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macawaca 11-27-2008 04:10 AM

Possible U2 cover for next Q music magazine issue
In the new issue of 'Q music magazine' in the UK (released on Tuesday 25th Nov roughly), the editor Paul Rees always has a small editorial comment on the first page about the current issue and often about what's coming up next month. He says that "next month they will be back in the company of old friends, the biggest band in the world". I assume that he is talking about U2 here!! So we should get the new Q magazine around Christmas Eve with U2 on the cover. This would also mean that Paul Rees would also have to presumably meet with the band, do the interview and hear at least some of the new tracks in the next couple of weeks so that they can put it in that issue.

Oasis were on the cover back in the October issue which would have come out in Aug/Sept, so hopefully it is not them. The editor Paul Rees is a big U2 fan I think and has done some of the previous new U2 album reviews/interviews.

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MikeyJB 11-27-2008 04:54 AM

Yeh I thought that as well when I saw it. Its definitely U2, can't wait. Solid news coming very soon I would have thought!!

chrissybaby 11-27-2008 04:55 AM

Good spot mate! Gotta be U2, they always do a big article on them. Only prob in my mind is that from a promotional aspect it's a bit "early"....

I would expect them to have the Feb cover...

BoyOnTheHorizon 11-27-2008 06:36 AM

Could it be Radiohead? Or even the Stones?

But imagine if it's actually U2 .

U2 Returns.

"Biggest band in the world is back to rewrite the history of rock once again"


"U2 is back with the most important record of the 00's"

mgokelly 11-27-2008 07:25 AM


Originally Posted by chrissybaby (Post 5635305)
Good spot mate! Gotta be U2, they always do a big article on them. Only prob in my mind is that from a promotional aspect it's a bit "early"....

I would expect them to have the Feb cover...

Q normally have a big interview and details of all the songs about 2 months before any big U2 release (HTDAAB and ATYCLB) Dec 24 or so makes sense if the new album is going to be released in Feb/March.

MikeyJB 11-27-2008 07:25 AM

It will definitely be U2, I'd put money on it. As has been said, Q and U2 have a really good relationship, and if it was left another issue it would be February before Q had covered anything to do with the album, which convinces me that the next issue will be all about their return. Anyway, the latest issue has only just come out, I'm sure in the next month before the next one comes out we'll have more information anyway.

An Cat Gav 11-27-2008 07:26 AM

It has to be U2. Q magazine was pretty much created for fans of bands like U2, they've always been very supportive of them and U2 in turn always do in-depth interviews with them. Though when big bands appear on the cover it normally means they have an album out the following month, which does sound a tad early, but as everyone else has said, it does sound like U2!!!!

last unicorn 11-27-2008 07:35 AM



digitize 11-27-2008 08:09 AM

If it's the Stones, I'll be pissed.

lauramullen 11-27-2008 08:57 AM

Me too. Let's all put our positive thoughts together.

OrARoundabout 11-27-2008 09:44 AM


andyuk 11-27-2008 09:48 AM

Q mag is great this month! all about Kings of Leon being best band/album of 2008 and i totaly agree

matt76 11-27-2008 10:21 AM

If they are on the next one, it will be the February issue actually, so the March issue due at the end of January could possibly have review of the new album, which may mean a february release..

purpleoscar 11-27-2008 10:27 AM

It's got to be U2. U2 is the "biggest band in the world" and the Rolling Stones are "The Greatest rock 'n roll band in the world". "Greatest" emphasizing age:wink:

bonocomet 11-27-2008 10:58 AM

This is great news :hyper:

MikeyJB 11-27-2008 11:06 AM

If I remember right they had a big in-depth feature on the new U2 album for HTDAAB and then the next issue after that had the album review in it because it had been released by then.

Clawgrabber 11-27-2008 11:24 AM

nah, its probably Deerhoof. Or possibly Vampire Weekend.

PookaMacP 11-27-2008 12:40 PM


Originally Posted by Clawgrabber (Post 5635496)
nah, its probably Deerhoof. Or possibly Vampire Weekend.


super fly guy 11-27-2008 02:14 PM

Coldplay biggest band in the world??!!:down:

waynetravis 11-27-2008 04:04 PM

It's Rick Astley.
We're getting major Rick Roll here, folks...

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