.

Whatever the nature of their relationship, this much is certain, cops say: Seabra brutalized his victim and left him to die in a pool of blood.

Detectives briefly questioned Seabra on Sunday at the Bellevue Hospital psychiatric ward, where he is in police custody, the sources said.

Castro was found dead in his room at the hotel Friday. An autopsy showed Castro died of strangulation and blunt-force trauma to the head.

Seabra fled the hotel, but was nabbed at Roosevelt Hospital when he sought treatment for cuts to his face and wrists. Investigators believe he may have tried to kill himself.

Castro paid for the couple's trip to New York to celebrate the new year, but detectives believe Seabra killed his gray-haired lover when he refused to take him on an expensive shopping trip.

Seabra's mother said her son - whom she described as shy and religious - wasn't capable of such horror.

"My son, being a golden boy, who is so good, he didn't do this," she said.

kramwest1 01-10-2011 12:21 PM


Originally Posted by purpleoscar (Post 7094387)
Jeez it's no surprise there's no ending of material that can be posted in this thread:

Male model Renato Seabra charged with murder after confession in castration slay of Carlos Castro

Yeah, that was an F-ed up headline that I saw.

AchtungBono 01-19-2011 01:43 AM

Here's another victory for the second amendment......

Authorities: 14-year-old shoots 3 relatives, killing 2 - CNN.com

Does the "right to bear arms" inlude the right to arm a 14 year old boy? Did he really need a rifle "for protection"?
I'm not saying that these people deserved to be shot but they were extremely negligent (not to mention INSANE) to buy a gun for a 14 year old as a birthday present. What's the matter, DVD's and computer games aren't good enough any more?

It's funny (and very sad too) that the boy is too young to be identified but not too young to hold a gun......

kramwest1 01-19-2011 09:56 AM


Originally Posted by AchtungBono (Post 7101546)
Here's another victory for the second amendment......

Authorities: 14-year-old shoots 3 relatives, killing 2 - CNN.com

Does the "right to bear arms" inlude the right to arm a 14 year old boy? Did he really need a rifle "for protection"?
I'm not saying that these people deserved to be shot but they were extremely negligent (not to mention INSANE) to buy a gun for a 14 year old as a birthday present. What's the matter, DVD's and computer games aren't good enough any more?

It's funny (and very sad too) that the boy is too young to be identified but not too young to hold a gun......

I'm for Gun Safety classes for all kids as part of their school curricula.

But access to a gun for people under 18? Crazy.

I'm still actively talking to my nephews' folks as to when they can have their first Swiss Army Knives. They're almost 12.

Canadiens1131 01-19-2011 12:15 PM

Speaking of things that make me ABSOLUTELY DISGUSTED on a regular basis, Sen. Joe Lieberman is announcing this is his last term in office :drool:

Moonlit_Angel 01-19-2011 06:44 PM


Originally Posted by kramwest1 (Post 7101723)
I'm for Gun Safety classes for all kids as part of their school curricula.

I'm not. I don't think that's something kids should learn in school, that's something people can go to another building that offers such things to learn.


Originally Posted by kramwest1 (Post 7101723)
But access to a gun for people under 18? Crazy.

I'm still actively talking to my nephews' folks as to when they can have their first Swiss Army Knives. They're almost 12.

I do fully agree with this. I really don't like the idea of anyone under the age of 18 owning any sort of weapons, or touching them, or whatever. No. No, no, no. Parents who buy their kids such things...I don't get it. At all.

That's a horrific story (funny, too, how people usually buy these guns for protection...only to have it literally backfire on them).


indra 02-01-2011 07:48 AM

Oh Canada. :sad:



Earlier today, reporting on an upcoming story about the legacy of the 2010 Vancouver/Whistler Winter Olympics as the one-year anniversary approaches, I stumbled up on a report in the Whistler Question about rumors of an already infamous Whistler sled dog massacre.

The story suggests an employee of a dog-sled arm of Outdoor Adventures Whistler, a tourism company, was ordered to kill up to 100 of the company's 300 sled dogs last spring after an expected tourism boost following the 2010 Winter Games never panned out.

Details of what can only be described as a grotesque slaughter last April emerged only recently, when the man sought compensation for mental health treatment for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder caused by killing the dogs with a gun and knife and burying them in a mass grave.

After reading several accounts -- and then a copy of the report filed by the review board evaluating the alleged dog-killer's worker's comp claim for counseling -- it's clear this is going to be a major story with serious implications in Whistler, a resort town that lives and dies on tourism -- much of it from Washington state.

Tourism, of course, relies on goodwill and word of mouth, and this story is likely to prove that yes, there really is such a thing as bad publicity.

If it's true, it's horrific. You don't have to be a dog lover to be horrified by an account of a man slaughtering 70 to 100 defenseless dogs with a gun and a knife -- within sight of other dogs waiting their turn, and panicking. The employee told a counselor in April that he suffered nightmares and other symptoms related to chasing around mortally wounded dogs to "finish them off" with additional gunshots, or by slitting their throats. Others, he said, had to be held down with his foot so he could kill them "execution-style."

"By the end, he was covered in blood," the review board's report states. "When he finished he cleared up the mess, filled in the mass grave and tried to bury the memories as deeply as he could."

Some dogs, clearly aware of their pending fate, tried to attack the man in self defense, according to the account, which was made public Jan. 25 by WorkSafeBC. At least one dog was shot again after it was seen crawling inside the mass grave 20 minutes after being shot the first time.

Link to the whole article which also contains more links.

Quite detailed article in the Vancouver Sun here.

MrsSpringsteen 03-09-2011 07:40 AM

They also allegedly videotaped it all on cell phones

(CNN) -- Thirteen adults and five juveniles have been arrested as part of an investigation into the alleged sexual assault of a Texas girl, police said.

Darrell Broussard, assistant police chief for the Cleveland, Texas, police department, said Monday that the investigation into the incident "is continuous," with more significant developments possible. Cleveland is about 50 miles northeast of Houston.

"There have been leads during our investigation that have alerted us to other possible persons of interest," Broussard told CNN. "The investigation is ongoing."

The 18 individuals charged thus far are between 14 and 27 years old, he said.

On Friday, the Cleveland police department announced that four students in the Cleveland independent school district had been arrested on charges of aggravated sexual assault of a child under 14.

They appeared Monday in a Liberty County court, in the town of Liberty, to face the charges.

Police noted that some but not all suspects are students at Cleveland High School, though all those named thus far are from the town.

Mike Little, the district attorney in Liberty County, said police would likely decide whether more people would be charged. He offered few other details, saying, "We are very careful about pretrial publicity."

The incident allegedly happened late last year in Cleveland. The case has sharply divided the community, according to CNN affiliate KHOU, which reported the girl was 11 years old.

"It just seems like a dream," said Sherry Fletcher, whose 20-year-old son Devo Shaun Green is among those charged according to Cleveland police. "I just hope everything comes out well, because some of these kids are innocent."

Those adults arrested and charged with sexual abuse of a child, a first-degree felony in Texas, could face 25 year to life in prison if convicted, according to the police department.

Liesje 03-09-2011 08:53 AM


Originally Posted by Moonlit_Angel (Post 7102167)
I do fully agree with this. I really don't like the idea of anyone under the age of 18 owning any sort of weapons, or touching them, or whatever. No. No, no, no. Parents who buy their kids such things...I don't get it. At all.

Depends on the kid. My brother has had guns and bows since he was a young teen but it's never been an issue. He took all the required safety courses. All weapons were always properly cleaned and kept safe (I don't really know where in the house, or care). A kid can't often use the same weapon as an adult so it's not at easy as taking a kid hunting to show him the ropes and using the adult's weapon. Even as an adult now I don't think I can draw my dad or my bother's bow. I am not pro-gun or NRA or anything like that. I am very much against the general public owning assault weapons and concealed guns and that sort of thing. Despite our constitution I've never felt it was my right to carry around a weapon in my purse. As far as weapons for sport, I just think it's up to parents to control. I know kids that don't hunt but have been reckless with boats, sea-doos, snowmobiles, dirt bikes, etc. One of my mom's good friends had a daughter my age who was killed on a snowmobile when we were 12.

Moonlit_Angel 03-09-2011 12:27 PM

I'm glad that your brother knows how to be responsible with guns, and your family took it upon themselves to teach him the right way to handle them. And of course, there are others who do the same, and those people I applaud.

I just personally feel really squicky about the idea of a child holding a weapon of any sort, is all. I don't feel it's something a child needs to concern themselves with. We have age limits for so many other things, but think nothing of, say, an 8 year old being taught about guns. That seems really strange to me.


Originally Posted by MrsSpringsteen (Post 7145981)
Those adults arrested and charged with sexual abuse of a child, a first-degree felony in Texas, could face 25 year to life in prison if convicted, according to the police department.

If they are proven to be the ones who committed this crime, I beg the judge to throw them in jail for life. I don't want to hear about them being in jail for x amount of years, only to get out and then, when they commit another rape and destroy another girl's life (which, if you're 14 years old and are already doing horrific stuff like this, is a VERY likely scenario), have the community act all shocked like, "How could this have happened?"

So disgusting. That poor girl.


yolland 03-09-2011 01:05 PM

I agree with Lies, in that the people I'd trust most with firearms (besides police, soldiers, and other highly trained professionals) are those who had not only the techniques, but also the ethos and habits of responsible ownership drummed into them over many years when they were young and highly responsive to authority in the particular way children are. For basically the same reason that I'm not nervous for my kids if a young adult neighbor who grew up with working dogs, thoroughly immersed in training and handling them, owns two Rottweilers, a German Shepherd and a pit bull; whereas if a neighbor who's never been around dogs in his life brings home just one big powerful dog like that, I'm probably going to start relentlessly dropping hints like, "Hey, I hear the obedience school downtown has some great classes!" Of course, not all gun-owning parents are highly responsible teachers or overseers, and it's certainly fully possible for someone who never touches a gun until 18 to become a highly responsible owner, but in general I actually would rather people learn hunting, target shooting etc. young if they're going to.

Liesje 03-09-2011 02:51 PM

Exactly. And there's a huge difference between those that grow up knowing how to properly use and handle sport weapons than those that only have them because "it is their right goddammit!" I have several family members that are lifers in either military or law enforcement and they are by far the least confrontational people I know. I can't ever get used to them having to carry concealed weapons for their job, they just don't seem the "type". To my knowledge, there has never been any sort of accidents or anything potentially dangerous with regard to their hunting weapons.

That said, 8 years old does seem young. I think my brother was 12, 14? when he entered the hunter's safety program (which one of my uncles also teaches) and he would have entered as soon as he was old enough since the boys/men in my family are all into hunting as a sport. To me that does not seem that off base, considering kids start driving at age 14, and I think you can get a boater's license around that age (at least in MI, if you are too young for a driver's license you can get a boater's license for watercraft over 4 horsepower).

The_Pac_Mule 03-17-2011 08:34 PM

Pretty messed up stuff.


Torture charges shatter Croatian's quiet Ky. life

STANTON, Ky. – If Azra Basic needed a place to run from the bloody aftermath of the breakup of Yugoslavia, her small-town Kentucky neighbors said she found it. The Croatian woman locals knew as "Issabella" settled years ago in this rural, hilly area and took jobs bathing elderly nursing home patients and working at a sandwich factory.

This week, acquaintances were shocked to hear the secret that Bosnian war crimes investigators said Basic has been hiding for two decades. As a soldier in the Croatian army, she killed a prisoner and tortured others by forcing them to drink human blood and gasoline, authorities said. She was arrested on Tuesday by federal agents.

"She's a lovely person, very diligent in her work," said 88-year-old Henrietta Kirchner, who was one of Basic's patients at the Stanton Nursing Center for about a week when she was recovering from a broken leg.

According to court documents, the 52-year-old Basic (BOSH) is charged with fatally stabbing a prisoner in the neck in 1992 during the bloody conflict in eastern Europe. Court documents accuse her of numerous other atrocities, including: setting a prisoner ablaze, pulling out prisoners' fingernails with pliers, ripping off a man's ear with pliers and carving crosses and the letter "S" into another man's flesh.

The accusations were "very shocking" to 44-year-old former neighbor Brian Rice.

"She's a pretty nice person," said Rice, who lived near her for about two years until she moved in November. "If I was standing here right now and ... she drove by, she would throw her hand up and if the window was down, she would speak and say 'hi' by my name."

It's unclear why Basic chose to settle down in Stanton, a town about 45 miles east of Lexington known for its annual corn festival. But Rice said if she was looking for a place to get away from her past, she had found it.

"Everybody sticks to themselves around here," he said. "We don't have no neighborly get-togethers. We speak if we know you."

Basic was an employee at the Mount Sterling, Ky., Nestle Prepared Foods plant that makes Hot Pockets-brand sandwiches, the company said, declining to provide additional details.

Jo Epperson, a clerk at the local smoke shop where she said Basic bought a carton of Kentucky-made 24/7 Menthol cigarettes once a week, said she once asked Basic what brought her to the area.

Epperson said Basic responded vaguely that "she was part of the war," but didn't elaborate.

Bosnian authorities have been slowly building a case against her for years, taking statements from witnesses, forensic experts and doctors between 1992 and 2001 to identify her. Interpol traced Basic to Kentucky in 2004, an international arrest warrant was issued in 2006 and the U.S. received a formal extradition request in February of 2007, according to a complaint filed in federal court.

Hundreds of fugitives are still being sought for war crimes, with a steady trickle of several arrests each month. Most of the other fugitives are men. The sheer volume of cases helps explain why it takes so long for some to be prosecuted.

Over 100,000 people were killed during the bloody war that followed Yugoslavia's collapse, most of them Muslim Bosnians. The war was fought between the country's three ethnic groups — Muslim Bosnians, Catholic Croats and Christian Orthodox Serbs.

During a hearing in U.S. District Court in Lexington on Thursday, U.S. Magistrate Judge Robert E. Wier appointed a Basic a lawyer and ordered her held without bond pending an April 1 status hearing. Prosecutors argued that no bail amount would guarantee Basic's presence in court.

Basic's attorney, Patrick Nash of Lexington, said Thursday that he plans to request bail before the next court hearing.

"I'm still getting my arms around this case," said Nash, who declined to comment on what brought Basic to the state.

U.S. Marshal Loren "Squirrel" Carl said considering the "shocking nature" of the accusations, officers were relieved to have captured Basic.

"This brings her long run from justice to an end," Carl said.

The complaint filed by U.S. Attorney James Arehart accuses Basic of committing crimes at three camps near the majority-Serbian settlement of Cardak in Derventa. Witnesses said the Croatian military took ethnic Serbs from the Cardak settlement in late April of 1992 and tortured them.

One witness describes watching as another prisoner named Blagoje Djuras was beaten unconscious. The witness said Basic then stabbed him in the neck, killing him, and dragged other Serbs to the body "and made us drink that blood." A second witness corroborated the account of the stabbing and identified a picture of Basic in 2009, Arehart said.

Another man told investigators in September 1992 that he was forced to drink gasoline, beaten unconscious, and his hands and face were set on fire by Basic, who was wearing a Croatian military police uniform. A subsequent medical exam concluded the witness had been tortured.

Another witness said that in August 1992, Basic cut a cross and four "S" letters into his forehead before hacking his neck below the Adam's apple.

Another said Basic and others forced him to "lick blood off floors covered in broken glass and crawl on the glass with a knotted rope in his mouth with which soldiers used to pull out the teeth of prisoners."

Federal prosecutors say each offense violates the United National Convention Against Torture, which prohibits inhumane and degrading treatment of people.

Court records show that during Basic's arrest, federal marshals arrested Theodore S. Loman, 63, who was also listed as living at the residence, on a charge of being a convicted felon in possession of firearms. A federal affidavit said marshals found several pistols and rifles in the house when they arrived to arrest Basic, who they found in the doorway of the kitchen.
Torture charges shatter Croatian's quiet Ky. life - Yahoo! News

MrsSpringsteen 03-23-2011 06:13 PM

By Robert Jablon, Associated Press – Wed Mar 23

LOS ANGELES – Anger and shock have penetrated a prosperous, mostly white Central California community where an 11-foot cross was stolen from a church and set on fire next to the home of a black family.

"I was horrified," said the Rev. Stephanie Raphael, president of the San Luis Obispo Ministerial Association. "We live in a paradise, and I think the first thought was, this can't really be real."

Police assigned extra patrols to the neighborhood in Arroyo Grande — a city that hasn't seen a hate crime in nearly a decade — and rewards were offered for information leading to an arrest.

The cross was stolen from a garden at Saint John's Lutheran Church weeks ago and set ablaze Friday in a lot behind the house where the family lived, police Cmdr. John Hough said.

A 19-year-old woman saw the flaming cross from her bedroom window. Officers doused burning pieces of wood with a garden hose.

A telephone call to the house was not answered Tuesday.

Police declined to release the names of the family because the incident was considered a hate crime — the first since 2002 in the city of 17,000 in mostly rural San Luis Obispo County, a region of vast farms, picturesque towns and a state university campus.

More than 30 clergy members signed a letter to the editor of the San Luis Obispo Tribune urging that the crime be taken seriously.

"Any kind of hate crime is not a joke, it's not a prank," Raphael told The Associated Press. "It's designed to intimidate and frighten. We live in a beautiful area, but it's only beautiful if every single person feels safe conducting their lives and living here."

Dean Limbo, 54, who attends the church from which the cross was stolen, said the incident has scarred the community.

"It was surreal," she said. "The peace and the love in this community, you never would have thought it. It was just horrific, it really was, this poor family terrorized."

FBI agents and investigators from the county and the state Department of Justice were involved in the arson and hate-crime probe. Police said $3,500 in rewards were offered.

There was no evidence that an organized racist group was involved, Hough said.

The 100-pound cross was hollow and made of fir. It was built eight years ago for a local production of "Jesus Christ Superstar," then donated to Saint John, pastor Randy Ouimette said.

It was usually bolted to a base in the garden, but each year it was taken inside the sanctuary during the Lenten season before being moved to a beach two miles away to be decorated with flowers for an Easter sunrise service.

The theft at the church was discovered March 5 but may have occurred weeks earlier, the pastor said.

"They probably lassoed the top and just yanked it down, tied it to a truck, and snapped it at the base," Ouimette said.

Authorities suspected the stolen cross had been used in the hate crime and showed Ouimette the half-charred pieces of wood.

He quickly recognized it because its maker had carved "PHIL 4:13" into it, a reference to a passage in the New Testament book of Philippians that says: "I can do all things through Him who strengthens me."

Ouimette was saddened the cross had been used during a hate crime.

"It's such a violation," he said. "You know, the cross originally was an instrument of violence. ... but Christ redeemed it. Through the cross has come forgiveness and peace."

More than 100 members of the congregation signed a giant card of compassion they planned to deliver to the family with two handmade prayer quilts — even though they didn't know the family.

"We wanted to bathe this family in prayer and love," the pastor said. "Obviously they're feeling rejection and ... hate."

The church has accepted an offer of a 10-foot replacement cross that a nearby church had placed in storage.

CrashedCarDriver 03-24-2011 04:47 AM

Japan rescue hero flies into Gold Coast Local Gold Coast News | goldcoast.com.au | Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia

^ There is an expose on this: there is no such thing as the NSAR, the story is completely bogus

Unofficial heroes | Hack | triple j


BVS 03-24-2011 09:44 AM


Originally Posted by CrashedCarDriver (Post 7158356)
there is no such thing as the NSAR, the story is completely bogus

To say the story is completely bogus is a little disingenuous, the article you posted just says they are not a registered not-for-profit, but they didn't say anything about the stories being completely false.

Am I missing something?

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